Player-Made DOA6++ Gets First Update

If you haven't already, be sure to take a look at the Dead or Alive 6 ++ Beta for Steam players, and if you have played before, update your game with the first update for completely new changes. There have been many discoveries made already by casuals and professionals alike, but this controversial take on a controversial game continues to be met with a mixed reception as it continues its beta phase. You are completely free to have your opinion, but please be respectful of one another's work and inspire @Rev_an with constructive criticism and feedback.

Anyone that liked Dead or Alive: Dimensions is in for a real treat as moves from the game continue to break into the mold of Dead or Alive 6. To me this is one of the more interesting components of Dead or Alive 6 ++. To give us elements we haven't experienced with the game before.

And this one might interest players like @DestructionBomb; buffs for King of Fighter's Kula Diamond. By the way, you might want to consider purchasing Kula & Mai before they are taken off the store. Black Friday deals are pushing season passes for 50% and there are frequent sales for Dead or Alive 6 so I would get bundled before it's too late if you haven't already.

Please download and address your feedback to Rev at the new post available in the forum here at Free Step Dodge! Once again, I hope the community had a fun and fulfilling Thanksgiving. Now is the time to buy Team NINJA games missing in your library. Happy Black Friday!!!
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