The International Interviews: #24 UGS|Gill Hustle


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"We are all gamers at heart that happen to like DOA."
- Gill Hustle


Hey guys! A1R GEAR is back at it with another series of interviews. I currently have 5 interviews (including this one) that will be released in the coming weeks. Who those players will be anyone's guess. However, they are players you have been clamoring about for a very long while. *Hint Hint* I live in Japan and have lots of connections with a particular community.

This person has been behind the scenes in this community for a extended period of time. He has sponsored players and even sent them to Japan to show how strong we are as a DOA force. He also has established a network of players to form as a strong team and has garnered astonishing results from many major events. Without further adieu, this is UGS Gill Hustle.

What's your name and gaming alias?

Greg Nicolas aka UGS|Gill Hustle, Gill Hustle, Gill, Gilliam, and Grizz

Who are your main characters? Costume of choice?

Tina was my first DOA character based on the fact she was a female wrestler type and she had a bunch of semi complex/unique moves.

DOA2: I used Kasumi and DOA3: Ayane and usually those 2 in all later titles.

Costumes would be Tina's wrestling spandex Mila has now, Kasumi default DOA2 is classic and Ayane DOA2U C11 and C12

That is a lot of nicknames! What is the place you call home? What do you recommend the best places to do and eat?

Boston, Massachusetts.

Stuff to do here? Lots depends what you're into. Sports Teams, History, Night Life, Schools, Conventions etc. A lot goes on here.

But if your talking gaming, got a few venues to check out :).

A major spot is Game Underground in the Framingham Mall. It is a family friendly arcade that host weekly fighting events and monthlies.

Also just had another place pop up on Boston University campus called Balance Patch. It's a more E-Sports themed place that looks very promising.

What is the story behind GillHustle?

Gill just is part of my mothers maiden name that I just thought of as an alias one day, then added Hustle and ran with it.

When did you start playing DOA casually and competitively?

I first played DOA back on PSOne.

Tekken was one of the better 3D fighters both visually and technical back in those days. DOA's graphics compared to Tekken 3 at the time were a little better and it had it's own unique layers of depth as well.

Like seriously, look at all the original notations to some DOA1 moves and combo holds compared to DOA5.

I was more into more complex and fun fighters, alot back then were trying to copy Street Fighter bud try to make it "3D", so thats why the game stuck with me.

What are your DOA achievements? What are you most proud of?

With the actual game series, not much to speak of as the game wasn't as popular back when I played. I mean I've been to 3 seperate arcades in the U.S. that had DOA2.

I was always one of the better players, but it was a small pond altogether.

DOA4 was the one that gained mainstream attention but I really wasn't about tournament life at the time.

I guess when I heard from Matt Ponton DOA5 was gonna be at Summer Jam way back, I decided to go check it out and thats when I got that feeling again.

Tell me more about UGS, its establishment and foundation. What are your team goals for the future? Anything you look forward to expanding the brand and the team?

Ultimate Gaming Spot was started around early 2012. Originally it was an offline venue for players to get together during the pre Esports era. We saw that Esports was gonna be a thing early on and tried getting our feet wet. We ran monthly tournaments and events at the time mainly for the popular fighting games at the time. We also worked closely with Game Underground and helped them run 3 of the first Majors in the area (GUTS 1,2,3). At the time we had a few sponsored players for Tekken Tag 2 (UGS Offinbed, Stillelectric and GanstaOfLuv) and DOA Players Miss Maia and Bboy Dragon.

Unfortunately the cost and expenses of running the venue caught up with the hype and Ultimate Gaming Spot had to come to a close. We did still have a loyal following and from then on we switched over to Ultimate Gaming Style. Primarily focused on streaming, YouTube content and being on the lookout for new talent to represent Team UGS. We are all gamers at heart that happen to like DOA. While DOA is the common game that brought us together; everyone in the group has interests in other Fighting games. We use the resources between us to get everyone to their highest level in respective games by sparring with each other, supporting each other at offline/online tournaments and just generally being a second family. Not too much else to talk about now, but definitely keep your eyes on those three letters in the future.

Do you have any stories that happened to you within the DOA community?

Yeah, actually meeting alot of the online personalities i used to know waaay back on DOACentral in person was pretty cool. It was a little surreal meeting people you only know by maybe a random anime or video game avatar for the first time lol.

Also getting to meet a lot of the behind the actual game was pretty awesome as well.

Are there any players you look up too? Why

I wouldn't really say look up to but moreso respect at level of skill level, dedication, and love for the game.

I'd say players I'd put in that group would be BBoy dragon,Sly Bass, Matt Ponton, Hoodless, Rikuto, XCalibur Bladez,Jaeger, DestructionBomb,Lord Xav1er, Hajin Shinobi, BlackMoon Rising X, Master, Force Of Nature,NoctTengu, Katsu Hayami, Hubbs and MC Kwiggle from knowing them in regards to DOA.

If it's streaming, labbing it up in dojo mode, creating content, hosting events or just being an approachable type.

It's not always about being the best player.

What do you think about the state of DOA5? Are you still playing it?

To be honest, not really.

Don't get me wrong, I still like it but it's been awhile and I like to see a DOA created for a current gen console.

How is the DOA scene in your area? Is it stagnant or growing?

LordXavier has some locals in Rhode Island but I don't know who any real players besides him these days.

Do you think we will hear anything about DOA 6 this or next year?

Hopefully, That would actually be nice :)

What would you like to be implemented in DOA6?

1. If they are keeping Power Blow/Launcher moves than I prefer that to be meter based .

2. Not sure if Critical Burst system will stay, but I'm not against removing it.

3. I'd like the ability to hop again like previous DOA's. Maybe not as floaty by high enough to avoid lows and each character have a low crush option from it.

4. Sidestep could be improved a little more to have better evasiveness.

6. Tag Battle Juggle physics more like previous games

Would you want to see Team Ninja create a Capcom Cup Tour for DOA6?

I'd be interested and not against it. Especially if the next game can draw in more players.

Any advice you would give Team Ninja for it?

If they are gonna include online league then DOA6 better have solid online play. :)

What are your weaknesses in your game that you need to improve on?

Slow Escaping and shutting off auto pilot.

Do you have a typical routine when preparing for an upcoming tournament?

Going over Setups and Combos.

Are there any tournaments you prepping up for the near future?

NEC is probably the next stop for me.

Are you going to EVO Japan next year?... They might have a DOA5 tournament.

It'd be nice, but who knows at this point.

Which version of DOA do you like and hate the most? Why?

DOA 3.1 feels most like DOA to me, 5 is next best. I don't hate it but DOA4 is probably least liked because a few gameplay decisions.

Even though it is the tail end of DOA5LR, was there something you would like to have changed?

Nothing at this point, ready to move on.

Fair enough. Any players you enjoy watching or would like to play against?

Honestly, I've already played most the people already in the community at some point already lol.

What other games are you also playing? Do some of those games help with your play in DOA? If so, what?

Right now as far as fighters I bounce betweeen KOF 14 and SFV. Sometimes I come back to DOA with a different mindset but nothing tooo dramatic.

Final Tier List for DOA5LR?

Not really good with those but the game seems pretty balanced. It seems more things come down to a players skill level.

If you could create a DOA character from scratch for DOA6, How would you make that character? Gender? Martial Arts? Default Costumes?

Hmm, I know we probably got enough ninjas but I'd make a young teenage male Hajinmon ninja subordinate for Ayane.

Since she's leader of Hajinmon I'd like a little more from that group as the characters are maturing and older. He'd be kinda a thuggish deliquent to spice up the cast more. Similar to K' from KOF.

Who are the DOA commentators you enjoy listening to?

Probably Sly Bass and Jaeger. They have good chemistry together.

For a player going to the their first offline tournament, what would be one thing you would say to him/her?

Have fun and pay attention to your pool. You may or may not do well, but try to play casually as many people as you can to REALLY play some DOA.

If you could give an advice for the aspiring competitive DOA player, what would you have to say to them?

If you have means to get to an event, do it. Online DOA can be fun but your losing out on how good and responsive the game is playing offline.

Twitter, Facebook or YouTube?

@gillhustle on twtter, Greg nicolas on Facebook, lotta my old stuff is on

and The UGS Channel

Any last messages? Shoutouts?

Shout to Team UGS and bring on DOA6!


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Yeeeeeees! I'm so happy these are finally back!

PB/PL being meter based is definitely an interesting suggestion, I don't know how that would be implemented but still. And interesting suggestion.

Great stuff as always. Can't wait for future interviews. :)


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Good interview. I would love to see more pictures, videos implemented to complete this package. Hustle has a big resume.