Top10 Moves?

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Knowing only X amount moves in isolation is not smart. These moves however are used often in high level play (note that it isn't simply the moves themselves for most of them but what you can follow up with afterwards since MR is combo based).

Here's some of mine:
Flower Wheel: 3P+K
Scarlet Rose: H+K
Minuet: 2/8 P+K
Clock Back: 7K
Rondo/Rondo Turn: 4P+K / 4P+K4
Mystic Doll: (BT) H+K
Blossom Thyme: (BT) T
Green Diamond: 41236T
Whortleberry: 6T
Rose Lariat: (BT) P+K
(Obviously throws are best on HiC)

And don't forget about her holds/expert holds
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From my experience using this girl I'd go with>>>>
9kk=safe, crushes lows, can mix up from the first kick.
3h+k=crushes highs, good when whiff punishing
h+k=puts them in must-hold situations
2/8p+k=Evades even tracking moves like crazy.
(BT)T=Offensive hold works 70 to 80% of the time.
8pp=can mix up and tacking
66t=offensive hold with great range.
kk=puts opponent in a decent sit-down for a free hit.
4pp=quick launch
236p=close hit properties for more damage.


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My top 10, in no particular order. Pretty similar to E-mann's list.
- 12f mid punch with transition to Rondo
- Delayable followups which are SAFE
- +22 on Fastest SE.

- Stuns on NH
- Good range
- Quick launch followup that is near unreactable
- Safe kick followup (both are very delayable)

- Stuns on NH
- Jumps over lows
- Tracks
- Followup delay
- Choice to transition into Rondo or Minuet

- 12f kick outprioritizing other 12f mids
- Sitdown followup guaranteeing 6P
- SAFE at -3 on block
- Quick wall splat

- Jumps over lows
- Choice to transition to BT
- +25
- Moderately fast at 15f

- Bound (pseudo-FT option)
- Solid low crush
- Good range
- Safe at -4 on block

- High/mid punch sabaki
- Immediate stun
- HiC sabaki followed by either Rondo P or K will put opponent at threshold

- Her best tool by far
- Literally avoids everything
- Leaves Marie BT
- Jumps over lows (throws and tracking lows negated)
- BT OH available as whiff punisher when timed correctly (guaranteed 60+ damage)

- High crush
- Good range
- Stuns on NH

BT :T: / :6::6::T:
- Both OHs are not very telegraphed
- 66T near wall prevents WUKs
- BT T guarantees 60+ damage or mixup shenanigans

Honorable mentions:
- Closed stance guarantees launch
- Open stance gives crumple stun (either way both will put the opponent in a world of hurt)
- Tracks
- Decent range
- Stuns on NH

- Tracks
- Low kick that stuns on NH
- +7 on Fastest SE, +14 no SE = OH frame trap

- High crush
- Stuns on NH (IIRC, someone correct me)
- Safe followup (-5)
- 1PP can transition to Rondo or Minuet

- +1 on hit
- Safe on block (-5)
- Transition to Rondo or Minuet

- Whiff punisher
- Safe
- Close hit nets more damage (especially after a bound)
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