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Community This Week at FSD #3

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A lot of news has been accumulating over the last couple weeks, and This Week at FSD is going to put it all together in a constructive way so that players can catch up on all of the activity at once. We are getting a brand new Dead or Alive 6 build at DOA Festival, big tournaments are on the way and fighters are still digging up new information on the current TGS build!

Event and Offline Tournament News

Dead or Alive Festival is happening in Japan this coming Saturday at 10:00 PM Eastern Time. You can set a reminder on YouTube, stream it live on Twitch or...

DOA6 Christie and 'Road Rage' Stage Reveal

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Team NINJA has confirmed that Christie is coming back to Dead or Alive 6 with their latest reveal trailer! This trailer also discloses some new story material, a new stage and more gameplay from previously revealed characters. As a fun extension to the new trailer, you can check out Team NINJA's updated official website with Christie's biography and a description of the new 'Road Rage' stage.

The trailer starts off with Christie's seductive voice in the background saying, "You've been a bad, bad girl... you aren't supposed to be here. You have to be punished." Christie is quickly introduced, and she's aiming a revolver at someone before being interrupted by Bayman who knocks it away to the ground of what looks to be a new secret M.I.S.T. lab. It would appear that Bayman could be a changed man, and Christie is up...

Improving the Neutral: Shimbori Talks System Changes

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Tokyo Game Show 2018 (TGS) took place between the dates of September 20th to September 23rd in the Chiba prefecture outside Tokyo, Japan. It was my first time attending the event, and I had the fortune to visit it during the press-exclusive days of the 20th and 21st in addition to the public days that followed. I came to the event with one goal: To play as much Dead or Alive 6 that I could at the Koei-Tecmo booth. I had previously had the chance to try an earlier demo during the Evolution 2018 (Evo) championships event this past summer, and was looking forward to seeing what had been updated.

I focused primarily on the new character to the series, Diego, at the Evo event since my preferred character (Bass) was not available. I had heard murmurs from the other players that they found Diego to be too strong in such an early build, and wanted to see how he might have been changed. While...

DOA6 Bass, Tina, Mila Reveal Trailer

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Team NINJA have revealed most of the wrestling characters in their latest Dead or Alive 6 trailer. This reveal not only shows us gameplay, but also gives us a good idea of what "Team Muscle" is up to now. Bass, Tina, Mila and a new wrestling ring stage have been added to Team NINJA's Official DOA6 website.

Tina and Bass open this video promoting their new wrestling team or faction called "Team Muscle." Bass seems very pleased with this, but perhaps he doesn't see Tina's intent to use this new team as promotion for her governor campaign? Mila is also back in the ring, and her fighting passion is exactly what Bass looked for in his only daughter.

Bass and Tina have an interesting relationship, and it would be great if the two characters were finally able to find a compromise in DOA6 after years of Tina not giving Bass the credit he deserves, and Bass not being accepting of Tina's life goals...

DOA6 Team NINJA Continues Arcade Support

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Recently, Team Ninja made an announcement that Dead or Alive 6 will be getting an arcade release next year in Japan!

While details are scarce about the release date, it is currently known that the game will be running under SEGA All.Net P-Ras MULTI Version 3 for digital distribution. However, it might be using the current hardware, SEGA Nu. for development.

The Dead or Alive series has a long history with SEGA since its debut back in 1996. The first DOA game was the first and only third-party game to run under SEGA Model 2. DOA1 was ported to the Sega Saturn one year later and like other games that came from Model 2 such as Virtua Fighter 2 and Fighting Vipers, it relied on bitmap scaling since the Saturn was underpowered. The Saturn version of the first game was later ported to the Xbox as part of DOA Ultimate in 2004.

In 1999, DOA2 was released for the arcades under Sega...

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