DOA6 Hoodless Wins 4 Tournaments Consecutively to Begin 2020 Reign

Some fighters train day and night exclusively for their opportunity at a big prize or payout in the FGC, but professional fighter, Hoodless will keep his momentum going regardless if it's the Dead or Alive 6 World Championship 'Main Event' in Japan hosted by Team NINJA or a side tournament located in a small suburb of Chicago. Despite a primitive recording of Top 4 coupled with low attendance, 'Frosty Fausting XII' is a prime example of hard work in the community, and this hard work will show itself to the tournament organizers and fighters from different communities.

Just several weeks after winning 'Frosty Fausting XII' Hoodless is able to collect another victory at 'Juicy Monday' as Dead or Alive 6 was a featured game at the event for the month of February. Rather than creating two stories for his feats, this one story will update you on the reign of Hoodless to start off the 2020 year.

Hoodless is a competitor that has no quit within him. He doesn't complain about the mechanics of the game and works with the system professionally and fights elegantly and smoothly. If you are currently in a place where you think Dead or Alive 6 can't compete with its predecessors spectate this man at high level and come back saying that no extra training on his part was required to scoop up event after event as he has done.

He does not win these events by sitting back and making excuses, he wins events because he works and studies to be good at the game and adapts as each version update is rolled out. He destroyed the competition at Cyber Monday 2, he showed maximum skill and impact at the Dead or Alive 6 World Championship, and now he is beginning 2020 with a tournament 4 streak with these early events cementing a precursor of sorts declaring this year could be his own.

'Frosty Fausting XII' Top 4 Highlights

:rig: Hoodless vs Stevomaru :ayane:

Maru is really good at DOA6 because he's feared in neutral so a good competitor will want to frustrate his Ayane by zoning while attempting to make the player as irritated as possible. This doesn't always work on Maru, but every player has their limits and Hoodless knows how to expose that. Hoodless would rather exude controlling pressure but he is willing to play a slow game if it means getting the win and his strategy wins him this set.

:ayane::momiji: Lady Kohaku vs KoruptProto :eliot:

Lady Kohaku was in a world of trouble from the start with this set because she excels in utilizing pressure and Proto wasn't going to have it with his strong defense and crush knowledge. After a quick first game, Kohaku made a switch to Momiji, and I think her damage came out more evenly with this character, but like the first game this ended fast in Proto's favor this time.

:ayane: Stevomaru vs KoruptProto :hayabusa::diego:

Like most sets, this one between Maru and Proto begins at 'A.P.O.' with a lot of mid-range play that was complemented by extraordinary defense. Stevomaru opens up his opponents beautifully at this stage, but despite his rituals at 'A.P.O' this match went to last round before he obtained his first victory in this set. Stevomaru takes that first win momentum and continues to pick Hayabusa apart at 'Unforgettable' and after another loss Proto shifts his attention to Diego as a last chance selection to continue his tournament life.

This was perhaps one of the greatest switches to Diego we have ever seen offline, as Proto was able to do A LOT with Diego's limited, but powerful move set. Unlike the average Diego, this Diego player was obscenely enjoyable to spectate and that's because his move selection was picture perfect and if you couple this with his timing and range you have a recipe to drive Ayane mad.

The last match of this set started & concluded in the 'Danger Zone' section of 'Unforgettable' with a more even pace between both fighters. Both players were adapting to each other with every passing blow, but Proto knew that the decider of this match could be waiting for Ayane to come to him, and this mind game strategy really worked.

Grand Final

:zack: Hoodless vs KoruptProto :diego: :hayate:

These two fighters start their set at 'A.P.O.' and you can see right off the bat how easy it is to distinguish the abilities of Hoodless even without seeing his name on your typical stream tournament layout. The range connections that Hoodless can demonstrate with his moves while playing his zoning game are maddening good, and Proto could not handle this combined with Zack's destructive pressure game.

After losing quickly with Diego, Proto smartly decided to select another character, and found success in his change to Hayate. Proto was instantly comfortable with this match-up and out-crushed the pokes of Hoodless and followed it up consistently with beautiful combos. By following his instincts, Proto was able to get a decisive & surprising game over the champion.

Game 3 in this FT3 was intense because Hoodless remained confident in his Zack, but the game was still down to the wire with Hoodless & Zack busting Proto & Hayate through every box or environment possible to extend his damage output at 'Throwdown.' With Hoodless back in the driver's seat for the final game, it seemed that Proto lost his will to compete as Hoodless ran through him after a very impressive batch of games with Proto being made unable to reset the bracket. Winner: Hoodless

'Juicy Monday' February Highlights

:zack: Hoodless vs Back Turned Legend :ayane:

This felt like an intense set because of how close BTL was getting to opening Hoodless up, but overall it ended quickly because BTL was taking too much time to scout and Hoodless came at him like a tornado using Zack in a situation where plus frames don't matter: Hoodless has the experience; and Hoodless has a HUGE and wildly under-explored move list at his disposal with Zack. BTL obtained some valuable experience in this bout, but he will have to apply it in another set because Hoodless aimed to take this victory as quickly as possible without using his main juicy squeeze.

:honoka: Hoodless vs Borne :nyotengu:

What made this a longer bout was no doubt attributed to the fact that Hoodless selected Honoka as his character for this set. While he may not have much experience with this character he is able to put the puzzle together using a plethora of different moves to best Borne like : Tina's running throw (Shining Wizard), wall throws, Zack throws, Dragon Stance combinations. Borne implemented consistent & proper throw punishes into his gameplay, and held is own with good reads, but when Hoodless is on fire it can become a wild one that is impossible to extinguish.

:ayane: Back Turned Legend vs Mage Orbik :honoka:

After his defeat to Hoodless, BTL knew he had to step up for his battle with Mage Orbik, and it also needs to be a clean victory to confidently fight Hoodless again and that is what this set was. Mage knew that he was at disadvantage in this match-up, but despite being outplayed he learned something from this set and trades between both players were beginning to become more prevalent towards the end.

:ayane: Back Turned Legend vs Ben Reed :tina:

Tina instantly shows more effectiveness in this match-up by showing off her grappling abilities and deep stuns at 'Miyabi.' Ben Reed uses a few simple, but effective setups into Tina's ground grab, slamming Ayane's head to the ground emphatically before taking a second to space herself away from the Red-Eyed Shinobi as she rises from the ground with a vengeance and impressively takes the rest of the set.

:ayane: Back Turned Legend vs Borne :nyotengu:

From the beginning of this set, you might think this would be a squash match going in Ayane's favor, but as soon as the second match begins at 'A.P.O.' this match up becomes a 50-50 because of Nyo-Tengu's launch throw to utilize the ceiling damage and extensions to combos. Borne's awareness is good and after he utilizes his awareness he begins to win rounds despite BTL's regular success with insane close hit damage.

In the early going, Borne was dropping most of his combos, and BTL was not dropping, but didn't always maximize his combo damage due to wanting his CH damage. You can see as the set continues that these players are becoming more comfortable with their own individual styles, and this is why FT3 sets are recommended in a tournament setting.

Borne continues to show his awareness at 'Muscle' and completes some beautiful bound combos to CH from the Hiten P string. When you take away Ayane's ability to maneuver in one of the wrestling rings, she can be easier to punish and easier to beat overall. Borne's confidence increased over the set, but the last round match was set to 'Unforgettable' and BTL was successfully able to use the strengths of Ayane here to win this VERY entertaining and close set.

Grand Final

:cyborg: Hoodless vs Back Turned Legend :ayane:

BTL looked at Hoodless with intense surprise before the set started as Hoodless picked Raidou, a character whom has never won an offline tournament. Raidou has been labeled by many in the community as one of the worst characters in the Dead or Alive universe, and despite XcaliburBladeZ stating that he is indeed viable, nobody has bothered to make the selection since Team Spooky's NLBC tournament series last year.

The first match of this grand final takes place at 'Seaside Eden' and Hoodless uses the first round to scout Ayane. This grand final feels like it was ripped right out of the opening cut scene from Dead or Alive 2: Ultimate where they battle over the 'Sky Torn Blast' skill. Hoodless uses Raidou's: Thunder-Fist, trip stun from 1P in the water, some awesome looking combos and throws like 33T to win the first game.

BTL gets an opportunity to shine at 'Unforgettable' which might be one of Ayane's best stages, but Raidou completely out-crushes her and slams BTL around with short, but extremely damaging combos. Hoodless breaks BTL through boxes at the bar and keeps his insane combos going until he wins game 2.

After BTL suffers two losses consecutively he attempts to regain composure at 'DOA Colosseum' but Hoodless absolutely mops him to complete the set. I love how he controls Raidou and how he utilizes the SSA to to avoid losing Ayane's presence near the wall. He splats Ayane against the wall over and over again and completely dominates this February 'Juicy Monthly.' Winner: Hoodless
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