Itagaki to return to gaming?


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I doubt it'll mean anything since he's not a part of TN anymore(and I doubt he'll want to return in its current state) but hopefully a successful game will come out of it since Devil's third flopped iirc. I also remember him saying several years back that he'll do something for DOA fans soon so hopefully he'll make a fighting game or something but I also doubt it since he may not have the budget or backing.
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If you guys don't know, Devil's Third development was so messy. From the change of publishers,change of platforms to the change of engine.

It's why it was so messy.(So in some ways it was the Duke Nukem Forever of Japan but with this difference that publishers messed it up instead of the director.)

Wes Mordine

Coming from the West, but I'm not so sure the current climate is right for a developee famous for being totally ok with sexualizing a 17-year-old. You could pull that off in the 90's, but now in our Emma Watson era... he better think something completely different from his DOA days.
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