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Yesterday the pools were pretty clutch, a great example being Sly Bass vs. Kwiggle in an exciting conclusion to Saturday's Pools on the Bifuteki stream (50 minutes in). Today was no different, on Team Sp00ky (4h 55m in) we witnessed an exciting top eight:

1. Kwiggle :kasumi::lisa::christie::honoka:
2. Sonic Fox :marierose::christie::rachel::honoka:
3. XcaliburBladeZ :alpha152::helena::leifang:
4. Jaeger :rig::bass::ayane:
5. Dr. Dogg :helena::lisa:
5. Repoman :hayate:
6. Saion :marierose:
7. Nestor C.

It was too bad that Nestor was unable to attend, which might explain being last on this bracket, but the community was still...
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Mike Fahey over at kotaku just posted a interesting story about his past and DOA. Mostly talking about the series and bounce issues. Drop by and take a look or read which ever you prefer

"I fell in love with my favorite fighting game franchise for all the right reasons. It was fast, frantic, flashy and groundbreaking. Now, after nearly 20 years together, it's time for me to face the truth—my favorite fighting game franchise is an exhibitionist, and I'm not okay with it"

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Tomorrow is Last Round's first major, and like almost always, our friends at Bifuteki will be streaming the event for spectators. The stream is planned to start at 2 PM EST and will go until about 5. Sunday's stream will be about an hour long starting at 2 PM EST once again, but this time on Team Sp00ky.

Be sure to check out the pools as well to see who's competing, and if all goes well tomorrow with the stream hopefully we learn some really awesome tech that hasn't been seen yet.
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Last Round has finally been released, and there are several ways to be involved with the game. We have Winter Brawl 9 this week which is part of Team NINJA's 2015 Battle Royal, a Season Pass that you can buy to save on costumes for Last Round, and a new Get Ready Fight video from Team Ninja which pertains to Quarter Circles, Dashes and Hold Buttons.

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Sony is hysterically celebrating the 14th with a fighting games sale, and among the games listed is Dead or Alive 5: Ultimate for the low, low price of ten dollars. If you've been too busy to try Ultimate or have been on Core Fighters, now might be the time to upgrade, because you will also get the free Last Round patch.

There are other great games on sale so now is the time to expand your fighting game library. What better way to spend Valentine's Day than beating the shit out of your significant other? This sale will go through the 16th.

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Be sure to check out the new Last Round FAQ from Team NINJA if you have any questions about how the online will work, how long you can be expected to wait for the initial load (30 minutes), and of course how to carry over your DLC on all platforms.

NOTICE: The PS3 version has been delayed until the 24th of this month due to an unexpected issue on the PS Store. Please disregard the PS3's dates until they are updated.