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by Mr. Wah at 5:29 PM
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The Dead or Alive Festival voting has been opened up on Big E Gaming's website. It allows one vote per day per person, and the top two voted players will be flown to Tokyo, Japan in order to represent the North American DOA scene in the DOA Festival tournament event.

Be sure to cast your vote at the website, and results are hidden from view so you won't know if who you voted for is winning or not until the official announcement is made at the end of the poll. Below is the official information on the poll:

by ColonelColver at 5:16 PM
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Colonel Colver in the beezy! Except, I registered as "Shift Nebula," figure that one out. Anyway, on with the show!

I'll start off with how the tournament went for me. I got there and was a little nervous, and talked to the first person I recognized who was available, Sly Bass. I asked him a few questions, and we had a nice conversation, then the tournament started. Throughout the tournament I was trying to talk to everyone I can, I met DestructionBomb, HoldJunkie, Kwiggles, and Gill Hustle, among others. I was just talking with everyone until my first match came along, and I greet my first opponent, Sonic Fox.

My first match, I made a bit of a mistake, not taking my opportunity to do a button check, as I was not used to the no lag...
by Sly Bass at 9:44 AM
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Hi Everyone, Sly Bass here. I wanted to create a thread to illustrate how ECT helped me, and the others who participated in this offline event, level up.

At these events, I seek out matches with each and every player that I can prior to the tournament. I get to understand my opponents, and at the same time, point out mistakes that were made (on both sides) in hopes to improve both our chances. I also got to sit down with TeeKay and talk Brad Wong. We exchanged tech and combos, and when he gets a PS4, I gained a training partner. Leveling up as a team is always more efficient because you push each other to find new things. This man was so excited, that he commuted over four hours each day to attend the tournament. I'm kind of...
by deathofaninja at 2:51 PM
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After quite a long break, DOA is finally back on tournament stream with East Coast Throwdown, the next tournament in Team NINJA's Battle Royal. Expect high quality matches and lots of effort from the fantastic players in our community.

Stream "We got shafted" | Schedule
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Team NINJA announced today the Steam "Monster" Sale has begun, and the Online Patch will arrive at the end of the month.

Currently, the "30% discount" appears to be in addition to the existing 10% discount that was in effect due to Online Networking not being available. This...
by Brute at 2:53 PM
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The PC version of DOA5LR is currently on sale through Steam for 40% off ($23.99 total).

Additionally, two of the costume DLC packs are currently 50% off, so for many of you on a budget, this will possibly be your best opportunity to snag those (Fun Theme Set & Halloween Debut Costume Set).

You can purchase the game and the DLC packs here on Steam's website.