Community Jager Wins Winter Brawl 12

Congratulations to Jager for taking Winter Brawl 12! Despite some cancellations and no pool stream, we managed to get over 1,000 viewers on FunkyP during Top 8 with a great showing from some of the finest fighters out there.

Note pertaining to Saturday Pools:
Winter Brawl is upon us, and while we do definitely make a presence with DOA5, unfortunately we don't make the schedule for pool streams this year. Thankfully, FunkyP will be streaming Top 8 this Sunday so we can still get a good chunk of this event recorded. Please expect some incredible matches from the feared Syndicate clan, Matt Ponton, Sly Bass and more talented players from the community!
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Dr 5H1N081
Sadly a lot of players who registered got disqualified (I guess because of not showing up). Some really big names too... XCal, SonicFox, NashFan, just to name a few... also HuBBs who made it to Winners Final in his pool.
6:30 PM EST is too damn late for us EU dudes, har har... but I'm gonna watch it tomorrow.
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