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“If you lose, you have to know why you lost. And you have to think about a way of how you could have won that match.”
- Gehaktbal

UprisingJC vs Gehaktbal - DOA Festival

Coming off a very impressive showing at DOA Festival, the Dutch player Gehaktbal is looking forward to showcase his skills as the European champion in this year’s Northeast Championships (NEC) to show that the 2014 TFC performance wasn’t just a fluke. He’s been practically unstoppable from the get-go with his consistent 1st place finishes in the European scene with only one exception. I needed to know more about him as a player. For example, how long...
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Momiji (1.04) is a well-rounded character with solid speed, a nice set of crush and evasive moves, and exceptional mid and long range zoning and spacing options. She has good damage output off of a basic single stun launch game and can use the environment well to net additional damage. Momiji can also make great use of walls to compliment her already strong zoning and spacing game. Momiji's throw and hold game are average and she does not have much in the way of strings or string manipulation to open up her opponent in close quarter combat.

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For those on PS4 I've created a Free Step Dodge community.

If you have the disc version you should be able to find it listed under the available communities under the game info screen available from the main menu.

If you have the digital / core fighters version, due to an issue with the way Sony has created this new feature, the community won't be visible - either send me (system11) a message on PSN for an invite, or look up my profile and you should see it there under the communities option.

Sony definitely have some work to do tidying up this feature - the initial problem of it appearing locked for some people appears to have cleared up now.
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Listen to Sweet Revenge

Fresh off his win at Absolute Battle 6, Sweet Revenge takes the stand tonight on Lopedo's podcast. Most likely to discuss the clutch matches and hype that took place at that great event. You can watch Absolute Battle 6 at Salty Mayhem, now. Expect a lot less controversy this week, and a lot more gameplay and event discussion.

Before the live show tonight at 9pm EST, you can check out the rest of Lopedo's podcasts in his archive that also shows when a new one is about to roll out.
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Team NINJA has updated their Battle Royal schedule replacing the GUTS tournament with Defend the North in New York for the $500 pot bonus and points towards grand finals. The West side also adds California's Paradise tournament to the Battle Royal lineup which also adds $500 to the prize pot and points towards grand finals; NEC 16.

NEC is one of the biggest events in our community and is the grand finish to our Battle Royal. This is an event you are not going to want to miss. There is a 3,000 dollar prize pot, plus the winner is guaranteed a sponsored...
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Next up is CLKing! Another player who’s not only in the Korean DOA scene, but the Korean FGC as a whole.​

What is your name and gaming alias?

My name is Dongmin PARK. Nickname is CLking

How did you come up with the name CLking?

I used this name from the fighting game ‘Meltyblood’.

My main character’s name is ‘Ciel’. I wanted to communicate (with) many foreign players so I wanted to make my nickname simple. So I choose a similar pronunciation. Ciel=CL

Who are your main characters in DOA5LR?

Rig and Jann Lee

How long have you been playing DOA casually and competitively?

Since DOA5.

How do you prepare for an upcoming tournament?

I practiced...​