DOA5U Insane Hayabusa Combo Video from NinjaMonkey

We get a relatively large amount of high quality content from our members, but this is the first combo video I've seen in quite some time that was not only educational, but highly entertaining as well. @NinjaMonkey employs some clever editing to open and close the video and the combos throughout range from highly circumstantial to incredibly practical. There are even a few force tech setups and unholdable setups. Check the video out below and head to the Hayabusa Character Forum to discuss!

That was my first reaction. And the audio/video sync up with the Izunas at the beginning? Gold.

This is the best Hayabusa combo vid I've seen since I've been a part of the community. Very well paced, highly amusing, and even works in some new tech. So good.
This...this fantastic video had consistently blown me away. :eek: I can't believe how intriguing it is and those set ups....good lord I didn't expect those amazing sets ups!
You sir deserve some serious props. :)
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