DOA6 Great Tamaki Guide Available by Force of Nature

Tamaki released March 9th and despite being out for almost a month hardly any online tutorials are available for the new character. Force of Nature breaks the mold with a YouTube guide that is over twenty minutes long and successfully highlights all of the basic & advance fundamentals of Tamaki. With this guide as a companion you will no doubt be ahead of the curve just by following along and applying what Force of Nature has to say.

Force of Nature & Emperor Cow have created some of the best gameplay online video content for Dead or Alive 6 since release and have showed a steady commitment to the community for a number of years. Force of Nature backs up what he says with solid offline presence and consistency to the game in a time where many people have given up or moved onto other titles. Since Tamaki's release we've seen an increase of players, but it's important to know the ends and outs and keeping yourself converged with the community can teach you many things about Dead or Alive 6 that's not in the reviews, mainstream press or even something beneficial such as solo lab training.

FoN knows the strengths and cons of Tamaki and these are important factors starting off with the character. She isn't the fastest but her OHs can exploit even the quickest of ninjas. Force of Nature encourages players to utilize her 66T and if you can get people to respect it the mind games are in your favor and it can create the landscape for an entire set. While Tamaki's debut offline presence was canceled due to the temporary ban and the clutch of Corona virus, there is no reason outside of these that people can't have some decent high level strategies prepared beforehand.
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