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Post your top 10 moves for Nyotengu here! My list in no particular order, along with the pros and cons of each move:

:P: String

[+] Very long range jab
[+] Stuns on NH
[+] Has several threatening follow-ups including launchers and tracking follow-ups
[-] Susceptible to sidesteps after P gets blocked or whiffs
[-] High strike, so can be ducked or crushed

:6::P: String

[+] Several mixups on hit, including a tracking kick
[+] Can go into Hiten-no-Mai on hit
[+] Somewhat quick for Nyo's speed standards
[+] Great string for hold baiting
[+] Good stun potential
[+] 6PPP is safe on block, looks unsafe so good for baiting throws
[-] Tracking kick is unsafe on block
[-] Can't enter Hiten-no-Mai on block


[+] Plus frames on block; excellent frame trap
[+] Stuns on NH
[+] Nice reach, great for whiff punishing
[+] Amazing hold bait
[-] Very reactable kick follow-up
[-] High, susceptible to ducks and crushes
[-] Both kicks can be sidestepped


[+] Reliable high crush
[+] Extremely long range
[+] Lots of plus frames on block, guarantees P+K if opponent is with their back to a wall
[-] Slow, can be held, crushed or ducked on reaction
[-] Can be sidestepped


[+] Good reach, can whiff punish a lot of moves
[+] Mid tracking kick, so the only options for the opponent would be to block or hold
[+] Safe on block
[-] Slow startup, not a good move in CQC


[+] 10 frames startup
[+] Very deep stun
[+] Stuns on NH
[+] Good ''get off me'' tool in CQC
[-] Unsafe on block
[-] High strike so it can be ducked or crushed
[-] Linear, can be sidestepped


[+] Reliable high crush
[+] Safe GB on block with the P followup
[+] High combo damage potential when it lands
[-] Slow
[-] Can be sidestepped


[+] Tracking mid kick
[+] Decent range, ability to whiff punish
[+] High damaging juggle followup thanks to Hiten-no-Mai transition
[-] Unsafe on block
[-] Reactable if coming from a string (e.g. 2H+KK and PP2KK)

:6::T: / :6::T::5::T:

[+] Quick and easy 7 frame punish throw; very reliable
[+] Can create mindgames by alternating between 6T (frame advantage) and 6T.T (damage + knockdown)
[+] Works wonders against sidestep spammers
[-] Damage is lackluster compared to other throws


[+] Very high damage potential, especially combined with environmental hazards
[+] Launch throw, your opponent is completely vulnerable to all sorts of juggles
[+] Good against sidesteps
[-] Slow at i12


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7K to a P= Good vs lows and has good reach!
- Can put people in a situation where they stick out 6H so you can do other attacks if you don't hit P!

3P+K= Can duck and counter high attack strings and standing throws!

3K= Long reach kick that start slow. Also can be added to combos

Uncharged sumo stomp 2H+K= can put people on blockstun so you can move in for a throw or do the 6PP door knocking mind game on a blocking opponent!

4P+K= puts people in a position to attack or rush in a straight line even if they stick 6H out from a far distance.
- to make sure people don't use ssas and freestep during wind up!
- can be canceled by pressing H for baits and mind games.
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