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Shortly after @Gehaktbal won his qualifier to the Dead or Alive Festival, @Mr.Kwiggle came out the Dead or Alive 5 Last Round champion at Evolution 2015 in Las Vegas, NV. Many of the Dead or Alive players in attendance are reporting the great atmosphere of Evolution and great times they had with the community and their friends at the event:

Reginald "Electrified Mann | MC Static" Wysinger, who placed 4th overall, had this to say:
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Today in Paris, France @Gehaktbal was able to defeat Ky-Dragon in the grand finals of Stun Academy #3 and providing him a paid trip into the Dead or Alive Festival tournament being held in Tokyo, Japan on August 1, 2015.

The Dead or Alive Festival will be featuring an international set of players including America's MC Kwiggle and XCalibur BladeZ.

Congratulations to Gehaktbal for his win, and all of the players who attended Stun Academy #3 to support their scene, their game, and their players.
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Hey guys, Virtua Kazama here.

As you guys may know, EVO 2015 is just a couple days away. For the DOA community, of course DOA5 Last Round will be there as a side-tournament and as part of the Battle Royal 2015 series. More people are expected to enter after the success of last year's side tournament, thanks to Team NINJA's support.

To celebrate the occasion, I have conducted a 5-Part blog of the history of EVO Championship series from B3: Battle by the Bay, to EVO 2015. The blogs will be on

Part 1: B3: Battle by the Bay-EVO 2002 (Now Available)
Part 2:...
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Disclaimer: This Guide will be Eliot's best moves and how to use them.
I will be using a lot of number notation for this Guide, so to understand this completely, it is important that you know it. Here it is for those who do not:

Basic Frame data for moves you’ll need:

  • :P::P::4::6::P: (PP46P and all strings like it) - For starters, this move is executed by inputting PP4-6P. The dash represents the very slight pause between PP4 and 6P. The 46P portion of the string is the same as the move, being a -3 GB, and has more than one use. It's general usage is to get max damage for his combos, as it does...
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Tom Lee and Big E Gaming have just announced that Kristian "MC Kwiggle" McLean and Ryane "XCalibur BladeZ" Jimenez will be representing North America at the Dead or Alive Festival in Tokyo, Japan on August 1st. The pair will be provided airfare and board by Koei Tecmo.

Ryane was known as one of the early competitors to dominate the Dead or Alive 5 and Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate scene with his Helena, Alpha 152, and Eliot. He's also been known to play a variety of characters in addition to those two so he may have some up his sleeve for just such an occasion. It will be interesting to see if Ryane uses his Alpha 152 in Japan, as it's been reported that Japan...
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The genius game theorist, whom is aware of his catching good looks... pastes his face onto Christie and says that the skimpy outfits are distracting and that the community leaders were wrong for the soft ban. My question is, if this is a strategy; shouldn't it be banned? Wouldn't that mean the community did the right thing? Because it's not a fair strategy if it was ever considered one to begin with.

I didn't support the soft ban on outfits, but at this point I'm not sure I really care. Do you agree with this game theorist, or do you think his claims are ridiculous?