News Microsoft Executive Phil Spencer Debunks KOEI TECMO Acquisition

Several days ago Bloomberg released an article that stated Microsoft would be looking to acquire Japanese based video game studios, but Microsoft executive Phil Spencer states he doesn't know a thing about this acquisition, and admits he isn't kept up to speed on everything. A couple days before this interview KOEI TECMO revealed that they were indeed pursued by Microsoft for a possible partnership. Regardless of what will happen, this is the most attention KT has received since the release of Nioh 2 and all eyes are on KT and Microsoft game studios as we get deeper into a new console generation.

Start your research by taking quick examination of the Bloomberg article. While there are no real quotes to harvest from this piece it does state some interesting and non-denied specifics:

It has approached several Japan-based game developers about the possibility of purchasing their businesses, and Koei Tecmo Games Co. president Hisashi Koinuma revealed that Microsoft had approached the publisher to form a partnership - something that the company would be open to if Microsoft continued to show interest in Japan.

Gamespot quickly responded to this story with a news piece of their own, and then they interviewed Phil Spencer as a follow up to that story, and what he had to say was far different from what Hisashi Koinuma stated. It's likely than Phil Spencer is either keeping future acquisitions a secret or he really doesn't know because he did not respond to the statements said by Koinuma:

I don't think so. I say, I don't think so... I mean, I'm not in every meeting that every team has, but I'll say not from me. Most of the opportunities that we've had to date have been a long-lasting relationship, and so, I don't think we're out there with our business card, throwing them out on the corner, trying to find people. I've talked about my affinity for Japanese studios and thinking back in the day when we had more games that were created in Japan as part of our first party, I'm excited when the deal closes to get to spend more time with Tango [Gameworks] and the work that they're doing. So it's an area that I'm interested in, but no, I don't think it's... I think that's not accurate.

When you factor in that Tecmo used to have a "long lasting-relationship" with Microsoft these statements sound a tad bit mysterious. Sure KT has healthy relationships with Nintendo and Sony, but it seems like the relationship is stronger with the three brands than it ever has been in the era of system wars which are ultimately dominated by the performance of PC. Microsoft needs a quality Japanese developer making games for their system, and it's hard to think of a better choice for them than Koei Tecmo when they have had major success in the past not just from sales but also from high reviews and praised graphic performance.

Stay tuned for our review and run-down of Dead or Alive 6 on XBOX ONE SERIES X and remember that exclusivity has its benefits in a wildly boring multi-platform world.
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KT pretty much managed to bury the fighting game side of the series with no effort.

No partnership pretty much means complete takeover of Bamco in the 3D fighter market.
fans could just move on from the fighting game side if they're seeking for new content .TN still love the characters by including nyo and character maker references in NiOH 2. just wait for the new i.p.
Well, there is literally no reason for MS to purchase KT tbh. They are not famous enough to be seen as worthy, unlike Bethesda (even though their quality is questionable, but, the casuals love their copy&paste games). Hopefully the success of the Nioh games can change their opinions. Team Ninja deserves some good parents and resources.
Hmm... KT makes a shit ton of money in Japan, and are a pretty large publisher. Japan's a market that MS desperately wants to break into. Omega Force's musou 'Warrior' games are like junk food to the East. Although Sony published Nioh 1 & 2, it would be a decent boon to MS if they were to pick up a future Nioh 3 or NG4 for instance.

I agree that Team NINJA deserves a new publisher that respects its talents (look how well the Nioh games turned out with Sony helping out for instance).
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