Remembering Tad 'T-Boy' Meng

Sadly, Tad 'T-Boy' Meng, a well-known member of our Dead or Alive community has passed away. The Texas fighter has befriended many DOA players, dating back to the XBOX 360 era of Dead or Alive 4. T-Boy was known for playing the wild-card, Ein and was always diligent and ready to help out other players so they could grow as fighters and most importantly as friends.

@Project Bokuho made the announcement on the competitive Facebook page and said in his post:

T-Boy and I have been best pals since the Absolute Battle/D.I.D. days. To everyone in this group, I ask that you please leave him and his family in your prayers

Team NINJA community manager, @MASTER, also had some uplifting things to say about T-Boy:

T Boy was an awesome and friendly player. He wanted to get involved with the community and traveled to local events in TX like Kumite In Texas, Absolute battle and D.I.D.. He had nothing but positive vibes and we hung out one time outside of events and did a stream too. When I tell you this ninja was nice, that's really an understatement. I remember at KIT he brought his mom to see him compete and they brought a box full of kolaches for everyone to have a bite. Very kind individual. We all will miss you T-boy.

Our hearts, love, thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Tad 'T-Boy' Meng, and we will update you with ways to help the family if we are given the option ASAP. At this time, please feel free to share your memories of T-Boy here in the comments section or in the competitive Facebook page where this topic originated. This will also be a great place to feature your favorite matches with T-Boy.

Pictures of T-Boy are welcomed if they are from friendly or community experiences. The pictures that are available to me currently include family members and until I have permission, for the privacy of the family, those will not be included. We will default for now with a picture of his main, Ein.
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This is very shocking since Tboy and me played Stranger of Paradise together like three months ago, when FFXIV was on maintenance I was bored out of my mind and Tboy invited me to play coop and even a PSN party invite so I joined both, we played and chatted for about 4 hours. Haven't spoken to him ever since. I posted this in the comp group.

It's still till this day one of the strangest feeling to me because you see someone moving around with you playing Coop in a game, and then they are gone, you just don't really expect that. While I personally never met Tboy offline and we played a few times back in 5LR, I can tell he was someone who just wanted to have fun and just play games to enjoy. Wishing nothing but the best for his family.
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Never knew of him until now, but he's cool in my book just for maining and showing support for Ein, and supporting DOA and the DOA competitive community. This is so sad. Sending him some ii vibrations.
Tad's family have put up a GoFundMe to help out with funeral expenses. Please consider donating. Every little thing helps. They are very appreciative of the help and support from the DOA gaming community.

Hello fellow gamers, my name is Andy Sonn. I am a family member of Tboy. Tad was a very important part of our family and it seems as if he has touched many people during his time on this earth. If you would like to donate to help with funeral arrangements, here is a link where you can do that. Thank you guys so much for your thoughts and prayers.

Oh whoa...this is sad news indeed. I'm wondering what was his cause of death? There's been so many close people who has passed away and I'm always curious to know the reason behind someone's death. Anyway, my love and respect goes out to his family. May he rest in peace.