1. deathofaninja

    Hoodless Weekly is a Rewarding DOA Experience

    Breaking News: Hoodless is currently streaming his 20th consecutive tournament at his Twitch channel. Support this recurring event by donating to the prize pool through Matcherino. The Hoodless Weeklies take place every Monday at the champ's Twitch channel, and not only are these online...
  2. Darkslay

    Dragon Guide - Jann Lee In-Depth DOA6 Guide

    It is finally time! The Dragon Guide for DOA6 is finally here! This time information will be presented very differently. There will a number of educational videos focusing on a specific subject related to Jann Lee in DOA6. Part 1 - Neutral/General Breakdown and Strategy On this part I'll...
  3. HitomiLeifang

    Thoughts on Hitomi and Leifang in DOA6 thus far

    What are your thoughts of Hitomi and Leifang in DOA6 thus far? I felt like it is repetitive DOA5 format all over again but this time some of it was incorporated from 4 where they fought for the treasure instead of the cabbage but in a more friendly manner and with Ein absent and no Jann Lee...
  4. D

    DOA series STAGE and CHARACTER catalog numbers

    I did some DOA series image STAGE and CHARACTER catalog and some comparison numbers between then. (2 images indexed) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- STAGES The numbers of REALLY NEW stages was...
  5. Force_of_Nature

    Dead or Alive 6 Character Guides by Force of Nature

    Greetings, I'm FoN and I've compiled 28 DOA6 character guides for the assistance of the DOA community: Ayane: Bass: Bayman: Brad Wong: Christie: This should serve as a good starting point for anyone interested in learning a character in DOA6. Cheers, -FoN @deathofaninja
  6. VirtuaKazama

    DOA6 Version 1.08: New Stage & Season Pass 2

    Team NINJA unveiled a brand new season for DOA6, and it all begins with a brand new stage just in time for the summer. This stage is none other than Seaside Eden, and it comes with a swimsuit costume pack for 26 characters and 12 additional tracks. Seaside Eden continues the beach theme much...
  7. VS_Tanatos

    Lovesickk♥'s DOA 6 Online Tournament (Steam Gift Card Prizes)

    "Hello, I am hosting another Tournament on Sunday July 14th at 6:00 Central This is a America's based tournament, make sure your internet is good and little to no lag. You must join the discord, so that i can get in touch with you and so you keep up on annocements. Finals will be streamed on...
  8. VirtuaKazama

    DOA6 Mai & Kula, Ver. 1.06, and DOA6 Arcade Location Tests

    A couple of months ago prior to DOA6's release, Team Ninja announced that Mai Shiranui and another guest character from The King of Fighters series would be joining the roster. It was later to be revealed that K' Team's own Ice Doll, Kula Diamond, would be the latest guest character joining the...
  9. kirokito

    DOA6 AquaBatteTourney Casual: DOA6 PC #1 SIGN UP IN POST!

    AquaBattleTourney Casual: DOA6 PC #1 EAST COAST ( you don't have to be in the East coast to play but that is just where I am located, I can guarantee there will be more west coast players then east coast.) STARTS: June 8th: 7PM EST PLEASE FEEL FREE TO ASK ME ANY QUESTIONS ! SIGN UP HERE...

    DOA6 (Ver. 1.05) LEIFANG - COMBO VIDEO

    14008 Sorry to have kept you guys waiting ;) This video is meant to showcase what Leifang is capable of in DOA6 (Ver. 1.05). Combos marked with a yellow star cannot be avoided with fastest hold. Combos marked with a red star cannot be avoided even with fastest low hold. 日本語バージョン: 14011

    All character fighter posters ripped

    DOA6 fighter posters/cards/portraits/icons extracted as PNG files from the game itself at original quality using rdbtool and g1t_tools (previously RenderDoc). Some posters have subtle differences compared to the ones released online. CONTENTS: PREVIEW: DOWNLOAD...
  12. deathofaninja

    DOA6 New 1.04 Update Patch Notes and Content

    Team NINJA has released the 1.04 update for Dead or Alive 6 on PS4, XBOX ONE and Steam. 'The Pirates of the 7 Seas' costumes (included in the Season 1 Pass) and full patch notes are now available. This new patch is not just embedded with bonus content, but fixes and tweaks a plethora of issues...

    DOA6 detailed weight classes

    In DOA, different characters have different Weight Classes. A juggle combo might work on a lighter character, but not on a heavier one. The list goes from heaviest to lightest, tested with the same launcher. long number = height in centimeters short number = advantage in frames DOA6 WEIGHT...

    THEORY: the exact day DOA6 development started

    By analysing the DOA6.exe file with a resource extractor a bit (used Resource Hacker) I found the login splash screen picture. That picture still had some old metadata buried within (used ExifToolGUI). What I find interesting is the "Create Date" section: 2017-12-08. That's one week before that...
  15. TRI Mike

    DOA6 First Dead or Alive 6 tournament in Madrid, Spain

    Just wanted to share this in case anyone else in Madrid is playing DOA6 and is interested in showing up to a local tournament. You can register in this link. Entry fee is 5 euros and there will be prizes apparently.
  16. VirtuaKazama

    The Marie-Rose Combo & Strategy Thread!

    Alright, guys! DOA6 is officially out and many people are trying to discover new stuff for their characters. Now that the game is out, it's time to post any combos or strategies for Marie-Rose. Not to mention, this is the second day of the release and we need to get some tech-sharing going on...
  17. VirtuaKazama

    DOA6 PC System Requirements for DOA6

    We are only days away from the release of DOA6 for consoles and PC! With the game almost out, Koei Tecmo has added the recommended specs for this game. Here are the system requirements that you'll need to know: SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS MINIMUM: Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system OS...
  18. deathofaninja

    DOA6 EVO Japan 2019: DOA World Championship, Mai and Season Pass

    Team NINJA presented DOA6 today at EVO Japan in Fukuoka starting at 8pm Pacific Time. The stream was live via openrec, and the event started with a professional player exhibition and ended with Shimbori presenting information for DOA6. Every character will be unlocked for attendees at EVO Japan...
  19. deathofaninja

    News DOA6 Officially Announced for CEO 2019

    13718 CEO has confirmed that Dead or Alive 6 will be a part of their main tournament lineup this June in Daytona, Florida. It's recommended to register sooner than later to avoid late fees for the event. You can also contact CEO if you are a local looking to help out at the tournament. This...
  20. N

    Which platform has better competitive community, PS4 or Steam?

    Hi people, I am deciding whether I should buy DOA6 on PS4 or Steam. I would really like to hone my skills by playing against some good DOA players out there. Therefore, I hope to choose a platform that offers me ample opportunities to do so. Considering the fact that TN did poorly on Steam for...
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