Characters Helena's Five Stages of Grief


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Pre-DOA : The Melpomene in Denial

While performing at the Great Opera House, she was targeted by Christie using a sniper rifle. Maria, who was present with her, spotted the rifle at the last second and dove in front of her daughter. Maria was killed instantly. The assassin fled, leaving Helena alone in great shock and covered in her mother's blood.


DOA2 : The Prima Donna of Anger
While searching for the assassin, she discovered that the murders of her parents are somehow related to the Dead or Alive World Combat Championship. Helena entered the 2nd tournament to discover the truth and avenge her mother's death. She trully believes it was Ayane when she meets her in Great Opera.


DOA3 : Blood Tied Bargaining
After the 2nd tournament, Helena was captured by Donovan and imprisoned. Donovan told her that the only way to obtain her freedom and know the truth behind DOATEC is to win the 3rd tournament. During her time in the tournament, Helena hired the assassin Bayman to be her bodyguard and to kill Donovan.


DOA4 : Solitary Depression
After learning the truth about her mother's assassin - Christie - and while the latter escaped, Helena decided to go down together with DOATEC and subsequently activated the Tritower's self-destruct, willingly giving up her life and letting herself be consumed by the flames of the burning buildings.


DOA5 : The Heiress's Acceptance
Over the next two years, Helena rebuilds DOATEC. No longer driven by revenge, she now seeks to reshape her father's company into something that could better benefit the world. Eventually, Helena watches on her yacht as Kasumi takes her leave. Both make their own vows to defeat Donovan once and for all.

That's how this goddess got her full redemption. In the four games she's been in, she has been able to cope with her mother's death and move on with DOATEC. What's next for her in the future, now that she has Marie-Rose in her life ? I decided to create this thread mainly to pay a tribute to my favourite character ever in the video game industry, as she is the fighting Venus I can relate with the most.
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