DOA6 Opinion: Winter Brawl 3D has been the Best Exposure for DOA6

Despite a two week delay and tournament cancellation, Big E Gaming and Team NINJA were able to resurrect the Winter Brawl debut of DOA6, and the decision to do that has paid off greatly. The players want to see DOA6 in its final build, and they want proof that it's going to be heading into the esports direction since it has been the focal point of Team NINA's marketing for the game. Team NINJA has played every card with the weekend demo, the announcement of DOA6 World Championship and now Winter Brawl 3D showcasing its tournament viability less than a week before release.

When tournament organizers attract some of the best offline DOA players to sign up, utilize exceptional talent for the commentary that know what they are talking about and have it presented on stream by someone that cares about the game, you really can't go wrong. The community can get involved offline or online with the demo and really educate themselves to the system this weekend. The hype is flowing heavy among the competitive fighters because there are enough options before release to be kept interested and occupied.

Master did a fantastic job at promoting DOA6 to everyone watching the stream and newcomers playing at the event. He was sure to bring up all of the content available to the game, but is also a fantastic commentator for the gameplay. Everyone knows Matt Ponton can call a DOA match, and they did a great job of bouncing off each other and added to the intensity of the matches.

As mentioned in FSD's ongoing analysis for Winter Brawl 3D, the players have been playing great at this event and it's clear they are having a ton of fun in the process. You saw Emery Reigns training big time in the background on a separate TV and then a few seconds later Sly Bass starts slaying people with Brad. Or how about Rikuto proving to people that Bayman is still viable when they feared big time nerfs for the heavy?

The visuals are clearly in a better state than previous builds, and I couldn't help but notice the amount of people commenting on how good DOA6 looked in the stream chat. The fighters bring these incredible and sometimes downright enormous stages to life and the cool moves, stance changes and animations are all contributing attributes to this. The 'Unforgettable' stage can't possibly be experienced in one fight, but it looks great when fighters get to work on each other and transition to different areas in the match.

There is a good feeling for DOA, and despite the event being last minute players are really coming around to it and are already displaying sincere interest in preparation for DOA6 World Championship. The small (and sometimes unfinished) trailers of past builds and various exhibitions were nice, but this is how you promote your game to the FGC. And in a few hours we will be congratulating the first winner of a DOA6 major. Excited yet?
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I said in another forum:
EVO Japan 2019 demonstration was needed to get people to pay attention to the game.
But this Winter Brawl 3D is what was needed to make those people respect the game.

I've seen MK players getting hype for DOA6 after Winter Brawl 3D. And the demonstration that Master did showing off the training info options was GENIUS, and really set the tone for the rest of the stream, the theme being that there is obviously a deep fighting game under the pretty packaging.

We don't need to strip away the pretty packaging to prove how good the game is, we just need to showcase high level play in as many places as possible so they understand what the game actually is, instead of listening to the haters.
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