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Team NINJA has announced with the update of their DOA6 official website that the EVO DOA Showdown will be your first chance at playing Dead or Alive 6! This isn't just big news for DOA players, but for the entire FGC. This special DOA event takes place August 3-4th in Las Vegas at the biggest stage of them all!

The DOA5: Last Round Side-Tournament will happen on the 4th at the Koei-Tecmo booth. This will likely be the last chance you have to play DOA5 at an official event from Team NINJA. Event registration is required for this showdown (and will be detailed soon) but will also require your EVO Registration.

The stage is set! Now is your chance to be a part of something new and exciting!

Team NINJA will unravel more details in the coming weeks! Look forward to balancing all of your competitive needs and news in a constructive way here at FSD. Will you be attending the big event?
Hello everybody! For many of us this past Friday is looking to be on of the most exciting days of the year as we were all given a huge gift from Team Ninja, the Dead or Alive 6 reveal trailer ahead of E3. To the fans that Team Ninja has held so highly, this was a Godsend after a widespread misunderstanding of their message at NEC last year regarding their ceased support for DOA5. If you haven't' seen the trailer by now (which is getting hard to not do right now) check out the video below:

There is a lot of new information being shown off and this new information led to a lot of speculation of the new strike called a Fatal Rush. Does Helena have a parry now or was that a new Hold? What was that crazy hold Jan Lee had? It was a lot of new with not a lot of explanation. Yesterday's interview with Shimbori had a gameplay video playing which showed off some more information. In this video was a basic tutorial and a few matches.

Lots of information from little shown. @Mr Wah and I were having a conversation about the reveal trailer Friday night and decided to record our observations, little did we know we would also get to go over this second video as well. Below is our breakdown (link will take you to Twitch.tv/freestepdodge, a Youtube video will be added when it has been made).

For those of you who can't access the link, or just don't feel like watching us break down 7 minutes of video over the course of an hour and eighteen minutes, below is most of what we found.

-The game will have a meter based system called the "Break Gauge." You gain Break Gauge by dealing damage, taking damage, blocking damage, and being blocked. Meter gained seems to be damage based and meter gain on block and being blocked is very minimal.

-Critical Bursts, Power Blows, and Power Launchers have been removed.

-The new Fatal Rush is initiated with S (H+P+K). It...
Try to keep an open mind as the footage is an early build of Dead or Alive 6, and we are slowly piecing the mechanics together the best we can with the information we have available to us. DOA6 will be available for us to play at EVO this year so observation is clearly welcomed by Team NINJA.

At 3:30 PM Pacific Time a stream from IGN is expected to help us make some sense of today's Famitsu interview with Shimbori that revealed several new mechanics to the DOA formula. Most developers copy and paste the predecessor, but the sixth installment of our game will have plenty of new mechanics, coupled with the elements we loved most from DOA5LR. Let's take a quick peep at what's new:

Critical Bursts, Power Blows and Power Launchers are gone!

When it came to the hand to hand combat, with no environmental damage in the picture, the critical bursts felt like a really special part of DOA. Hopefully this new system will blow our minds. How do you feel about this change?

New Mechanic: Side Attack

The side-step will not be taken out, but replaced with something else. You must release :8::2: and follow up with the new Special button (H+P+K) which is detailed to some degree in the Famitsu Interview. The S button will be conducive to several new mechanics in the game. You can attack while avoiding a straight hit, but it always forces you to commit, so there is risk for the person side-stepping. A successful hit at close range will result in major damage. The stage will also be dependent on how damage is dealt. Seems like timing will mean everything.

New Mechanic: Break Gauge

A lot of us expected to wait additional years for Dead or Alive 6, but today a surprise trailer dropped that is not just some stupid logo tease, but shows actual gameplay! Team NINJA continues to bring out the smoothest graphics and best animation in the world! With DOA5 ending its official lifespan at a partnered EVO event, this could be one of the best years of all time for our community.

Team NINJA's trailer starts off with swords, and serious production quality to let us know how good this is going to be and then the trailer goes into RAMPAGE mode with Hayabusa's "Fatal Rush" Combo activated with the new Special button (H+P+K). You see in this one minute trailer that they are not going to cheap out on the animation. Every punch thrown looks likes it's connecting and you see far less clipping than any Team NINJA game yet. This game is designed to be a masterpiece on DAY 1.

They also appear to be rethinking the wheel with how characters receive environmental damage. The Street level has a crowd watching the fight and they will push the characters back in the fight if they get too close to the wall; like a wrestling lumberjack match. We also see an XRAY type mechanic (could just be Zack's PB) where characters are punched square in the face. How do you guys like the new moves so far? Or how about Kasumi staring off in the distance at the end? That seemed suspicious!


Team NINJA recently announced that they would be hosting a special side tournament showdown for Dead or Alive 5: Last Round at EVO 2018 in Las Vegas. While all of the details have yet to be confirmed for the event, the community has a chance to make some fuss for the franchise we love. DOA has had a rough time making it at EVO, but the community and game have grown over the years and DOA truly deserves to be seen on the biggest stage of them all.

This tournament could be seen as a step to that. Team NINJA is putting this together, and they have said that players in attendance will have access to exclusive merchandise that will only be available at the EVO side tournament. How you gain access to the merch via a store, give-aways or by placing high in the tournament has been left unknown, but is a nice incentive to someone that enjoys collecting DOA goods, and Team NINJA continues to put on a great show and effort for their player-base even after ending support for the DOA5 series in December.

It's also interesting that Koei Tecmo Europe is announcing the event in the press release, but the letter to the community is signed by Hayashi and Shimbori. So who exactly are we going to see at this showdown? We will know more in the coming weeks, but we do know that there will be a separate registration upon purchasing an EVO event pass; they could be shaping a very special event here even though it is a side tournament.

You can't register yet, and Team NINJA will have more news for us in the future, but this is definitely our chance to keep the fight going and to show Team NINJA how much we care about Dead or Alive and want to see it continue. If they were going to end the franchise, why would they...
Battle Arena Melbourne 10, BAM10, is next week!
DOA5LR will once again have a main card tournament. It is a "Gold" Status tournament with a Trophy and $250 pot bonus from the event.
This is the biggest DOA event in Australia! Come join and make it one to remember. We've had many awesome finals series for the game (links below) and a great community.

Register here:
More Event info: http://www.couchwarriors.org/bam10


DOA starts at 3pm Saturday 19th May!

So if you love some fighting games and want to play DOA in Melbourne, now is your chance!
Stream - Partnered with the VF crew, we'll be on Twitch here.

Videos from last year's Battle Arena Melbourne 9 (BAM9) Top 4

BAM9 Final

BAM8 Final

For more on Australian DOA there's a facebook group here:

And monthly events in Melbourne are at CouchWarriors
www.couchwarriors.org Battle Arena Melbourne 10, BAM10, is next week! DOA5LR will once again have a main card tournament. It is a "Gold" Status tournament with a Trophy and $250 pot bonus from the event....
Different characters have different Weight Classes. Because of this, a juggle combo might work on a lighter character, but not on a heavier one.
Here's a list of each Launcher Height from the heaviest to the lightest. The long number represents in meters how high each character got launched in the air with a specific attack, which helps dividing characters into different Weight Classes. The + number is the in-game move details' frame advantage part that shows how much time the characters took to land on the ground from that launcher.

CLASS 1 - 2.199795723m - +41 - (Heavy) Bass, Bayman, Leon, Rachel, Raidou
CLASS 2 - 2.321933746m - +44 - Gen Fu
CLASS 3 - 2.344943523m - +44 - Helena
CLASS 4 - 2.355563402m - +44 - Brad Wong, Christie, Ein, Lisa, Nyotengu
CLASS 5 - 2.357333422m - +44 - Akira, Hayabusa, Hayate, Jacky, Jann Lee, Naotora, Rig, Tina, Zack
CLASS 6 - 2.381569862m - +45 - Leifang, Pai
CLASS 7 - 2.404580116m - +45 - Ayane, Honoka, Kasumi, Marie Rose, Phase-4
CLASS 8 - 2.415199757m - +45 - Eliot, Hitomi, Kokoro, Mai, Mila, Momiji, Sarah
CLASS 9 - 2.656773329m - +49 - (Feather) Alpha-152

- Mode: Free Training.
- Launcher: Jann Lee 33P against a low throwing dummy. I wanted to achieve the highest possible launcher height and 33P is the highest non-PL mid launcher in the game that I know of. Striking a throwing opponent triggers Hi Counter which launches higher. Launching a Crouching opponent launches even higher.
- Cheat Engine was used to retrieve more accurate Launcher Height values (in-game they are rounded to just two decimals). CT file is downloadable here.
- Game client version: DOA5LR Steam Ver.1.10C.

There are at least 6 heights that can be achieved from...

Summer Jam was one of the kick-starters of DOA5's offline tournament scene, and this year the DOA community plans to put their skills to the test again in 2018 while also proving to Team NINJA that we are ready and passionate for Dead or Alive 6. Big E Gaming has been so good to our community, giving us the spotlight and hosting us every chance possible; always showing a lot of love. We really do have a lot to be thankful for, and Summer Jam 18 should be considered a platform for us to express our gratitude to those that have supported the scene and Dead or Alive by putting on a show that only this game can offer in the FGC.

Summer Jam can be a life-changing event

It's fun to look back on our tournament history. From our community player pool, balance changes and even a different colored health bar -- everything was constantly changing, forcing us to adapt! Dead or Alive is not a dead game, it's very much alive, and it always will be as long as there are players to play it. Team NINJA created a masterpiece in 2012, and it still animates and plays out better than any other 3D fighter out there; current or previously.

Remember the Road to DOA5: Last Round?

Though the dry spell is is upon us, we must continue to look at the positives. DOA5 doesn't look to be seeing anymore balance adjustments, so the consistent tournament players will be more familiar with what they can do without worrying about anything being tweaked. I find it relieving that we finally have a final build of DOA5. You will see their gameplay perfected while we wait for a new...
Final Round might not roll in our highest numbers but the intense quality matches are what help DOA5 stand out; even in a more intimate environment we see an absolute savage Crazy Steady come back to take FR! He spends the opening rounds of his fights thinking of what to do with his opponents; whether it be a seasoned vet or a newcomer and finishes them off in ways that only he can. Even professional fighter Hoodless fell to the might of the West Coast King!

If you need a quick reference, take a look at the standings via Smash.GG. Thanks to Kombat Network, we were able to enjoy a high quality stream of our game, and now replays have been released for the event. Kombat Network makes the navigation of this event extremely easy, and they have done a great job of supporting DOA. Thank you!

Congratulations to Jager for taking Winter Brawl 12! Despite some cancellations and no pool stream, we managed to get over 1,000 viewers on FunkyP during Top 8 with a great showing from some of the finest fighters out there.

Note pertaining to Saturday Pools:
Winter Brawl is upon us, and while we do definitely make a presence with DOA5, unfortunately we don't make the schedule for pool streams this year. Thankfully, FunkyP will be streaming Top 8 this Sunday so we can still get a good chunk of this event recorded. Please expect some incredible matches from the feared Syndicate clan, Matt Ponton, Sly Bass and more talented players from the community!