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Today there were a lot of intense matches in Top 8, but above all else, Kwiggle vs XcaliburBladeZ in Winners really showed the importance of adapting to your opponent. We begin to see that Kwiggle has studied the Eliot match-up as he proceeds to hold out of Cali's fighting patterns and punishes him accordingly. Of course Cali has more than one surprise up his sleeve and comes back with environmental awareness and mind games... though it's not enough for Cali to win the set against Christie.

A determined Cali bests a crazed Steady in every match which shocked a lot of the viewers due to Steady's incredible performance against Sonic Fox in an earlier set. It's now time for a final, and Cali and Kwiggle get right into it. Hoping for quick...
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Pools and Semi-Finals wrapped up last night, and today we have Top 8. If you missed any of the hype matches, check out the past broadcast at Bifuteki. The video starts for us at about 09:15 in. I highly recommend a viewing before Top 8. Incredible talent ranging new-school and old-school!

Top 8 Winners: RIG Kwiggle, cr_Sonic Fox, RIG CrazySteady, XcaliburBladeZ
Top 8 Losers: Gruff, F3 Lucky Loopp (Allan Paris), KP RestlessTick, FC Zakkurye


TFC '15 has concluded.
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Even though NEC is going to wrap up the Battle Royal this year, for the past two years the community has seen TFC as one of our most important events. In 2013 Lopedo won the tournament using Rachel, a character that was considered to be broken at the time because of the stomp vortex. But the set also featured some memorable Alpha mirrors between XcaliburBladeZ and the 2013 champion that got some really big hype from the crowd.

In 2014 Kwiggle destroyed pretty much everyone he fought, including Lopedo. His Christie was pretty much unstoppable as he also won the mini-champions tournament that earned him a dinner with Tom Lee.

Now while TFC may not be the same spectacle as it was last year for DOA, we will still have 58+ players....
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During my travels and 10+ years of experience, I've noticed a trend. People go out to tournaments, praise the game, praise the people.... then the hype dies down. For the past few tournaments, we've had these post meetings. Tom Lee, a developer for our game, generally gives everybody a talk about how we need to step it up as a community.

On the off chance that you don't know, DOA has never been the most loved game in the FGC. There are a million and one reasons as to why, but the one thing that had always escaped us, in my eyes, is a good community. Who wants to be a part of something awful and self deprecating? The old guard is leaving. FSD as you know it, the Facebook groups, everything needs to be refreshed and...
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This video wasn't made to focus on gameplay, or the matches that took place at the event. It was to focus on our community, how we treat each other, and what it would feel like to go to one of these events. I wanted to make the viewers feel as close to the players as possible. For the DOA community, It's time to stand up and represent for our game. My name is Rojikku, and I'm a fighter.
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Following the announcement of Capcom Cup 2015's schedule sharing an event date with that of Big E Gaming's North East Championships 16, Big E Gaming had to reschedule their event. The huge Street Fighter IV event supported by PlayStation Experience created a major conflict.
The new date for NEC16 will happen on December 11th to the 13th.

This marks the first time the event has not happened on the first full weekend of December. Due to the conflict between the events, Capcom was able to help Eric Small find a new venue for the event. Eric Small released the new location during last weekend's Summer Jam 9 event.

The new location for NEC16 will be at the Radisson Hotel in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania....