Lisa's top 10 moves

I hope this thread can be a quick reference to anyone wishing to learn Lisa. Please post what you feel are her top 10 moves so that those reading can gain a general idea of what moves players should be using to gain the upper hand.

Generally, most of her new tools are among the best she can use since they give her a slightly better mixup game in comparison to the one she extremely lacked in DOA4. So, in no particular order...

1. :9::K: - Her main low crush and BEST oki option, still has it's uses from DOA4 but benefits even more with the wake-up game of DOA5. It's also her sit down stun, BT :4::P: is guaranteed after it lands as a launcher. One of her safest moves at -3 on block.
2. :1::P::P: - A fast string that crushes highs, puts her in BT to allow some mixups, best high crush she has from front facing.
3. :7::K: - Has a deceptively large hitbox, a great keepout move since Lisa's own hitbox travels backwards, grants a lengthy stun for carrera trickery afterwards.
4. :4::P::K::K:/:6::K::K:/BT :4::K: - Her flop stun, if opponents dont tech Lisa should follow up with a :9::K: to initiate her oki, if they do tech mix up with :9::K: and :8::f::+::P:
5: :41236: :f::+::P: - Serves same purpose as in DOA4, has recieved a slight damage nerf I believe but still her best hold punisher.
6. :3::f::+::P: . :f::+::P: - A scary OH that can net a massive amount of damage with the right juggle. Great against characters that crouch a lot.
7. BT :P::+::K: - Her best guard break, +17 on block (Opponents can guard after 14 frames though). opens up a pressure game for Lisa.
8. BT :4::P::+::K: - The booty bump. It's fast, has good range is only -3 on block and does not suffer from hold damage, good way to keep the stun game going after BT transitions.
9. :8::f::+::P: - A risky spacing move but has good height so it can catch out a good number of mids too, has a few uses on wake-up, it can catch out mid wake-up kicks if spaced right and if used as a jump over she can potentially gain advantage for a BT :4::P: launch.
10. BT :2::P: - A 16 frame low, it's pretty good, crushes highs and on NH it grants good advantage, a must for BT pressure.

Those are my top ten, they may change in the future who knows and you may not agree with them but the idea is to get a general consensus on her better moves in the game.


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Those are all really good moves Ailing.

Some additional moves:
1. :4::f+k:, Lisa's fastest mid from facing front, and a great way to get people off your ass. It can be followed up by Carrera if you want, but it is also unsafe if blocked.
2. BT :1::P: 16 frame low that is a high crush, causes trip stun on counter hit, and tracks. Pretty good imo.
3. :1::K:, this is now just a circular sweep like in VF, if an opponent manages to block, you COULD try to get some use out of the useless follow up strings. It's Lisa only real low from standing forward, the dropkick sucks ass, and 66PK is too slow and linear to be useful (imo).
4.BT :7::K: booty bump's main weakness is that it is mid punch AND mid kick holdable. Use this to mixup people that want to fish for booty bump and 4P launcher from BT. Also, this move tracks.
5. :236::P: this move is unsafe as shit, but its a great whiff punisher, wall carries, and fast (for Lisa). It's nice to catch an opponent off guard every now and then.
6. :3::3::K: Lisa's new knee launcher is great to mixup with Lisa's other launcher, :3::3::P:. If you're feeling lucky, you can also use :8::K:, but it's high.
7. :4::4::f+p: by a wall, makes Lisa scary as shit when she's cornered. It's a 7 frame throw and does more damage than deja vu on hi counter (not to mention its faster)!
8. Carrera :P: I use this move mainly to pester people. It tracks, has decent range, but can be canceled into an outrageous backdash, body splash or BT.
9. :6::P: great way to start the stun game, has great followups as well.
10. BT backdash. This is a wonderful spacing tool! Use this to bait attacks and avoid getting punished on block from your transitions to BT!
11. :P::P::4: the fastest attack string into BT, causes stun on normal, can start some nice mixups.
edit: great filler for stun game too


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1. 1k
Crushes highs, nice range and lisa has big feet (good evasive properties/ hitbox), good for set ups at range. Used for oki/force getups.

2. 3pp/6ppp/p+k
+5 on block, 6p is 14 frame, last hit launch/bounces on normal. 6pp good from stun game

3. 6k
14 frame mid, semi-safe but pseudo-safe with the followups, frame advantage on normal hit or a stun on counter (not much though). 2k follow up for crush that tracks (use sparingly).

4. 236p
used to punish wake up kicks, run in attempts and as a general whiff punisher.

5. While running p
Good range/hitbox, frame advantage on normal hit or a nice stun on counter.

6. BT 4p+k (booty bumpin')
12 frame mid, safe, good stun on counter, awesome range. Follow up with p+f to crush their throw and jab punish attempts. Cannot be counter halt but leaves you at -11

7. 1pk/1pp
Crushes highs, nice range, stuns on counter hit (not much though), k follow up gives really good stun and trucks, p for back turn/mixup game.

8. 4k+f
Safe, fast Carrera entry, good hitbox (pretty sure it just crushes highs), good bugger off move (interrupter which gives good distance)

9. 66p+f
OH, nuff said.

10. 6k+f
+2 on block, good range, guarantees another 6k+f on hit which forces get up.. which is +13

Honorable mentions:
+1-3 on block, fast Carrera entrance. Things stopping this form being on the top 10 is it's a high, slow and has bad tracking.
If you get the second throw in it's only 2 damage less than the full Deja Vu on normal. -5 and -7 if broken though (you are put outside of throw range)

Pretty amazing how you can see we all play her differently and how too, purely based on the list.


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I've found a few useful tools that are really good from playing as Lisa. :1::h::+::K: is a great whiff punising move but if the
opponent is too far away, use her :6::6: & then use the running sweep kick :h::+::K: to throw them off but its -20 on block so be careful, or the Flying Leg Kick :6::h::+::K: very useful, it can dodge low attacks and its a wonderful long range kick plus, its safe +2 block.

:3::f::+::P::f::+::P: and when the opponent is the air press :f::+::P: for a air grab but you'll need to time it right. Thats all for now, hope everybody find them useful. :)
I know it's not the best but I'm just so grateful for :6::f+p: being 6 frames. We didn't even have a punishing throw in DOA4.
In terms of Lisa's throwing game it's a godsend, this means she can decently punish now and it's just as powerful as Tina and Bass'.
:3::f::+::P::f::+::P: and when the opponent is the air press :f::+::P: for a air grab but you'll need to time it right. Thats all for now, hope everybody find them useful. :)
You should be using a juggle for maximum damage potential. :6::K: - :7::K::6: - :4::P::K: - :f::+::P: to finish the combo off, easy to do too.
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1. :9::K: I'd call it her best offensive option. Slow but comes from outside jab range, meaning you dictate the terms of offense. And if Carrera and BT cancels thought me anything, it's that Lisa is all about maintaining offense. Speaking of which, the BT transition gives her tons of follow-up options on hit or block.

2. :1::P: Has range, tracks... :1::P::K: is a perfectly safe-on-block string that's also a stun extender, but its really :1::P::P: that gives her all her offensive options. Slightly delayable, just enough to hit confirm.

3. :7::K: Her best defensive option. Slow but near impossible to knock out of. Carrera cancels means you can go from defense to offense in a flash.

4. :6::6::K::6: The dropkick, in all her forms, is the best start for Carrera shenanigans. It hits mid and once you start running, opponents can only sidestep or hold counter. People aren't giving this move it's true measure; it hits slow but from range just like :9::K:, so you just strike first by virtue of initiating offense. Lisa's an instigator.

5. :6::P::K::4: IMHO, her best string close range. And even then, :6::P: has pretty good range itself. Lisa isn't fast, her jabs are i12 and she doesn't have anything quicker... but use this and even if they block, you have BT shenanigans to go into.

6. :P::+::K: in all it's forms. Safe, hit's mid, ground bounces, strikes from range. In :3::P::P: and :6::P::P::P:, you get a combo on hit and safeness on block.

7. BT:P::+::K: The moonsault. All her other backturned options are great but the moonsault either hits or guarantees :6::P: on block.

8. BT :2::P: No one ever see's it coming. High crush, trip stuns... On normal hit, it's real easy to move into a throw.

9. :P::P: Simplicity itself. Stun extender that gives enough frame to transition into 234K, an unweildy critical burst. Second hit won't knock opponent away if first hit passes threshold. Otherwise... it's two high punches with great options! Go to BT or dropkick!

10. :1::K: Low trip, has range, force get-ups, all string inputs are delayable... :1::K::K::P: is safe-ish

:9::P::P: The cartwheel back elbow in all its forms. It's her most useless move and all alternatives in the same position are strickly better. It gets ducked easy, doesn't give the same advantage on block as say, the double leg kick and... utter trash.
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Yes, i've been vocal about it before but 9P is the most useless move in this game. TN even found more ways to incorporate this useless string. I would say it is a very strong contender with 1KK strings. Also, did you know that all of the moves from 9P, including the throw, are sidesteppable? Beyond lame.-_-
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This is basically all I've been using (with generally good results)

BT :4::p+k:
BT :4::P:
BT :2: :P:

I gave up on trying to incorporate those bullshit i30+ moves into my game. Most good players will react to them even online.

That low OH could be a great move if it was a regular throw, either high or low. Low OHs are useless in DOA5
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Keep in mind I suck at the game and just recently started trying to play it seriously, but I've seen quite a bit of success with the following: Based on my little knowledge of the character, I think Mariposa has a handful of moves in particular that are great, which is why you see a lot of overlap not only in this thread, but in footage of her online.

I wish some of her more active moves and mixups were more viable, such as :9::P:. Sometimes I feel a bit lame just utilizing her pokes and an occasional throw. Seems like a waste of a luchador style, though my love for the character shines through (though I don't like Lisa I love her alternate persona lol)

1. :6::P::K::4:
It has been said a dozen times already, but this is a fast string with a lot of potential. There are plenty of things that can be done without going into BT, but I find that to be the best part.

2. BT :4::p+k:
Also very textbook. This move is pretty godlike. It's easy to hold, but unless they are ready sometimes I can slip out unpunished since it just puts you into disadvantage. Great combo extender and a necessary tool to bait out holds and keep up pressure while in my stance of choice.

3. :236::P:
An amazing move, far better than I initially figured. It is my go-to move to stop people from running in and thanks to what someone above said, I now find it very useful for punishing wakeup strikes too. Seeing that at my low level of play (I finally got to D+ just a bit ago) wakeup kicks are really common so I rack up a lot of damage off this.

4. :9::K:
Totally godlike. I love this move. Guaranteed juggle on hit. Guaranteed mixup on block. It's a bit slow, but it can beat wakeup kicks if you time it right so it's another one of my go to moves for those purposes too.

5. :1::K:
Nothing can be said that hasn't been mentioned already. It's the low of choice. Sometimes I will do an additional low kick, but other than that the followups are pretty awful so I usually just stop at the first kick. It's a really great poking tool and it's really important to her spacing.

6. :1::P:(:P:/:K:)
Once again it's been talked about before. That being said I think this move is actually pretty dangerous for the Mariposa user. IMO even at low levels of play people familiar with the character expect this to come out so I find it gets baited/held a lot more often than I would like. I try not to abuse it because of this, but it's easily the best move she has and pretty dang vital to pressure so I try to work with what I can get. In general I think that because so many of her best moves and mixups are mid, all her other low and highs become increasingly more important.

7. BT :7::K:
For similar reasons to what I mentioned above, I find myself fearing the mid counter a lot with Mariposa so I'm trying to start using this launcher more than BT:4::P: when I'm certain they won't crouch. It's a cool move and it tracks. Only problem is sometimes I screw up the input on the Xbox controller somehow and just get an up kick. It's my fault though. I have an arcade stick, but I literally use the Xbox controller instead just so I can manipulate the camera during the win animations and in photo mode LOL.

8. :4::h+k::6:
Along with 5 and 6 I think this is one of her most important spacing tools. I try to use the run stance very often since I find it a lot of fun and this move is great for it. It's a nice get off me tool and it has low risk in my opinion. I often throw it out intending to whiff and then go into the run to see what my opponent's doing. If I think something can hit I go for it, otherwise I just back down. It's a nice way to stay in check.

9. Carrera :P::4:
Also since I'm so low on the food chain I fight a lot of the mashers/constant strikers or the ninja characters and Kokoro, all of whom I hate with a burning passion. Mariposa's slow and I find that the run stance while fun, is often not too viable against these quick strike happy players. This move is fairly fast and it goes back into the BT for mixups. Without it I would probably rarely go into Carrera out of fear of just getting hit out of it.

10. :P::P::4:
Who would have thought such a simple string would be so wonderful? Two quick high strikes that go into BT means a very quick and easy transition into the mixups. It's absolutely ideal and my other string of choice outside of 1. I love BT and I think this string is very important.

I wish I did not suck at throws. I never know when to use them because the throwing mechanics in this game are so unique compared to other fighters. If I did I would probably list her OH, but alas I never use them or rather do not know how to effectively use them. I am also quite fond of :K::K::P::f:. I'm sure people here would say "never use this it sucks," but where I am at the mixups that can come from the leap she does are a lot of fun for baiting holds and typically the throw is what I go for.

I am probably forgetting some here and there.
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