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The ESRB has let slip that DOA2:Hardcore will soon be getting a PS2 Classics release on PSN in North America!

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Itagaki had some choice words to say about TN's handling of DOA on facebook. Here's the relevant passage:

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For celebrating Christmas and the new year in these days are released nice offers for DoA5U:

10 characters will be freely unlocked for DoA5U: Core Fighters (from the 24th December to the 4th January 2015).
  • Akira
  • Sarah
  • Brad Wong
  • Zack
  • Christie
  • Helena
  • Bass
  • Rig
  • Momiji
  • Rachel

Special discounts will be applied on various DLC sets (from the 24th December to the 12th January 2015):
  • Overalls Set - $9.99
  • Tropical Sexy Costumes Set - (I wasn't able to find it on the PSN store)
  • Pop Idol Costumes Set...
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One of the East Coast's premiere Fighting Game Community Tournaments is coming up faster than you might think. Winter Brawl 9, run by the great Eric "Big E" Small, is taking place February 20, 2015 through February 22, 2015.

While we already know that this event is coming up, why make news about it? Last week Big E announced that he would be holding an "Early Bird Special" in regards to a venue fee for Winter Brawl 9. Normal pre-registration fees for Big E's tournaments range from $30 to $40 depending on event and time of year with venue fees while signing up at the event being roughly $10 extra (an example is that Summer Jam this year had $40 pre-reg and $50 on site)....
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So, today we got some new details from Famitsu on Last Round special editions and some DLC (which is included in the trailer). It's also worth mentioning that the DLC will be for first print buyers in Japan. It includes 4 short films, and 4 bikinis for the newer girls. I expect them to be paid DLC in the future if you want them that bad, much like the Ryu and Momiji outfits from the Yaiba incentive.

Breaking down the SE contents there are a few packs to choose from, and the descriptions are too good not to share...

The Last Round Strongest Package (25,800 ¥):
  • Game soft body (not sure what this means) maybe the game case is soft...
  • Soft Sexy Costume for 18 girls though the translations said "species."
  • Dead or Alive History...
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For those looking to buy an arcade stick for Dead Or Alive 5 Last Round, here's some good news for you. It seems that Hori is releasing a special, DOA5 Last Round themed arcade stick that works for both the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.
The arcade stick also comes with a coupe of new features not seen in other arcade sticks. First up, it has analog sticks. These are attached to where the carrying handle is in the XBox One RAP Hayabusa. However, the placement seems to indicate that they may be removable.

The other unique feature that this has is a touchpad, something that no other PS4 3rd party peripheral has.

For more details on the pricing and where you can pre-order this, read the whole story over at...