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With the hype between tournaments, Nyo's release, and the announcement of Dead or Alive 5: Last Round, here are results for all fantastic tournaments to keep you updated all in one place:

Congrats to RG Kwiggles and FC Blackberry for winning the next road block to TFC, and congrats to Kwiggles for taking Summer Jam 8 in crazy Christie mirrors. Check out the bracket for full results! Summer Jam was an incredible tournament and we had plenty of drama, hype, competition and competitors! Congratulations community!

Stun Academy 2:

1. Gehaktbal
2. Kyo...
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"Team Best" presents a new trailer showcasing the West Coast Road to TFC starting with Cali Crush 10 days after the release of Nyo-Tengu. Expect some clutch competition, and great players. A special thanks goes out to Pwnit!, and Team NINJA for this incredible opportunity! Good luck to all participants not only with the competition, but with your studying beforehand as well.
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This weekend will be the second of four Road to the Fall Classic events. The first was Dead or Alive in Dallas 10 (DID10) with Emmanuel " @MASTER " Rodriguez taking first place and Matt " @SweetRevenge117 " Kieffer taking second. Just like DID10, the top two players of Summer Jam 8 will be given paid airfare, hotel, and tournament entry to Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate at The Fall Classic this October 10th courtesy of Team...
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Capcom has decided to sue Koei-Tecmo over patent infringement for 50 titles for about 9.43 million. However, this patent started back in 2002, before games like Dead or Alive: Ultimate were even released. So I wonder what this will do to Team Ninja, and how they are involved.

Another patent was mentioned that KT copied a controller vibrating feature for invite notifications that has "greatly contributed" to Tecmo's game sales. I'm sorry... to those that are blind and deaf at the same time!?

Capcom is looking for 5-10% in licensing fees. They're also demanding that several Koei Tecmo games are suspended in sales.
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This Tuesday, Master plans to teach more hidden techniques on his Twitch, but would like to see participation from the community during this live event. If you want to know what it takes to be a DOA master, you might want to stop by Twitch tomorrow and be prepared to learn.


Last week he educated the community on unholdables... but deleted the video. Since these classes will not be archived, it's important to try and watch it live.
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Pwnit! has announced that they will be sponsoring the winners of both Cali Crush (September 13, 2014 in Los Angeles, CA) and GUTS3 (September 19-21, 2014 in CT) in partnership with the Road to The Fall Classic and Team NINJA. First place winners from both events will have travel and hotel for TFC (September 10-12, 2014 in Raleigh, NC) taken care of by our friends at Pwnit! making the Road to TFC a coast-to-coast effort to ensure the best players in the country attend the tournament. The first qualifier has already taken place in Dallas with DiD10, but there are now three remaining chances to earn your way to TFC!

Please see below for the full press release and also check out Pwnit! for the...