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Just a quick reminder: @iHajinShinobi will be streaming in the next hour or so, and this tutorial will revolve around Ayane. As I said in an earlier post, this stream should be beneficial to both parties; people that fight Ayane and play her. She's been deemed as one of the harder characters to fight, so why not get insight from the best Ayane player?
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Within the competitive community Kwiggle is definitely one of the most well-known players. He has represented the game at almost every tournament and has won almost every tournament he's entered the past year. Kwiggle is also known for having multiple characters -- all at high-level play.

The TFC champion will be at ECT next month to defend his ECT crown winning last year against his little brother Sonic Fox.

Kwiggle can be beat, but you must train and you must play offline (well you should). Do you know how to fight against Kasumi? How about Christie? Form strategies, learn tech; check out the character forums here...
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Not too long ago I finished my Top Tier Tips project, I'm currently working on the sequal, but I'd like to see if there is anyone else who is doing or interested in doing their own DOA group project?

Let's get some idea's flowing in here, tell me what you want to make.
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Bass players are a rarity, but if you find a good seasoned player, you're going to hit a few walls, especially if you're new. However, the thing with Bass is that playing against him is a good exercise at learning the game and getting better yourself. Since Japanese Bass players have started to show up and figure most things out either by themselves or others, it would be a good idea to educate yourself.

Bass is a pure grappler, which means that in DOA land, he relies on reads to change momentum, put people into situations where they're forced to guess between damaging throws or hard-hitting strikes. No fancy mixups, no stances, no gimmicks, just pure hard reads and grabs. This means that his speed is a major disadvantage and he can be...
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Battle in the North. Welcome to TORYUKEN 4: Stronghold!

Hi, my name is Force of Nature, and this is my TORYUKEN 4 story. It started about 2 months ago when it was annouced that TorontoTopTiers' (TTT) TORYUKEN 4: Stronghold would be taking place at the International Centre in Mississauga, Ontario, a fairly large-sized city to the west of Toronto, the heart of Ontario and its capital. This was big, BIG news to me! The International Centre is a large convention centre near Toronto's Pearson International Airport that was serving as the stage for a major eSports event called Enthusiastic Gaming Live (EGL). Games like Starcraft, CS:GO, DoTA, speedrunners and Smash 4 & Melee were being featured alongside TTT's own lineup of games including...
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Next on the docket of the 2015 Battle Royal is ECT on June 13th-14th. Team NINJA has thrown in $500 to the prize pot for this NJ major, and like last year I expect we will see some hype matches, and I believe @Sly Bass will be there. Check out his profile when you get the chance because he has lots of educational materials that could enhance your skills before entering a major like ECT. Also, @iHajinShinobi will be showcasing Ayane in his tutorial series this weekend if you want to brush up on that character. Might be ideal to any competitive player seeing as how threatening of a character she can be.

For registration information please head over to ECT's...