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DOA6 TGS Day 4 - Special Tournament

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Team NINJA has been busy at TGS promoting Dead or Alive 6 with a fun exhibition, demonstration and public demo.

Matt Ponton's visit has granted the community an inside look at it all, and it appears that the Japanese audience is having a blast with the DOA6 festivities. Team NINJA will conclude their show with a special tournament and trailer. Whether or not it's new information does not deter from the fact that Team NINJA has succeeded in developing more public interest for our favorite fighting franchise.

DOA6 TGS Day 3 - Team NINJA Exhibition

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Team NINJA is off to a good start with their TGS presentations! Day 1 introduced new players to DOA6 with an overview of everything currently announced, and the second day was an opportunity for Japanese players to discover and share DOA6 for the first time. @Matt Ponton is updating us live in Japan from the FSD Twitter with gameplay bits and move-lists, so be sure to follow us for the latest news.

Day 3 has concluded for the Koei Tecmo live TGS stream. Shimbori cosplays a stunning Bayman and conducted a very entertaining DOA6 Exhibition with other fighters on the show floor. We didn't see a whole lot of new stuff at the exhibition, but tomorrow you can enjoy a DOA6 tournament with a special trailer to conclude Team NINJA's TGS. If you want to share anything you've found at TGS please do so in the forum!

DOA6 TGS Day 1 - Team NINJA Demonstration

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Yohei Shimbori, Director of Dead or Alive 6, was on stage for 45 minutes to show off an updated version of DOA6 to launch Team NINJA's TGS Schedule.

We enjoyed some hands on gameplay of the new characters announced in the release date trailer. Ayane, Marie Rose, Honoka and Bayman have all been shown, and their entries have been added to the official Dead or Alive 6 website. The website is a good compilation of what Team NINJA has announced so far and offers hints and clues to the direction of the game from story mode, character biographies and features.

The demonstration confirmed that the Lost Paradise stage is indeed the DOAX2 version of Zack Island, now inhabited by dinosaurs. As mentioned in our reveal story...

DOA6 Release Trailer + Purchase Options

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Before TGS begins, Team NINJA decides to keep the hype train rolling steadily on the tracks with a 2/15/2019 release date, new character reveals, a new stage and pre-order selections that also reveal characters coming to Dead or Alive 6. The release date trailer also gives us an idea of what they intend to do with the story, and that it will be a prominent feature of the final product. According to the Tokyo Game Show schedule, this is not the special TGS trailer that will be shown during the tournament in Japan.

Story Elements

Team NINJA opens the video with what is speculated to be a heavily guarded MIST operation. Ayane is introduced for the first time in DOA6 infiltrating the area in a beautiful combat suit; likely looking to rescue her half-brother, Hayate, or searching for his whereabouts. Marie Rose is then introduced right after the Team NINJA logo is shown, and in the next scene we see Honoka...

DOA6 Big Team NINJA TGS Announcements

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Koei Tecmo released their schedule for TGS, and it looks to be another strong, informative showing from Team NINJA. The annual Tokyo Game Show is happening September 20th-23rd, and Dead or Alive 6 will be a featured game nearly every day of the event. There have been a number of years where TGS has revealed very little to us, but it would seem Team NINJA is more transparent and open with DOA6 than any previous title, and this makes better news leading up to the release.

Yohei Shimbori will open the show on the 20th with a 45-minute overview of Dead or Alive 6. He will show an updated game here and follow up with any community questions that players could have left. Shimbori is definitely in touch with what the fighters like, and this will be an excellent platform to educate us on the progress of DOA6. Anyone that would like more information on gameplay will likely enjoy this stream.

DOA does not have announcements on the 21st, but...

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