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DOA5LR BBoy Dragon Defeats the Competition at Summer Jam XII

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The Dead or Alive 5: Last Round tournament at Summer Jam was a complete event with a surprise IRL stream from @Dragon Ninja, incredible matches from everyone in attendance, and a big win for @Bboy Dragon. @Ichiron47 came close to winning SJ, and successfully reset the Grand Final, but Bboy's sheer aggression was too much You can view Dragon's stream in several different parts via his Twitch channel.

For your reference: Part 1 is a brief test stream with one match, Part 2 contains pools, Part 3 completes top 4, and Part 4 is Grand Finals. You can follow along with the finished bracket to keep...

Community This Week at FSD #1

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Welcome to This Week at FSD, a new highlight story each week that will be dedicated to the activities of the community and Team NINJA news. For those that would like to catch up with everything going on at once, see this as your Sunday paper. This week, FSD dissects the Gamescom build, community contributions and some news pertaining to Summer Jam XII this weekend.

Offline Tournament News

Despite low attendance this year, and no planned stream for Summer Jam XII, the tournament will still be taking place this Saturday for Dead or Alive 5: Last Round. @XcaliburBladeZ will be there to defend his title, and other big talents like @Jager, @BBoyDragon and @Gruff757 plan to take it away from him. @NoctTengu has also been moving up in the brackets with a...

DOA6 Leifang and Hitomi Rock the Boat

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At the EVO 18 Showdown, Team NINJA released some teaser images of Leifang and Hitomi, and a day before Gamescom kicks off they release the official trailer for the characters and also show us the new pirate ship location titled Forbidden Fortune complete with plenty of environmental damage opportunities. With Dead or Alive 6 information releasing more steadily, it seems like upgrading FSD was a good idea, wouldn't you say?

Leifang and Hitomi begin this trailer with an intro that could be unique to them due to the mimicking of kicks before the fight begins on the top outside area of the ship. The first frame of the fight starts off by showing us that the stern of the pirate ship can catch fire, and right away we see a...

Community FSD Returns with Some Movelist Additions!

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Welcome back to your favorite Dead or Alive Community! We're still working on a few things, so pardon us while we tidy the place up, but we figured the most important pieces are in place. So what's different?

Starting it off, we're sporting a fresh new theme. Presently that will be the only theme option, though that may change down the line. You'll notice some sweet new Dead or Alive 6 header images that are a bit more than just a bar, some new coloration throughout the theme, and a cleaner look overall. This extends to our overhauled front page for articles, so look forward to some changes to our content delivery alongside the different flavor. There's a bit more to it but we'll leave the finer details to you all to find.

For a cool new feature available to everyone, we have enabled the ability to customize your own Profile Covers! Head to your Profile, find the 'Cover' option, and update your color to be whatever you like. For...

Community Rikuto's EVO 2018 Experience

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"We aren't fans, we're fighters."

@Rikuto and the rest of the community put on some of the best fights we've ever seen in DOA history that not only told a six year story in the making, but showed us passion and dedication that alone defines Team NINJA's reasoning for putting more emphasis on gameplay. This incredibly detailed interview at FSD's Twitch displays the zeal of Rikuto, and there is a text-based interview from Koei Tecmo Europe that was hyped up last week to go with it. The level of commitment the community has shown for DOA5: Last Round is a great precursor heading into DOA6's competitive scene and this was the...

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