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DOA6 Tournament Preview Showcases New Moves

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Last weekend there was a casual tournament for Dead or Alive 6 at Couch Warriors Crossup in Melbourne, Australia. This preview was informative, but also our first glimpse of what competitive DOA6 could be like. The DOA6 demo provided runs on the same build shown at DOA Festival, so you will see improvements to the stage design and more Bass gameplay, who has hardly been seen since his reveal.

Considering this was a preview event, the matches were really good for the time these fighters had with DOA6. Some players do not like the Break Blow and Hold mechanics, but these players showed how imperative they are to creating a more seamless experience. When you combine these factors with the improved animation, you have an absolutely stunning game that defines what an e-sport title should be for competitive players and spectators alike.

Competitive player, @Berzerk! has posted...

DOA5LR Kwiggle Wins Last DOA5 Major

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NEC 19 was an extraordinary event for Dead or Alive 5: Last Round with solid entry numbers, great players and a live stream (replay subscription required) for your viewing pleasure. Thanks to Matt Ponton, Big E Gaming, Tom Lee and OBS James Fink for the $2,100 prize pool at NEC! Congratulations to Kwiggle for winning DOA5s last NEC!

For DOA5 being a 6 year old game, the community should be proud...

DOA6 Brad and Eliot Officially Revealed

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After several weeks of speculation, Brad Wong and Eliot have finally been revealed in this stunning trailer that also demonstrates the new 'Unforgettable' stage. There are a lot of new elements to Eliot's gameplay that are worth talking about, and this creative new level holds a lot of stages and secrets you may have missed with your first viewing of the reveal. You can peruse Team NINJA's official website for the stage update and new character biographies.

This reveal starts off with Eliot and Brad Wong practicing moves in Miyabi's 'Hidden Garden.' Their relationship feels very competitive in this scene; similar to how it was in DOA5. Long time players might notice that...

DOA6 Kokoro, Lisa and NiCO Revealed

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Kokoro, Lisa 'La Mariposa' Hamilton and new female character, NiCO, along with three new stages were announced at Team NINJA's 2018 Dead or Alive Festival. The studio released two trailers at the event, both with their own story sequences and gameplay demonstrations. Additionally, Team NINJA has updated their official Japanese website with new character biographies and stages.

The first reveal trailer opens outside of the 'DOA Colosseum' with Kokoro handing over a photograph to Helena of the sisters together with their father Fame Douglas. Kokoro tells Helena that NiCO gave her the old photograph, and Helena says she has no idea who NiCO is and that it wasn't NiCO's place to interfere. Kokoro's life has been shrouded by family secrets, and Helena is...

Community Dead or Alive Festival 2018 Live

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DOA Festival will begin streaming live in Japan today at 8 pm PT/ 11 pm EST! You can catch up on Team NINJA's plans for the Festival by reading our latest issue of the FSD weekly digest. Expect a lot of news posts to follow this event and look forward to the brand new gameplay and DOA5: Last round tournament.

DOA Festival Stream Reference
Before DOA Festival started streaming DOA5: Last Round fights were recorded by Air Gear. Team NINJA opens up the festival with a quick schedule rundown before their big presentation. @Matt Ponton is adding valuable commentary to the FSD Twitch channel for the entire event.

The DOAX portion of the show opened up announcing new DOAX: Venus Vacation content. After the PC version news concluded...

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