Version 1.19 aftermath: so what do you think?

Version 1.19 aftermath: so what do you think?

  • Love it

  • It's alright

  • Neutral

  • It's kinda bad

  • It sucks

  • Haven't played with the patch yet

  • Haven't played with the patch but I want to

  • Havent played with the patch and don't care

  • Still not sure enough for an opinion

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Reading some responses to the patch, I get the idea that it's shaken things up a bit. I'd like to gauge if this means things are going in the right direction for the community or not. I was thinking of making this poll after a week maybe, but since there's an option to change your vote I thought it was fine to post it now.

Please feel free to explain your choice and if it ever changes. Maybe some characters faired better than others. I've only tried it with Tina so far, just in training, and the differences I found are positive for me, but I need to play a lot more to make an honest opinion. I love that I can extend my combos with 2KKK on someone on the floor (finally, its more useful outside of using it for mind games), and that 66PK does some meaty damage after I end a combo with it, but seeing how it's buffed my oppoents is also a factor I need to consider, lol. Also still need to check Lisa.
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