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Hello everybody! For many of us this past Friday is looking to be on of the most exciting days of the year as we were all given a huge gift from Team Ninja, the Dead or Alive 6 reveal trailer ahead of E3. To the fans that Team Ninja has held so highly, this was a Godsend after a widespread misunderstanding of their message at NEC last year regarding their ceased support for DOA5. If you haven't' seen the trailer by now (which is getting hard to not do right now) check out the video below:

There is a lot of new information being shown off and this new information led to a lot of speculation of the new strike called a Fatal Rush. Does Helena have a parry now or was that a new Hold? What was that crazy hold Jan Lee had? It was a lot of new with not a lot of explanation. Yesterday's interview with Shimbori had a gameplay video playing which showed off some more information. In this video was a basic tutorial and a few matches.

Lots of information from little shown. @Mr Wah and I were having a conversation about the reveal trailer Friday night and decided to record our observations, little did we know we would also get to go over this second video as well. Below is our breakdown (link will take you to, a Youtube video will be added when it has been made).

For those of you who can't access the link, or just don't feel like watching us break down 7 minutes of video over the course of an hour and eighteen minutes, below is most of what we found.

-The game will have a meter based system called the "Break Gauge." You gain Break Gauge by dealing damage, taking damage, blocking damage, and being blocked. Meter gained seems to be damage based and meter gain on block and being blocked is very minimal.

-Critical Bursts, Power Blows, and Power Launchers have been removed.

-The new Fatal Rush is initiated with S (H+P+K). It can be chained up to four times at which it will knock an opponent away. You cannot regularly hold out of this string, it seems to have a slow starup around 18-20 frames it has no meter cost, it is unsafe on block, and can be used as a juggle. The last hit of this string may be meter burned for additional damage. The last hit seems to be able to Close Hit. Whether or not the initial strike is able to be held is currently unknown.

-The Break Blow is initiated with :6:S. This costs one meter and acts as a sabaki during startup. Seems to be the new replacement for Power Blows. Unlike PBs you have no control over where you will send your opponent beyond the strikes intended direction. It will beat out high and mid strikes, wakeup kicks, and throws; the exception to this is low strikes (currently unsure of how this works, it might be because the striek itself hits high). When used on certain objects on a stage, you will be able to disable them for the remainder of the match. When used on an opponent in the air the whole animation will play out as if it were hit on the ground.

-The Break Hold is initiated with :4:S. It costs one meter to use but is able to hold all strike heights (high, mid, and low). The Break Hold is the only way to get out of a Fatal Rush as you cannot normally hold once in the Fatal Rush. The Break Hold can also be used outside of Fatal Rush and even outside of stun. When successful you will inflict minor damage, exchange sides, and position yourself to be at your opponents back.

-When initiating any Break Gauge based attack or defense you will immediately consume the meter regardless of if you hit, whiff, or are blocked.

-Sidestepping has been modified to be a sidestep attack. These attacks all look like they can Close Hit.

-On the topic of Close Hits, they deal insane damage (still being balanced) and it seems like either more attacks can close hit or the range at which you can close hit has been increased (a welcome change as there are very limited times you are able to consistently close hit in 5).

-The stun threshold seems to be modified this time around to be like that of games prior to DOA5. When initiating a stun the initial hit of the stun will count as part of the threshold rather than having a set value to be met after a stun is initiated. With the addition of the Critical Burst in 5 gauging the threshold would have been more difficult, with the removal of the CB you don't have to worry as much about going for the best possible CB launch height. Or is TN looking to go back to the more traditional stun to launch gameplay? While we aren't sure this is something even without the Break Gauge that would greatly change how players who are only used to DAO5s threshold system would have to get used to.

-The environment is still a big factor in the game. Rope wall bounces are back, wall hits and half wall hits are back, you still combo off of wall hits, breakables are back, and a new interaction was shown with characters being knocked into bystanders and the bystanders push you back into the action.

-There looks to be increased knockback on higher Counter Levels.

-The awkward falling back bound (Hayabusa's :6::6::6::P:) is returning. This leads me to believe the stationary one is returning as well (ex. DOA5 Leon :8::P: at max threshold).

-Despite initial concerns, you can still launch and juggle. What would DOA be without it's juggles?

-Current returning characters: Ryu Hayabusa, Hayate(?), Jan Lee, Zack, Kasumi, Helena. There has been talk of getting all DOA characters to return to the game before putting work into guest characters. We could very well see a full roster at release as well.

-Kasumi has a new spin kick. Looks to hit mid.

-Hayate seems to have more Wind Dash cancel opportunities as well as new options during the Wind Dash (as shown in the reveal trailer when he uses his :214::P:). The one shown seems to be an option to either wind dash to the opponents back or cancel it into a strike (maybe even a throw).

-Jan Lee has a new throw.

This is quite of bit of information for such little shown. Until we all can get our hands on the game the best we can do it look into what we are shown. Mr. Wah and I have considered doing a breakdown for all trailers that come out between now and release, maybe we will, maybe we won't. Regardless of what happens we are super excited to play DOA6.
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With Fatal Rush being unholdable, it feels like they're forcing a cautious first round, where both players scramble to complete their meter, so they can bank the Break Hold safety net.

I can see that making the game more appealing to spectate, but super sweaty to play at the top end.

Break Blow seems to be doing a tonne of dmg right now - more than Power Blow did. Not sure how I feel about that.


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Is it confirmed that S is actually the P+K+H macro or is it a dedicated button? @Mr. Wah

Really mixed on the new mechanics. I feel that it's gonna take another whole bunch of alpha sessions and testings for it to be properly balanced.

Also, very much hoping for an actual PC and Arcade versions. No more console only stages and features.

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Is it confirmed that S is actually the P+K+H macro or is it a dedicated button?
Yes, shimbori said in one of the Famitsu articles that it was a macro for H+P+K and they made the button since it's easier to press SSSS instead of H+P+K H+P+K H+P+K H+P+K.


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I like that there seem to be more ways to combo into Break Blows than they were to PBs/PLs. Aside from making them more useful, it also gives some more combo variety since people now have more ways to extend, instead of having to choose between a long juggle or PB (definitely the former) if you actually got a CB. More importantly, it makes it so that having to manage meter, and choose whether to burn it for a Break Hold to escape a combo, or save it for a Break Blow should be a thing.

Also, making sure meter gets burned regardless of whether something hits or whiffs means that baiting out meter options (especially Break Holds) will be a part of the meta (while at the same time, making sure there aren't any dumb option selects).
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I was initially upset at the change in mechanics as I had grown fond of PBs, CBs, and PLs (also upset because I had literally just started the series at, what was not known to me at the time, the end of the 5's lifespan), but the more I read about the new mechanics, the more intrigued I get. As another poster pointed out, we haven't lost PBs entirely, they've just taken on another form. We also still have our launches and juggles. I'll reserve judgment on the Break Holds and Fatal Rushes for now.

I also look forward to the effect on strategies that a meter will bring to the game.
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Good to see they are carrying over all of Zack's stuff from 5. Now if they give us 4k2 on block being +2. We're set for life. Overall, I am happy Zack isn't changing too much but I would love more frame advantage on 6T and 2T,T(where the opponent isn't 10 yards away). Either way, Zack looks really good.


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Curious to see how the grapplers are handled this time around.

Also cautious on how the counter/high counter throws and OHs are balanced since theres always the potential for them being broken at launch.

They didnt put any of the grapplers in the trailer or gameplay video which is a real shame since they're a big part of the game. Would have figured they would put atleast Tina, Bass, or Bayman in there but I guess I'll just have to wait and see if we get any more info on that.
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