DOA6 XcaliburBladeZ Wins April Annihilation 2019

Big E Gaming's April Annihilation concluded for Dead or Alive 6 with incredibly high level talent in Top 8 and XcaliburBladeZ winning the tournament with Eliot. You can watch the complete pools stream at Kick-Punch-Block's video archive on Twitch, but you are required to subscribe to the channel. KPB has uploaded most of the available streamed matches on their Youtube channel for your educational and entertainment purposes.

Be sure to congratulate your Top 8: @Matt Ponton @BlackMoonRisingX @Blackberry @XcaliburBladeZ @Rikuto @BboyDragon @Sly Bass @Dragon Ninja all stunning fighters that were pushed to their technical limits in DOA6. They not only showcase the game professionally but perhaps better than anyone else on the planet with all players having a unique character from one another. Now that DOA6 has been out for over a month, you can see the quality standard of the matches keeps increasing after plenty of NLBC events and tournaments already.
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