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Greetings everyone, I'll be hosting a short stream about Momiji's changes from the recent 1.04 title update. This short stream is to compliment my Momiji tutorial I did a few months ago. To explain the character changes, and also to clear up the confusion on how the re-balancing has changed this character.

I know there has been a lot of heads in the clouds about Momiji after the 1.04 released. As a Momiji player (sub-main), I'd like to clear the air on things and hopefully this stream will do that for players that want to play this character.

The stream will be this Sunday (8/23/2015) at 5pm PST via Twitch;

Stream length is expected to be about 25-30 minutes long, and it will be uploaded to...
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Hello everyone I'm finally doing the 2nd Educational stream! I hope a lot of you can make it and hopefully learn from it. here is what you should know..

I expect to start the educational stream at 3PM Central Time Zone. I'll be going over what is called 'Frame Manipulation' and a few other subjects on top of that. The class will last approximately 1 hour and I will be answering questions during and after class is done. If you miss class, dont worry. I plan to highlight it on my channel for later viewing and uploading it to youtube so you can catch it at your earliest convenience. Make sure to spread awareness of the class because the more students that show up the higher the chances are that I'll continue to do this.

If there is any...
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Strange glitches can happen when you trade attacks and do stuff at the same time in various fighting games, DOA is no exception. Here's an overview of them.

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I have completed my Lei Fang tutorial stream and have uploaded for those to see that may have missed it, or want to go over it again. I hope players find this useful and feel free to leave any feedback. Thanks.

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The Blue Flash – DOA5LR Jacky Guide

Table of Contents

Getting Started

B. Introducing Jacky

C. Moveset Breakdown
C1. Jaimy’s Top 20 Moves
C2. Slide Shuffle Breakdown
C3. Side Slide Shuffle Breakdown
C4. Throw Breakdown
C5. Hold Breakdown
C6. The Flash Sword Kick
C7. Jacky’s Safety
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Now that I finally can make this post, I have to say the DOA festival was easily one of the best experiences I've ever had. Aside from the fact that I'm was in Tokyo, the players over there also showed me something-how far a majority of the players here in the usa are behind.

Aside from the top players over there, even the average players that I watched throughout the day displayed better mastery over the game than a lot of players here in terms of fundamentals. From fuzzy guarding, to slow escaping the fastest I've ever seen-even slow escaping setups I thought were guaranteed, to downright utilizing the triangle system and sidestepping. Everything was fascinating to see how differently they played.

Now this isn't meant to insult anyone...