The Official SoCal DOA Thread


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(My apologies in advance, not trying to double post here)

If there are folks out here that are at least serious about local play, I think now would be the best opportunity for everyone to communicate. So that we can start planning together for meetups, carpools, etc. If people know about any venues we can all go to (or if people are willing to host at their place), we should start sharing information. I can always bring a set up.

I would love to get with the local scene in DOA again, and KOF XIV.
I know that if we get decent consistent number that we can have a spot at WNF in Santa Ana. We could also do Super Arcade in Azusa as well and maybe piggy back off of their Tekken and/or Soul Calibur events. Watson, who owns super, is a good guy and is always willing to host communities and give them a chance as long as the numbers are there.


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Happy to see some energy returning to the SoCal scene with the rise of DOA6. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to do as much organizing this time around. My work is taking up way too much of my time and focus. I’m very happy to support anyone else that organizes and of course back up all my awesome SoCal DOA friends wherever I can. Don’t forget, Alex does want representation for DOA6 at Wednesday Night Fights. It’s a great established place to get some growth. Last time I went to Super Arcade they looked like that had some space for casuals. Wishing everyone the best! I’ll get in wherever I fit in.
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