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Team NINJA has started putting together an official tutorial series aimed at bringing in players who aren't already members of the FIghting Game community or genre as a whole. They have released their first video of the Get Ready Fight series which goes over Basic Strikes and string input delays.
It is going to take sometime to explain everything but keep in mind this is aimed for people with no experience in fighting games.
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Winter Brawl 9 is coming up this month... and it's coming up fast. There are multiple ways you can be involved with this tournament, but obviously the premier choice is to attend this DOA major by getting registered on Big E's site. This will be Last Round's first tournament, and that in its own right generates a lot of excitement.

If we take a look back in DOA5's history we can explore the growth of our community and Team NINJA's direction for DOA5.

First there was Winter Brawl 7, in which @Rikuto had a strong desire to kill Helena.

Who could forget @SweetRevenge117 and his historic win against @XCaLibur BLadeZ...
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Today, we are very sad to report that Monty Oum, legendary creator behind the Dead Fantasy series, has passed away at the young age of 33 years old, according to his recent employer Rooster Teeth.


Over the last several years, Monty has worked on and delivered some action-packed fighting series videos, pitting the cast of Dead or Alive against the cast of the Final Fantasy series, which became an instant hit to many fans as Dead Fantasy.

Monty later on went to lend his much talented skills to Rooster Teeth, popular devs behind the Red vs. Blue Halo series.

According to...
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Last weekend the California DOA scene hosted what was likely to be the last west coast Dead or Alive Ultimate tournament before Last Round releases. The tournament was held in Hollywood, California at Twin Galaxies studio. For those that are unfamiliar with Twin Galaxies, TG is the world record keeper of video games. Every Friday night they host a FGC Live event where a different fighting game community is on the show to compete. This was the DOA communities first appearance on the show since September of 2013 (@NukNuks and @iHajinShinobi played an awesome grand finals last year btw)*

This tournament saw the return of some familiar faces such as...
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Our most recent and favorite twitch streamer for Dead or Alive 5: Last Round, Shacknews, has just tossed up a video interview that they recently conducted with our old pal, Adande "sWooZie" Thorne.


sWooZie discusses his long history with DOA, his favorite Kasumi outfit, what he could be possibly looking forward to in Last Round, and then he's put through a series of trivia questions regarding DOA.

sWooZie has been on a DOA hiatus since the early days of DOA5, but we're making a safe bet that it has something to do with his busy YouTube schedule.

Check out the...
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Today our community manager, Matt Ponton got to play some Last Round complements of Shack News. Thanks Shack News for displaying our game on many different occasions even if I wasn't too thrilled about some of the casual inaccuracies tossed left and right from a creepy guy that said rectum like literally 1,000 times during the stream.

We now have some balance adjustments, and while some of them are mentioned in the forum, I'm sure there are some that haven't been discovered in the video. The command training can also confirm that there are definitely some new moves in the game, which was actually kinda starting to worry me.

You can watch the stream in their archives here. Be sure to...