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This upcoming Saturday the world's most prestigious fighting game tournament, the Evolution championship series, is taking place once again in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Evolution (EVO for short) is the largest fighting game tournament in the world. The event brings thousands of fans & competitors together for the sole purpose of enjoying the fighting game genre.

This is where DOA steps in and the community steps up. For the first time in nearly a decade, a tournament for Dead or Alive will be taking place at EVO. Although DOA is not apart of the main EVO lineup, there is a side-tournament being held inside EVO's tournament hall in the 'Bring Your Own Console' area. The purpose of this event is to make our presence as DOA players known...
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Patrick Miller posted a free guide on fighting game.

even though it's on street fighter, a lot of information is worth reading as a DOA player.

chapter listing :
  1. Why You Should Learn How To Play Street Fighter
  2. Everything You Need to Know About Fighting Games
  3. Beginner Execution
  4. Simplifying Street Fighter
  5. Intro to Combos
  6. Eleven Tips for Not Sucking at Street Fighter
  7. Don’t Want No Scrubs
  8. Introducing Street Fighter IV
  9. The Warrior’s Path
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Hey guys! As many of you know (or so I hope anyway) myself, Sorwah (Matt), and Allan Paris have started a podcast series(and also Emperor Cow as time permits because of the crazy time differences). It's more or less to talk about upcoming events, tierlists, characters, etc ,etc.

We have done 2 thus far and although there was a lot of time in between we're gonna try to aim for at LEAST once a month if we can manage it. If you guys have anything you would like for us to talk about during the stream/podcast feel free to reply in this thread, message me through this site, hit me up on twitter (@NinjaCW) or on facebook ( and we will definitely try to hit as many topics as we can. We...
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Gehaktbal is known for winning, he’s known for being the best in Europe, and he’s also known for his incredible Jann Lee and taking Sweet Revenge to his limits. How would he fare at the biggest DOA event of the year, TFC? Me and the decorated European player talk tournaments, love, and his current thoughts on DOA5 Ultimate.

International play is now inevitable to this year’s TFC with the news of Tomoyuki Inui in attendance, and you can help Gehaktbal live his dream by donating to the cause of international play. #SendGehaktbaltoAmerica

DOAN: So getting right into it, the big question most of us have is probably… how are you so good, and who do you train...
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This is the news from the Dead or Alive Game page on FaceBook:

Tomoyuki Inui (aka Katsuninken (活忍犬)), current DOA5U Champ in Japan gave us a call and said "I will go to TFC". If you want to fight with him, please make your registration! Team Ninja ‪#‎DOA5U‬ ‪#‎ImaFighter‬ ‪#‎RoadToTFC2014‬

"The Fall Classic is looking to have many skilled DOA fighters from all over the world. I would be...
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Greetings DOA community, and Happy 4th of July, I hope everyone is having a great day and will have a great weekend too.

For the first time, I'd like to ask for your help. I'd like to attend The Fall Classic (TFC) this year. I didn't have the opportunity to attend TFC last year, and was way out of my league to begin with. But I'd like the opportunity to attend this year and make Top 16-Top 8. I have began a fundraiser for a goal of $450.00 for a round trip flight.

I've done a lot for DOA since DOA5 Vanilla. I played a big role in building the Southern California scene along with players like Air Gear and Vincent Rayne. With the good folks of the SOCAL DOA brand,...