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This is the beginning of a new Battle Royal -- and while it might not be our biggest yet it certainly will have the finest quality after a revitalizing NEC XVII, solid turnouts, new players and hype tournaments like Winter Brawl 11 to keep us locked into DOA5.

What I find awesome is the confidence Team NINJA has shown in our game and in us as they already have plans for a 2018 Battle Royal made evident by the NEC XVIII grand prize. There are a lot of rumors pertaining to DOA6 and my guess is that it will be announced after the NEC XVIII tournament.

Though our next focus should be Final Round XX, and while online registration might be closed we still have 55 entrants which is even greater than our numbers for Winter Brawl and the amount of talent is just insane. Not only will XcaliburBladeZ be competing off his last win, but @Rikuto will be there to try and take it from him as well as KIT '17 winner @Hoodless, Kwiggle, @shazzmatazzles, @coldpieceaj, Shade Swifteye and many more vicious competitors.

Let's keep fighting, community! 2017 is off to a great start.
Winter Brawl 11 was such a hype tournament it left you wanting more, right? This post-interview features pro players: @Blackburry, @Kwiggle and @Sly Bass not only talking about why they play DOA, but also why they pick the characters they pick and their history with the franchise. I thought that Kwiggle's reasoning for picking Christie was very interesting as he originally was a Kasumi main visioning something else for his character.

The interview and production was created by @Rojikku - a fierce competitor at Winter Brawl 11, and a consistent tournament goer constantly looking to expand his game. Let's keep the tournament hype going all throughout the year and before you know it we will be at the next chapter with Dead or Alive 6.

Brackets: Pools 1 | Pools 2 | Pools 3 | Pools 4 | Top 16
1st :rachel: XcaliburBladeZ 2nd :bayman: Rikuto 3rd :christie: Sonic Fox​

This cold winter just got a little warmer with the raw intensity and close competitive games at this year's Winter Brawl. Congratulations to XcaliburBladeZ for making it through to the end with a first place prize. He not only defeated NEC Champion, @Rikuto after losing to him previously, but won against a bevy of other serious fighters with many tournament highlights of their own and a very clear focus -- taking home that trophy.

We also see our community leader, Matt Ponton return with some impressive Bass and Mai play. He won against @shazzmatazzles fantastic Ein, @Lith and @HGS Ghoul. It was great how he sent @Blackburry's Rachel home packing, but right after his loss Berry decided to go with his dangerous main. Ponton also had some issues earlier in pools with Sonic Fox/Christie and the same problems occurred in this match. It's really quite the spectacle to see Christie's insane wall damage in pro heavy bouts like these. Despite all this Ponton ties 7th with @Rojikku.

@Rojikku competed in some of the most intense matches at Winter Brawl. He lost in the early going to BladeZ, but he used it...
Community FSD Store Updates
Winter Brawl is upon us! This is a good thing for quite a few reasons. First, one of our larger tournaments of the year going on brings us all together in a pretty awesome way, both in person and around the site itself. Second (going to stop my list here because I'm lazy), more eyes means it would be financially irresponsible to not have a sale. Surprise! We're having a sale!

Don't act surprised, because you're very much not, but please click through to the store and take advantage of the 15% off running through the weekend. We appreciate it and you'll look hot.

In addition to the sale, we do have a bit more to share on the store. Foregoing a cliche bit about 'circumstances beyond our control' we'll just say that our principal shirt provider went under and got snapped up by another one. Sort of like PAC-MAN eating a ghost but the ghost just doesn't respawn. Kind of have to play another game with ghosts in it at that point, so you're going to be seeing some product refreshing very shortly in the form of new shirts. Designs and all will stay the same so don't worry if you've had your eye on a specific one. As always, more designs are still on the way too.

Tl;dr, buy shirts on sale, buy shirts not on sale after this weekend, and we'll be getting new shirts in the very near future.
Thanks to Team NINJA I was given a few PSN codes for the latest costume set to be given away at Winter Brawl XI and possibly on stream during Top 16 and Top 8. Details to come soon but be sure to be on the lookout!

Competitive Dead or Alive 5 will be live on the show floor of the Clarion Hotel in Essington, PA next weekend. For those not able to participate in this major you can still watch on Twitch:

Saturday Top 16 - Top 8 9pm EST via FunkyP
Sunday Top 8 - 4pm via Bifuteki
Competitive Dead or Alive 5 will be live on the show floor of the Clarion Hotel in Essington, PA next weekend. If you have been considering Winter Brawl 11 now would be the time to prioritize your plans for this tournament as pre-registration ends this Friday. For those not able to participate in this major you can still watch on Twitch:

Saturday Top 16 - Top 8 9pm EST via FunkyP
Sunday Top 8 - 4pm via Bifuteki

@Blackburry, @Jaeger, @LordXav1er and @Sly Bass will be competing so you already know there are going to be plenty of awesome matches. The community also looks forward to seeing new offline competitors as they continue to emerge at events. If you are competing in Winter Brawl be sure to let it be known in the comments -- the DOA offline scene always looks to highlight veterans, regulars and new players as well to keep the whole community connected in a positive way.

Pre-Register for Winter Brawl 11 now!
If you haven't seen Kumite in Tennessee '17 yet the complete Top 8 is now available in the media section. Hoodless won this tournament against Sonic Fox in a great last round fight using Zack in the Christie matchup. We also continue to see consistent improvement in @coldpieceaj and a great effort from Memphis Legends, a very intense match between Lucky Loops and Havik complete with taunts and some great play and commentary from Lady Kohaku.

Update: The Top 8 has been removed from YouTube. Replaced with the Grand Finals.
So I actually just recently got into the DOA scene and honestly, I think it's absolutely amazing. I have always liked DOA in general but never really knew how to get into it competitively. That is, until I found KiT. I actually entered KiT for Smash4 but ended up getting way more invested into DOA due to the people I met, the matches I watched, and just the atmosphere I felt while I was there. First off, people are super helpful when trying to learn about the game. I actually sat down with another player for like 30 minutes before pools and he taught me so much about how tournaments are run and how to use mechanics and environments for combos. Stuff I never would have noticed as quickly on my own. I also joined a DOA discord and members there know quite a few things and they have a channel all about helping players get better which is fantastic. The mechanics of the game and the matches that are born out of these mechanics are some of the best things, in my opinion, that can happen in a fighting game. I strongly believe DOA has the best mechanics to promote adaptation and strong fundamentals. The adaptation I watched throughout the games at KiT just proved that even more so to me and the hype had me on the edge of my seat for some sets. The atmosphere was also one of the most chill things I have ever felt. Coming from the smash scene, which can be a bit uninviting at times, the environment here was super chill and welcoming. I also learned about the competitive Facebook page and this website through players there so shout out to everyone who was super chill and I'm looking forward to my time in this community.

TL;DR: This community is straight balller and I know I'm gonna have a fun time.:cool:

And a Happy New Year of training for Team NINJA's 2017 Battle Royal! There is a new DOA5 Champion, and he goes by the name of @Rikuto. The best Bayman player not only took the title from JC Akira but the mid-boss also completely eviscerated one of his most challenging opponents. Last year we studied Akira, but 2017 looks to be the year of Bayman.

The forum is a great place to study and contribute to the community, but my favorite place happens to be the tournament category in the media section, which now has over 800 videos for your viewing pleasure.

Not only did Rikuto take out Bladez for title, but the reads were just unstoppable and Rikuto was on fire the entire time. He has successfully defeated the thorn in his side. After his epic tournament win the 2017 BR was officially announced.

1. Rikuto :bayman:
2. XcaliburBladeZ :helena::eliot:
3. Master:hayabusa:

The Top 16 Bracket
Day 1 Pools Replay

Tanii (Hitomi) and Kahliah (Tina) start off Top 8 and set the pace for the rest of this tournament. The first match went in Tanii's favor though both characters utilized their strengths. Kahliah was able to slow the second match down in the wrestling ring winning in the end using great patience and great holds. This is an example of how players adapt to others. The delay is really what may have helped most in the end.

Siologica (Genfu) and Master are next on the bracket and Siologica goes right in with Genfu using a lot of pressure to win the first game. Master wins the next game at Ninja Hideout in a last round, and wins the third in a last round after most people on stream thought he was about to lose. Both players did a good job of reading each other while getting their respective electric wall damage. You can tell by some dropped moves, and the crazy exchanges that both of these players were nervous. Great BT damage shown from Master to close this competitive set.

XcaliburBladeZ (Eliot) vs. Static Shock (Kokoro) Static does really well with Kokoro and pulled out a lot of offensive damage and mix-ups that most could never read, but XcaliburBladeZ was able pull it off and follow up with insane damage. He won both games, but there were plenty of times I thought Static was going to get the win on the Attack on Titan stage...