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It is finally time! The Dragon Guide for DOA6 is finally here!

This time information will be presented very differently. There will a number of educational videos focusing on a specific subject related to Jann Lee in DOA6.

Part 1 - Neutral/General Breakdown and Strategy

On this part I'll cover the basic gameplan and stats of the character, I also touch on some theory and mentality related discussions.

Part 2 - Dragon Stance Breakdown

On this part I do a general overview on Jann Lee's unique stance. Go into your options, applications and some bits of tech here and there.

Part 3 - Wall Game

Nearing the end! On this part I go over Jann Lee's excellent wall game, his options, wall combos and bits of tech here and there.

Part 4 - Tech

The final part is all about that big brain tech. Lots of esoteric and situational setups here.

Part 5 - Combo Guide

Some of the content in this video has been outdated due to updates and adjustments, but it still serves as a great primer for JL's combo potential in DOA6.

Thank you so much to the JL community and those that were excited for the project. For those interested, You can join the JL Discord server for more info and discussions with some the best JL players around. https://discord.gg/Zq9z5Pa

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