Official Dead or Alive Xtreme Thread

This is the new thread for DOAX related discussion.

I deemed the old thread to have degenerated into nothing but ugly mods and fap material, and I'm not going through 500+ pages to cherry pick what should and shouldn't be there. Try to remember where you are, and what kind of people visit this site. The focus of FSD is for competitive DOA not for the spin-off DOAX series and it's more adult-focused content. This thread is for discussing the game. Posting pictures and gameplay within sensible reason is fine.

However, this thread is not for creating your own personal red light district. There are plenty of other places on the internet to find adult content. Please abide by those guidelines or I'll just have to wipe everything again.
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I legit thought this was an in-game image at first of Shandy so possibly AI, but they should totally add her (if there ever will be one) in a future game beyond DOAXVV.
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A survey was posted on X, completing it gives 1000 V stones.
A good chance to ask for cut/original girls, Pole D, hairstyles, past swimsuits, etc.

Here are my answers:

Why didn't you like the recent stuff:

I was hoping you would add in more of the DOA series girls (eg, Mila, Rachel, Christie, Lisa, NiCO). Aside from that, you took an exceptionally long time between Yukino and Shizuku's debuts regarding adding new girls. The characters themselves I have no problem with, but the whole thing could have been handled much better overall.




What other stuff are you interested in being added:

I want you guys to add in Mila, Rachel, Christie, Lisa, and NiCO. Might as well add: Last year as well as this year, even though there were anniversaries going on for DOA5, DOAXBV, and Ninja Gaiden, you failed to capitalize on those aspects by adding in Mila, Lisa, and Rachel, respectively. Lisa in particular was a particularly shameful neglect due to that game effectively being responsible for the Xtreme series, including DOAXVV, existing. Aren't anniversaries for games special events in your book? Hopefully next year you make an effort to add at least one new DOA-series character to the list. Don't really care if it's Mila, Rachel, Christie, Lisa, or even NiCO. Just as long as it's a main series character, I'll be fine.

Besides those five, the only other main series girl I might want in is Niki (Zack's girlfriend from the Xtreme series). She hasn't been playable at all in DOAXBV or DOAX2. Since most of the add-ons aren't fighters anyways, and DOA5 implies she and Zack broke up, might as well make her playable.

Other than character additions, my only other requests are that you start a means of reissuing certain event and extra episodes (like the photoshoots for Half-Sail, the Xmas 2019 episodes [both photoshoot and standard], White Day live change episodes and to a lesser extent photoshoot episodes, probably any live change episodes that require a suit, including those from paid gachas). Oh yeah, and also have reissues for any SSR decobromides during any anniversary paid gachas for any add-on girls that apply, also any SR accessories such as Monica's 2nd paid SSR's SR accessory.

ミラ、レイチェル、クリスティ、リサ、そしてNiCOを加えてほしい。付け加えよう: 昨年も今年も、DOA5、DOAXBV、忍者龍剣伝のアニバーサリーがあったにもかかわらず、それぞれミラ、リサ、レイチェルを追加することで、その点を活かせなかった。特にリサは、そのゲームが事実上『DOAXVV』を含むエクストリーム・シリーズの存在に関与しているため、特に恥ずべき怠慢だった。あなたの中では、ゲームの記念日は特別なイベントではないのですか?来年はDOAシリーズの新キャラクターを少なくとも1人加える努力をしてほしい。ミラでもレイチェルでもクリスティでもリサでもNiCOでもいい。ただ、メインシリーズのキャラクターであれば問題ない。



Feel free to write what to expect for Year seven

For year seven, I'd like at least one or two girls from the DOA series to be added in (also, that the wait period between debuting girls isn't nearly as long as between Yukino and Shizuku where it took over half a year to debut). I'd probably hope for three, maybe four girls at most (overall, not just DOA series girls).

Aside from character additions, I'd also like an actual means to reacquire old episodes (more specifically extra episodes such as any that require a specific suit like Sapphire Blue or live change episodes, both regular and debuting paid gachas). At least the ones for non-collaborations, since I suspect collaborations will require lots of legal work to get through. There are a lot of people who only just got started late so they don't have all those episodes. Would help them a lot if there was a means to reacquire any extra/event episodes they missed due to either failing to get a girl in time or failing objectives in time.



Worded the first answer the way I did regarding Japanese since it technically had different results. The first one of the two is what I actually used.

Also requested that they add in more Casino games as well, though not in the free answers.

DMM Games:



DMM Games:


I must admit that this may be the best I've ever seen Nyotengu look, that makeup really suits her.