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Starting today (November 14th, 2014),
I will be starting the "Stealing Your Tech" SYT series (it will expand to other fighting games, but for now its just DOA for me...and Under Night In-Birth)
The main objective for the series is to bring in more players and educate them on how Frames and Setups work, as well as showing off some cool tricks they can use with a character to improve their gameplay.

But I can't do this alone, This is our time as a community to show what we know and teach other players, New, Decent or even "the best of the best" about these things they see in a fight to better understand their situations.
I also will be running some weekly tournaments, they will be recorded and put on YT (

by deathofaninja at 10:58 PM
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If you've been playing on Dead or Alive 5: Ultimate through the Core Fighters iteration, you might be interested to know that Hitomi is now a free character TO KEEP for a limited time. Core Fighters has offered various character trials since release, but now they offer you the free gift of Hitomi.

Keep playing, guys! Hitomi is a great character for beginners because of her tools and simple button inputs... but in her simplicity is a steep learning curve for competitive play.
by deathofaninja at 10:30 PM
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Master is streaming tomorrow night. Though some of the contents of this stream are not known, it's going to be big. Master has high hopes that the DOA community will get involved with his stream, and will post their feedback on how they feel about whatever he discusses with the community as he plays.

In return, it's likely you will learn a lot. During his last stream, he went back to Dead or Alive 2: Ultimate and showed us what's now missing from those games as they have aged, but he also showed us things that our new installment doesn't have. A history lesson to show us where we are and where we belong as a community.

Follow Master for updates on when he will stream next. It's valuable...
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Our community is currently in an uproar regarding Dead or Alive 5 Last Round. We have actually managed to divide ourselves up into what amounts to factions, with people from each side hopping up onto soapboxes and yelling as loudly as possible to be heard. I myself am absolutely guilty of it and this is going to be a bit more of that, so I apologize in advance. That said, any discussion on the topic will now be moved here in an effort to clean up the site.

If there is news to report about the new release, it will go up on the front page. If there is a discussion about the quality of the content, the value of the title, or anything similar, it will go here. We have tiny little fires starting up all over the site and it's become such a...
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From Siliconera

Dead or Alive 5: Last Round is going to be the final game in the Dead or Alive 5 series, and it’s going to available on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. The catch is, the 360 and PS3 versions will be digital-only and are missing certain features.

Some of the game’s fans have wondered why this is the case, and Team Ninja’s response is that the lack of a physical version is because of retailers. On the Dead or Alive...