"You Were Acting All Tough at the Beginning, What Happened?" The Official Ayane DOA6 Video Thread


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Here's a few combos for the Pteron Danger Zone - since it's really hard to time, at least for me, these (basically) zero-timing combos can be done from the PDZ pretty much every time.

Combo 1: PDZ > 8K > 4P+K > PP4PP7K

With Meter:

Combo 2: PDZ > 8K > SSSS > BB

Combo 3: PDZ > 8K > SSSS > BB Cancel > 4P+K > H (quick turn around) > PKK > 66 > 236K

The first combo works on all weights - the last two only work up to mid weights.

You still have to wait for the cinematic to end, so it's not technically zero timing, I guess?
You can press 8K at the very first frame you regain control and it will connect.

The first combo always works on both of the pteron dz that are on the same side of the water.
The lone DZ near the slide has a slope that makes Ayane's 8K not connect while in open stance.

As long as her back is turned to the camera for the little cinematic part, the first combo will always (should always...) work.
The second and last combos sometimes have trouble with tracking in air, and if you're at a bad angle, the FR will whiff weirdly - so I recommend just using the first combo - you lose a bit of damage, but it's more consistent.

@Force_of_Nature Thanks for letting me know to move this here - I wasn't sure what section to post this in since it had a bit of both
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Bound combo off 3H+K

This can be done after landing 3H+K a little closer to the enemy

All weights, meterless:
Combo 1: 3H+K > 66 (slight pause)> H+KK > 66 > 236K (close hit)

Light to Mid weights + Break Blow Cancel:
Combo 2: 3H+K > 66 (slight pause)> H+KK > BB Cancel > 4P+K > 6P > PKK > 66 > 236K (close hit)

Heavy weights + Break Blow Cancel:
Combo 3: 3H+K > 66 (slight pause)> H+KK > BB Cancel > 4P+K > H+KK > 66 > 236K (close hit)

This is harder to do if 3H+K connects from further away - you need to dash a bit deeper, but run the risk of inputting BT 6H+K instead.

Light Weights Specific Juggle

This route from this launcher is the max damage I've found so far, plus it looks pretty flashy lol.
79 dmg, so 7 points more than 6P3 > P > 6P > PKK > 66 > 236K (close hit) / 6P3 > H+K > PKK > 66 > 236K (close hit) which do 72.

Light weight specific, because it can be done on light weights in the open like this - on flat or downward sloped terrain.
You get a little extra damage at the Hidden Garden invisible wall (81 instead of 79 dmg) with the BT P+KP7K ender, but it's more consistent to just do 7K.

Works on everyone else on a downward slope, like The Miyama section of Unforgettable.

Haven't gotten it to work on an upward slope.

6P3 > P > H+KK > 236H+K > 7K

50% Combo at Taylor's Bar + Stage Interaction + Break Blow Cancel

-Light Weights specific-
Using the BT H+KK - 236H+K - 7K juggle ender from the Light Weights Specific Juggle above ^

The stage interactible prevents you from wall hitting a second time in this combo, which allows 236H+K > 7K to work at the end.
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@usagiZ the BT H+KK combos off 3H+K are better to do if you're using 3H+K as a launcher. It won't be consistent during whiff punishment just because of the general nature of it (you're trying to whiff punish with 3H+K at a safe range).

But, the fact still remains, 3H+K has become a more attractive launcher because that combo exists now.

Personally I find PKK and BT H+KK combos very optimal for this game's system.


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Here's another video -

This combo off her advanced mid kick hold does 115 dmg on hi counter, and works on all the cast on flat or downward sloped ground.

That's 1 point more dmg than the current no timing max damage juggle from this hold, exclusive to light weights.


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I was fucking around in practice mode and I think I got a touch of death. You have to get a back turn 6T on a high or mid hold into the fireworks stand. I think that is realistic. Does that count as a TOD?


****I didn't know you could recover to get out of the fireworks bounce, not a death combo :(
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