New Gameplay from Shimbori's January Preview

Team NINJA's Yohei Shimbori has been all over the world showing the latest build for Dead or Alive 6. You would hope that gameplay and graphical showcases would be the focal point of the new build presented, but controversial social topics reigned supreme for most interview presentations created by the video game media. Thankfully, some new gameplay is emerging out of the coverage and the newer characters are being showcased in the footage.

The Nyo-Tengu vs Phase 4 gameplay here was not as revealing as it could have been. We already know about Phase 4's 214 T and flurry of kicks, and we've also seen the majority of Tengu's moves shown here in DOA5. It will be interesting to see more from both bonus characters in the future, but Nyo-Tengu looks to still be in need of additional safety options going into DOA6 other than P+K.

If you want additional footage for Phase 4, you can check out IGN's gameplay demo. Despite some changes you can visualize that Phase 4 will still have a strict learning curve, and you will not fully master the character over a night or two of gameplay. This match against Diego also shows off some of his tech like his usage of the fatal stun and air throw near a danger zone or wall.

The Tina vs. Rig match provided some new moves. Tina has fresh air grabs that look really cool, and she has an awesome new hit throw that comes out of her 7K so you no longer need to follow up with 2T. Tina's Fatal Stun from 8P looks like it could use some fine tuning or it's very strict on what will connect as the follow up.


NiCO proves in her combat that she can kick higher than Kasumi, and she seems to have simple combo design that leads to absolutely insane damage. Aesthetically her neutral stance is cute and adds to her character, the electricity that emits from her hands during her break hold is also a nice touch. NiCO's electric blasts will also be important to comprehending her fighting style and some of her combos.

Players that have had the chance to play as NiCO claim that she is quite steep, and her learning curve will keep fighters studying in the lab for hours. She doesn't appear to be a pressure based character, but NiCO is defensive and is required to wait for opportunities to attack big. Almost everyone that attended one of Shimbori's media events did not hesitate to play as DOAs new Scientist, and the press has said nothing but good things about her.

The Gamespot and IGN videos were viewed by Matt Ponton and he had a few interesting things to say pertaining to side tech ups:

Frame counting on YouTube at 60fps shows around 33 frames for one of the side techs, which I believe used to be around 50. If true, this means that some or most psuedo-force-techs from DOA5 will leave at disadvantage instead of advantage, but will still require research once the game comes out.

IGN also posted a video of Ryu Hayabusa's combo challenge. This mode is good for any player looking to pick up a new character. It will not only teach you some quick and effective bnbs, but will also teach you how to perform combos on stage environments and walls.

Shack News released over 30 minutes of gameplay (Part 1 and Part 2) that features almost all of the different characters in the game. Through gameplay video, 'Crimson' was also revealed as a returning stage to DOA6.

Raidou has been revealed, and confirmed as a Day 1 character, but the elusiveness of the character surrounding the story has seemed to prevent a reveal trailer from happening. As of now the only footage we have is the current video displayed and some Twitter information. You can also read up on his biography at the official website, but it's clear Team NINJA doesn't want to say much about Raidou as of now.

There are plenty of new things to discuss so feel free to post anything new you noticed for your character in the DOA6 character forum. At FSD, gameplay discussion and sharing information with one another is the ultimate goal. If you are looking for new friends you can post in the matchmaking forum and prepare yourself for lots of offline play in 2019!
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I’m sorry this has got to be one of the biggest jokes in DOA history ! So disappointed with the stages overall !

Like 5 stages is literally a copy/paste from DOA5
(Zero, Muscle, Throwdown, Sweat, Crimson)
Throwdown is litarally the lower part of Street stage but during the night with a crowd. Was also seen in DOA2U.

Road Rage is almost the same as the lower part of Scramble in DOA5, just in the daylight and with a little light snow

Unforgettable is really cool, but they recreated 3 parts of DOA5 stages (Taylor’s Bar, HOT Zone and Danger Zone).

DOA Collosuem is the same stage as Depth in DOA5 but with a different background.

Tag mode has been taken out of the game, but a lot of these stages are the almost identical to a tag stage . Swear, Muscle, DOA C., Zero, (4 stages which is normally made for 2v2 and now they didn’t even take the time to do more extravagant stages) like wtf.

And 8 of these stages are industrial and electrical looking ! No cultural elements, no snow, no weather changes, no waterfalls, no slopes, no stairs (and yes Unforgettable has stairs, but they are now a boring danger zone) you can’t stair throw your opponent, the Cliffhanger elements are now also gone ! Like I have no idea what TN is thinking !

I may be the only one who thinks this, but this line up of stages is terrible !
More will come, TN is clearly saving some new stages for DLC and the rerelease/s. As long as they aren't paid, I'm personally OK with DLC stages.


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Personally, I'm only interested by :

- Aerial Gardens (can't wait to see it).

- Unforgettable : the idea is just awesome ! Hope they'll do unforgettable II and more. The only thing that ruined it was the impossibility to perform any stairs throw. It broke my heart !

- Miyabi / Hidden garden : I do like this stage, it's really DOAesque. The atmosphere is great, and seems to be explored a lot like Unforgettable. Hope we can go into houses. Can't wait to use it ! Still annoyed by the water limit. It would have been great to go in the water ; it's making it a bit less realistic.

- Forbidden Fortune : it's a unique stage, and I do like pirate ships, so I'm really hyped by this one.

- the new lab : Some Nassau Station + DOATEC HK vibes, that's enough to make me like it ! And since there is "lab 3" and more on the doors, I guess it's connected to ZERO. + we didn't see any stages edit on the official website whereas chracters and videos were updated. So I guess ZERO is the last level of this lab.

- Crimson : a DOA original. Great to see it again, but it was better in DOA2. You could break the wall and end in the tiny room.

- Training stage : I do like it, it's way better than Tatami/Dojo, I hated the dark atmosphere. Here it's bright, so that's better. Still that dust issue, but I do like the overall stage.

I'm still waiting for Lorelei (my all-time personal favorite) and Seaside Market.
All the other stages will not be used by me.


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Bleh, no. I hope those are gone forever.
I don't want the cliffhangers guessing situations back where the player that got knocked off can guess to get out. I just want the attacks that the offensive player can do. So if you know your opponent off a cliff, you can spend one meter to do the attack cliffhanger for maybe 20 more damage or use both meters to do the throw version and do maybe 30 more damage. The opponent wouldn't be able to block or try to counter the throw. I just think it would be cooler to see them when transitioning to the next stage.
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10. The Throwdown. I was never a fan of this stage. I thought it was cool the very first time I saw it... it doesn't look like Street for me. It's just... generic. I've seen a stage like this in vanilla VF5, it's just... been done. It's more just there for the mechanic where the bystanders push you back into the fight. The music is just as forgettable as the stage. Maybe it'll grow on me as I play the game. Until then, snoresville.
i lowkey think throwdown was recycled from doa2u, i think the stage was called downtown or something but that makes me like it a little more lol


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For the stages... after taking an extensive look at everything. I'm left mildly uninterested. Initially I liked what I saw a bit more but after hearing other people and taking an additional look at everything...

1. The Colosseum is... well... boring. It's basically DOA6's equivalent of the "Dead or Alive" big ring from 5, but it's smaller, less interesting and ultimately as mentioned before, feels like Depth with a new coat of pain in terms of size ratio and electric walls. Music is pretty generic as well and will probably get old really fast.

2. Unforgettable is far and away the best stage in the game. Taylor's bar might have been from 5 but you were never able to fight there. I also love how the music changes depending on where you are, that being said I think Hot Zone was an extremely boring choice, probably one of the worst that wasn't a box/ring stage. Still the atmosphere is fantastic and the music is the best in the game. I'll most likely be picking that stage the most.

3. Zero is... just the lab stage. Lawn. It's really just there to fit the theme for NiCO. The music is cool for the first half but it sounds too anime-ish for me in the 2nd half. It would have been better if they'd used the lab going up in flames and exploding (ala final boss in 5) as the backdrop for round 2 and beyond but once again, another missed opportunity.

4-5. Miyabi is alright, typical japanese temple with a nice warm color tone. The music throws me off though, I feel like a more tranquil tune would have been fitting instead. Regardless the stage is just ok. Hidden Garden is the same for me, nice aesthetic, but the music is no. This map had a lot of potential for a day and night version like Aerial Gardens, that would have really made it pop. Oh well.

6. Road Rage was awesome looking at first, but after people saying it's basically just a bigger scramble during the day with the cars shuffling around, I can't really unsee it. I like the stage still but in the back of my head it feels somewhat recycled. The music is great though. It seems like it'll come off as a generic rock tune, but I was really feeling it while I was listening.

7. The Muscle. Basically a recolored version of the wrestling ring from 5. Yawn. Music is forgettable as well.

8. Lost Paradise. I really want to like this stage. I do, I feel shades of the experimental playground from DOA4, but I can't help but feel a bit of the same from the bottom pit of Flow from 5. Like... this is a different area in the same place on a brighter day. Because of that... it's a nice looking stage but... I don't know if I love it. The music is fine though. Nothing special.

9. Forbidden Fortune. A truly unique stage, but it's too busy for me. I know that's kind of the point but where as Flow felt cinematic and cool, it feels like there's too much going on in this stage just for the sake of it. The music does nothing for me either, not the game's fault though, I've never really been a pirate guy. The bottom part of the stage is pretty awesome though. Just about everything about it is awesome. Even the music.

10. The Throwdown. I was never a fan of this stage. I thought it was cool the very first time I saw it... it doesn't look like Street for me. It's just... generic. I've seen a stage like this in vanilla VF5, it's just... been done. It's more just there for the mechanic where the bystanders push you back into the fight. The music is just as forgettable as the stage. Maybe it'll grow on me as I play the game. Until then, snoresville.

11. Crimson. I always liked this stage, though I'll admit the lightning is worse. In the scheme of things though, it's one of the better stages, and it gets a pass because technically it's a DOA2 stage, not a DOA5 one.

12. Sweat. They brought the worst and most boring stage in the entirety of DOA5 back for 6. I literally used to get sleepy training on this stage. As boring as boring gets, the music sucks and the remix of it for 6 sucks just as much. Waste of a stage spot and yet. another. box. stage.

13. Lab (Corridors). Haven't really payed attention to the music, but I like the atmosphere of the new lab hallway stage. Appropriately dark and secretive. They have the atmosphere down pat. It really feels like a new stage despite the fact that we've technically seen these hallways before.

14. Training Stage. Pretty standard, Dojo was honestly more unique to DOA. This one looks more like the standard traning stage you see in all modern fighting games of today. Tekken, VF, KOF, SF, nothing special. The tune is catchy though, which is good as pretty much all those other games have catchy training themes too. You don't want to get tired of the theme of the stage you'll probably be spending most of your time on.

Ultimately.... these stages are pretty underwhelming. Of these 14, most of them are meh. A few of them suck or are recycled and only one or two of them is truly great. The stage themes are a step up from 5 (which isn't saying much) but whereas every DOA's set of stages has it's own identity and feel, 6's stages feel like.... DOA5 Hardcore rather than an entirely new game. Which is a shame. DLC stages won't change this. It's in stone.

Aerial Garden's cant save 6, but it would help. Hopefully those fireflies mean they snuck it in, or at least, Hidden Garden gets a nighttime variant as a homage.
My general opinion about stages :

(+ ) Graphics improvement is great. Textures are better and start to sometimes look as good as what we had in old DOA games.
(+) Stages are less dark than DOA5 ones.
(+) The return of the obstacles inside stages that you can jump over (Unforgettable)

(-) Still a lack of artistic and esthetical research.
(-) Not enough stages ! And that’s a shame to get very boring DOA5 stages that are back (Zero, SWEAT!). I can understand, when there was tag battle, that it was necessary to get square and empty stages, but now…
(-) Always that feeling to be locked inside 4 walls. I don’t understand why they don’t open the view to let us see some panoramas.
(-) Some multi-level stages are the same on each floor. (in old DOA, you can fall from a snow place to get in an ice cave, or fall from a bridge to get in a forest, etc.) Here, you fall from a green dinosaur park to arrive in… a green dinosaur park.
(-) Still, a lack of nature/landscape stages. Not enough Japanese theme stages. And no beach stage :-(
(-) Multi-level stages seem to have only one way to fall to the second floor. For example, in some old DOA stages (ex: helix), on the first floor, you can go to the second floor if you fall into the stairs on the left, or through a glace on the right, etc.
Except unforgettable stage, there isn’t that feeling that we can explore a little map while fighting. Stages are too small and lack diversity.

Best stage: Unforgettable, Miyabi->Secret garden
Good stages but… : Lost paradise, Hidden fortune, Chinese festival
Stages which can become boring very quickly: APO, road rage
Boring: DOA colosseum, the muscle, the throwdown
Shameful: Sweat, Zero


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Maybe I’m an extremist, but I’ve always felt DOA should only have one square/vanilla stage, and that’s the DOA tournament arena. Every other stage should be weirdly shaped and have multiple levels or areas. That’s half the fun of the game.
Well I can understand that, but I don't see the hurt in having one wrestling ring as well. Multiple rings? No. I wasn't all that happy to see Sweat return.
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Well I can understand that, but I don't see the hurt in having one wrestling ring as well. Multiple rings? No. I wasn't all that happy to see Sweat return.
I do get having a wrestling ring since canonically we have wrestler characters. So long as there’s an actual in-universe reason for a fighting stage to be perfectly square and no out-of-bounds, I think I’m okay with it.

Sweat is indeed boring, though.
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