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In this short interview from @Gill Hustle he talks to young Bladez about his tournament win with Eliot. It was a big win for the young champ as he had not won a tournament since Summer Jam 7 back before Ultimate had released.

He also reps new blood: @Saion (Marie Rose) @Nestor Collazo (Brad Wong)

You can also check out the most complete tournament video to date... The Summer Jam 8 Movie from Gill. Let's keep supporting our players and content creators, DOA community!
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DOA5U's DLC lifespan lasted from the beginning to the end. From cops to nurses to... reindeer we have seen it all. Which can make one wonder, what will we see for Last Round? Will they start releasing bad ass clothes for more of the males like we would all like, or will they continue creating various fetish outfits that don't really add up to the individual characters?

Either way, I think they will need to change their DLC lineup for LR to keep the fans interested, as nobody seems interested in their last offering. Guess we will find out next year, but for now it's ribbons and reindeer, folks!
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After getting back from NEC I promised Hubbs, Kwiggle, Bboy, and everybody that I would finish this before Christmas otherwise Kwigs said I'd have to make a video saying I'm not worthy of being Christies Toy . . .Yeah Right.

Anyways, I was held back cuz I felt some things were not good, my somewhat amateur camera skills, and lack of motivation. Luckily NEC along with hanging out with some the people that made me wanna do this in the first place got me pumped.

So while I don't think it's what it could have been, I think I would have let a lot of people down if I didn't follow through on this.

Please let me know what you think after viewing!

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This has been an interesting year of DOA for me. Gained a lot of player recognition that I wasn't really expecting to, but it's a good thing. When I look back and really review every bit of footage of my play in DOA5U, I've really come a long way as not just an Ayane player, but a player in general. I used to be really sloppy in the beginning, and wasn't really aware of much as I thought either. Spacing was sloppy, I wouldn't whiff punish, I wouldn't capitalize much as I could, I was a pretty sloppy player, and my mindset was quite lousy.

I realized these things back in 2013, so my biggest concern was to learn and establish my fighting game fundamentals. I searched and found tons of articles and blogs by various street fighter players...
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North East Championships 15 took place over the weekend in Philadelphia, PA, and the Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate tournament has ended. A lot of interesting things happened at the fifteenth anniversary of NEC with the last DOA5U major tournament in 2014. Tournament entry was free with a $1000 prize ($500 from donations to Free Step Dodge and $500 from Team NINJA).

Before I go on to the tournament, during the Top 8 on Sunday Eric Small of @BigE Gaming shared with @Katsu Hayami a message from Tom Lee of Team NINJA. Tom's message goes on to say that due to Katsu's relentless support for the Dead or Alive Competitive community, Team NINJA is donating $500 towards Katsu's medical bills he has...
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Upon logging into DOAOL (the online DOA2U based game for PC playable through private servers for free), starting from today, you will be notified with the following server message:
which roughly translates into:
17 February DOA 5 goes to the PC (there is a pre-order on the steam-e)
If DOA 5 on the PC will work fine, it is likely that a server will be closed

It is true that anyone can host a server at any moment through "newServer.exe", but it's a real misfortune that the current server nicknamed BOBA may be shutting down,...