DOA6 Ky-Dragon Takes Sonic Boom VI with Kula Diamond

Ky-Dragon has made history in the Dead or Alive community being the first to win a tournament with The King of Fighters guest character, Kula Diamond at the Sonic Boom major in Madrid, Spain! While this was not scored as a Dead or Alive 6 World Championship event, it was an excellent showcase of how players are evolving with the game as more characters and gameplay tweaks are introduced. Congratulate Ky-Dragon on his victory and the rest of the fighters for a superb display of skill, and if you missed any of the action check out MadridFGC's Twitch video archive and Smash.GG standings to catch-up!

Grand Final

:kula: Ky Dragon vs Dr. Impact :lisa:

Their first match begins at 'Chinese Festival' and Dr. Impact changes things up from his regular Diego and Helena tournament picks and selects Lisa for the entirety of the grand finale. Dr. Impact knows the landscape of this stage and uses it to his advantage with well timed wall switch throws and spinning Déjà vus on the grounded fire-crackers. He's careful about Kula's 24P freeze and zones her accordingly so that he can follow up with a smart offensive hold.

After a great win on Ky-Dragon, he looks to keep the same momentum going into the next match at 'Lost Paradise' where he begins with truly creative mix-ups and beautiful patience between moves to keep the mind-blowing fluidity of Lisa's dazzling style going. Ky-Dragon tries to break out of it with the tap of a button, but Impact reacts to it quickly with a half second block before finishing round 1 with a forward grab. At this point you can tell Ky-Dragon is a little nervous and he drops a few combos before making a chilling comeback in round 2.

Ky-Dragon is able to throw off Impact with a plethora of 26P attempts before it finally starts working and takes over Impact's pressure. Ky-Dragon hasn't mastered Kula's combo potential, but his well timed reads, crushes and pokes make up for any mistakes he makes with this new character. Kula can afford to make mistakes in battle because she can turn the table in her favor with her wide array of tricks and impressive damage output when used correctly.

Dragon is now feeling good after getting a win and he's also not worried about resetting the bracket as they go into their third match at 'A.P.O." where Kula is free to zone and strike with 24P as she sees fit. In the middle of this match Dragon was able to get an impressive stun from 24P with Lisa's back turned, and followed up with a small combo. Ky-Dragon was able to win this match, but it didn't come without some impressive counters and combos from Dr. Impact.

The last match of this set takes place at 'Zero Lab' and from the start Dragon trades his patient style for aggressive pressure and with that comes plenty of effective low sweeps and electric ground damage to quickly take the first round on Impact. Dr. Impact wins 2 consecutive rounds in this match with impeccable reads despite dropping a combo and Déjà vu twice, but because his stun game is so strong he successfully makes up for any errors. With the game going into last round Ky-Dragon looks to close quickly, but Impact nearly kills Kula after two electrifying Déjà vu throws in a row.

Both players are at the end of their ropes for this game so Ky-Dragon takes a risk in his last round moment and seals the game with an icy kiss and a few stiff pokes cementing Kula in the Dead or Alive tournament winners record book and taking the Sonic Boom tournament. Congratulations are in order for Ky-Dragon's victory and impressive showing since the beginning of Dead or Alive 6's tournament life! But let's not forget the hype sets and insane improvement from Dr. Impact and other players like @Tulkas and Kev!
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Congrats to Ky Dragon for his victory, Dr Impact for his second place and Tulkas for the third place.

It's was great to see a big DOA tournament here in Spain for first time and it was really nice to meet the DOA french community. Hopefully we can meet again in the future and maybe with luck even here again in Spain.
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