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TFC was one hell of a fight for everyone involved, but at the end of it all everyone had a great time. I spoke with the top three to get their insight on not just the tournament, but what these normally quiet dudes think of the game and where it's at now.

DOAN: Now that you are TFC champion, what are you plans for the future, and where do you plan to go with DOA on a competitive level now that you have proven so much?

Kwiggles: When it comes to future goals, I'm still a college student so I'm working on graduating. Just one more year and I'll have my bachelors, I am definitely still going to be playing DOA competitively. I love the game and the friends I've made through it, and I will be looking forward to LR and any...
"The battles were vicious and it was back to back. Both wins and losses on both our part, he took the last one so we all had to bounce... it was fun at Next Level. We will all play again!" -- Destruction Bomb

The New York Scene continues to grow, and continues to highlight some incredible high level play for the community, this time around featuring Akira mirrors, with two of the best Akira players.

If you live in New York and have the desire to be involved with the offline community, please take a look at the New York page here on FSD.
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This is it, this is the news that we've been waiting for. In a recent press release, Team NINJA has announced that Dead Or Alive 5 Last Round will be hitting western shores 2 whole days before Japan on February 17, 2015.

For PlayStation 4 and XBox One, the game will be available as both a physical disc as well as a digital download for $39.99. For those still on PlayStation 3 and XBox 360 however, Last Round will be available only as a digital download for $29.99.

Both PlayStation 4 and XBox One will also be recieving free-to-play versions of the game. On PlayStation 4, Dead Or Alive 5 Last Round CORE FIGHTERS will be available free of charge. This version will allow access to Ayane, Kasumi, Ryu Hayabusa and Hayate as well as almost...
Shortly after 2015 begins, we will have the last game in the DOA5 series: Last Round. We already know there will be at least two characters (1 male and 1 female), but what other content will Last Round add to the Xbox One and Playstation 4 editions?

F2P seems to be the new go-to marketing scheme for fighting games, and Dead or Alive: Last Round brings this element back to not only the PS4, but the XBONE as well. It is not known if the PS3 or 360 versions will include this mode (which are digital only, by the way).

The (PS3?) and PS4 will have an "Ultimate Edition" but the contents of the package are yet to be revealed. One would assume that the XBONE version would have this version as well, because it's actually packaged, and the PS3...

Fellas, if I were to host and run a 3v3 team battle style match every week between two teams of 3, and kept a rank ladder, would this be something you guys would be interested in watching/participating in?

I only have xbox, so there is that restriction.

Here is what i'm thinking for rules:
1. 60 second clock
2. Random stage select on very first match. Successive battles will choose the stage that was first picked randomly.
3. One round per match. That's one life bar per fighter. When you lose, you initiate a new match up with the next guy on your team. The loser will face the victor of the last round.
4. Winner has character lock while still in the same team battle. A new team battle allows for a...
Today, Eric @BigE Gaming Small released the first trailer of North East Championship 15. The event is happening on December 5th to the 7th. In the trailer it is revealed that the tournament will be another free entry tournament.

The tournament will also have a $500 pot bonus. The trailer mentions it's a sponsorship by myself, but really it's from the donations given to Free Step Dodge. Your donations to this website have a higher probability of being used not only for this site, but for the community itself. The more donations the site gets, the more community support it can provide.

Note that even though the DOA5U tournament entry is free, you still have to pay for admission to the venue with the following fees;...