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by deathofaninja at 11:10 PM
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CrazySteady has won the next chapter of The Road to TFC guaranteeing a free trip next month with room and board included. Thanks to pwnit! for sponsoring this amazing player who ended the Cali Crush tournament with Hajin Shinobi in an exciting set that you can catch on UGCLive.

You can check out the full bracket at Challonge. Congrats to all Cali Crush players! What a great tournament to showcase what the West Coast players can do!
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by deathofaninja at 6:40 AM
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Today DOA is getting CRUSHED by the DOA community on the West Coast. If you're not in attendance be sure to watch the stream at UGCLive starting at 2 PM Pacific. This will be Nyo's first Major, and first place will win a free trip to TFC next month.

Good luck to all competitors! If you want more information, see the official Cali Crush website.
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by Hurricane Rev at 3:44 PM
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The Ultimate Rev It Up Interview Series is back for the second time where I interview people who are a part of the gaming community, whether they are casual/competitive gamers or Game Journalists and who are well known in their community.

For this weeks interview series, I had a pleasure to interview Ivan, aka @ULTIMa Ivanov , who has a really big passion for gaming and he is a top Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate player from Italy. A few months back in July, He won the Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate tournament that happened at London Anime & Gaming Con with his Really Good Christie Play. Additionally, his...
by deathofaninja at 5:43 PM
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Next month will be one of the biggest events in Dead or Alive tournament history: The Fall Classic '14. Not only will Last Round be playable at this tournament, but $8,000 will be up for grabs. This tournament also marks the first DOA tournament in the states to have European and Japanese players as well.

Only 35 people have decided to pre-register so far, and we promote getting registered now to help tournament officials plan accordingly. At Summer Jam 8 we had well over 100 people. Because of the perks, and the payout we should definitely have the same kind of attendance at TFC.

If you haven't signed up yet, take a look at the registration page today and continue to support DOA...
by Prince Adon at 11:16 PM
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Today I did my 1hr Hitomi breakdown stream on Ustream. Right after I uploaded the video so those who missed it can see it here:

I hope everyone enjoyed the stream/video, and any feedback is appreciated. Thanks for the support! OSU!
by deathofaninja at 1:50 AM
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If you take a look at Koei Tecmo's lineup of games for this TGS, the diamond happens to be Last Round, which will also be DOA's first appearance on PS4 and XBONE. The game will be shown on stage and will be playable on the floor.

The trailer was displayed at Team NINJA's Fighting Carnival tournament last week, and several changes were noticed right away in the 60 second clip such as more visual flair, and new stages.

Staying tuned to TGS could prove to be important for any players looking for new moves and system changes! Who knows, maybe we will even see a new stage or character.