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"Heroes Never Sleep"
- LordXav1er

This man needs no introduction and this interview definitely speaks for itself. Players know him for his enthusiasm and high level skill set for his one and only Hitomi. He has been leveling up each and every tournament and consistently getting better from it. Watch out for him in the next major. He is Lord Xavier.

What's your name? Gaming Alias?

Xavier Leigh Burrell, Xavier got it from my mom whose a big X-men fan [Storm is her favorite super hero] and Leigh from my dad who loves Bruce Lee just spelled it different. Last name is just my mom’s side maybe this foreshadows me being a huge momma’s boy? [Yeah get your laughs out now while you can…]

<3 Mom
I’m sure by now everyone knows me as LordXav1er which I made way back when I was like 9 or 10 from playing Runescape online a lot. Others may just call me Lord X or X.


Where is the place you call home? Best places to do and eat?

Born and raised in North / South Kingston, Rhode Island till age of 9 then moved to Providence, Rhode Island for better opportunities been here ever since now I am 24 about to be 25 on September 30th end of this month will creep up fast. My second home is now X1 Elite Gaming Lounge which I invite all of you to check it out sometime we are located at 725 Branch Ave Providence, Rhode Island 02904 call 401-444-0835 for more details.

There is actually a lot to do in in the smallest state called Rhode Island making it a great tourist spot for just about anything food, gaming, attractions, etc it is all here and if you still bored drive a few hours around New England. MA & CT...

Even if Core Fighters is a F2P title, 10 million downloads can be something to boast about. This milestone goes beyond any other number the series has hoped to achieve, and I think this is largely contributed to the intense and thought-provoking gameplay. Even if we all want DOA6 at this point, it's important not to undermine the achievement that DOA5 itself has been.

Since the beginning, the most important aspect has been the community keeping the game alive as displayed in Team NINJA's recent Top 8 Summer Jam XI uploads. You simply don't have matches like these from a game with a 1-year lifespan. With that being said, how long of a lifespan do you think a DOA installment should last before the next era of fighting emerges?

With DOA5's lasting appeal and 2017 closing out Team NINJA's DOA5 Costume DLC, could we finally get that DOA6 reveal at NEC? Expect an analysis of Team NINJA's controversial TGS and more information pertaining to NEC this week. It's almost time for the big show-down, so saddle up community!
The game intentionally delays the start of your attacks by 1 frame in order to properly add leniency to multi-button moves (such as 2H+P+K aka the Side Step command). But this is not always true. This delay gets "bypassed" in 2 common scenarios:
- the actual attack blocking function (H) activates 1 frame earlier than the blocking animation does, which is why inputting a frame perfect Hold at an incoming attack will Block it instead of Holding it;
- wake up actions executed while lying on the floor start 1 frame earlier compared to standing. Here's a little demonstration with P+K that shows the difference between the two:

For reference, the Street Fighter series handles it differently: no delay is added, but 1 frame of leniency still exists. Nearly every move can be cancelled on the 2nd frame if you immediately override them with other moves that have higher priority. This can be exploited to perform moves that move you forward more (e.g. kara throw, kara shoryuken).

Tekken has no such mechanic, and it shows. Executing moves that need multiple buttons such as a simple LP+RP without the help of macros or buffer tricks must be done at the same exact frame, there is no leniency.

Standing moves happen 1 frame later for accessibility reasons. Not true for grounded moves since they happen 1 frame earlier than that. Blocking also happens 1 frame earlier.
The FSD community has been playing Dead or Alive 5 for five years, but since then a lot has changed and we have more fighters showing up to tournaments that are new players as made evident by the 2017 Battle Royal. Team NINJA boasts well over 9 million Core Fighters Downloads and this skew has provided people a chance to play the fighter they always wondered about. Because of this, @MASTER provides great information on the Triangle System -- the bread and butter of DOA combat in Team NINJA's latest tutorial video.

It's not weird that this is coming out now because it seems to provide hints to a new game and if DOA6 were to be that new game it's not like they would take out every mechanic that was in DOA5 and make a cel-shaded 2D fighter. If you are new to the community it would seem that playing DOA5 would be good prep work for a new release or even just to improve your game now. And Master and Emperor Cow can provide you what you need to take your skills up a notch.

Master and @DestructionBomb are experts of the triangle mechanic

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"We are all gamers at heart that happen to like DOA."
- Gill Hustle

Hey guys! A1R GEAR is back at it with another series of interviews. I currently have 5 interviews (including this one) that will be released in the coming weeks. Who those players will be anyone's guess. However, they are players you have been clamoring about for a very long while. *Hint Hint* I live in Japan and have lots of connections with a particular community.

This person has been behind the scenes in this community for a extended period of time. He has sponsored players and even sent them to Japan to show how strong we are as a DOA force. He also has established a network of players to form as a strong team and has garnered astonishing results from many major events. Without further adieu, this is UGS Gill Hustle.

What's your name and gaming alias?

Greg Nicolas aka UGS|Gill Hustle, Gill Hustle, Gill, Gilliam, and Grizz

Who are your main characters? Costume of choice?

Tina was my first DOA character based on the fact she was a female wrestler type and she had a bunch of semi complex/unique moves.

DOA2: I used Kasumi and DOA3: Ayane and usually those 2 in all later titles.

Costumes would be Tina's wrestling spandex Mila has now, Kasumi default DOA2 is classic and Ayane DOA2U C11 and C12

That is a lot of nicknames! What is the place you call home? What do you recommend the best places to do and eat?

Boston, Massachusetts.

Stuff to do here? Lots depends what you're into. Sports Teams, History, Night Life, Schools, Conventions etc. A lot goes on here.

But if your talking gaming, got a few venues to check out :).

A major spot is Game Underground in the Framingham Mall. It is a family friendly arcade that host weekly fighting events and monthlies.

Also just had another place pop up on Boston University...

This video is meant to shed some light on what Raidou is capable of in ver. 1.10A. It goes over B&B setups, Critical Burst setups, Power launcher combos (indoors and outdoors), as well as environmental combos. All the combos displayed in the video CANNOT be stagger escaped, which means that your opponent is put in a situation where he is forced to guess and risk a hold.

Team NINJA Youtube | Summer Jam XI Results | Big E Gaming

These spectacular fights were made possible by the dedicated community, Team NINJA and Big E Gaming. The Battle Royal series for DOA5 has been intense and will continue to be as we head into our main event, NEC XVIII.

Show your fighting spirit at the next major, fighters!

Dead or Alive 5 has been around since 2012, but the dedicated competitive scene, collaborative efforts, and DLC have kept it relevant to garner screen time from Team NINJA at this year's Tokyo game show. Because of this, it makes sense that some dedicated players wait for DOA6 while others continue to contribute to the Last Round iteration. Either way, you can't help but be excited for what could be in store for the community, and the intrigue that this scheduling has caused.

Last year there was plenty of hype pertaining to DLC character Mai Shiranui, a King of Fighters character that brought in interest more comparable to Marie Rose than other DLC characters such as Nyo or Phase 4. Even Raidou and Honoka as the new premium characters for Last Round were said to not deliver where it counts most, and crossover character Naotora followed that pattern bringing in very little interest to the offline scene. By that standard, it's hard to see how they will add a character that can add enough interest for DOA5 to remain relevant unless it's an incredibly special reveal.

Have you seen enough costume DLC?

A Final Fantasy character (Tifa anyone) with the tie into Team NINJA's development on Final Fantasy Dissidia NT could work, or perhaps a continued DOA5 crossover to the inspirational Virtua Fighter series seems likely to generate interest. The big red flag would be just getting another collaborative costume DLC. The community enjoys the variety and has been directly involved by submitting designs, but many have doubts it would be enough to satisfy Team NINJA's customer-base.

DOA6 could be in the works, but it's not a guarantee it will show up at TGS. Maybe DOA5 is there as a surprise place-holder, or maybe Team...
Ozhadou Nationals 15 is coming on September 15-17 and there will be a DOA5LR side tournament

Register here:
And then sign up to Bracket: http://challonge.com/OHN15DOA

OHN Social

DOA starts at 5pm Saturday 16th!

DOA will be partnered with the Virtua Fighter space, which is a medal game. VF is scheduled to finish (or be close to final) at 5pm. I'll be running the tournament, feel free to ask any questions.

So if you love some fighting games and want to play DOA in Sydney, now is your chance!
Stream - After VF on www.twitch.tv/gamrah

What happened at the last major for DOA5LR? Battle Arena Melbourne 9 (BAM9) Top 4

For more on Australian DOA there's a facebook group here:

And monthly events in Melbourne are at CouchWarriors
www.facebook.com/couchwarriors (Events section FGC events)

Team NINJA has tried video series before, but now with Master's advanced knowledge of the games, we could expect a lot more out of the productions. You can subscribe to Team NINJA's Youtube page and feel free to share news stories like this to your social media that will help with raising exposure for Dead or Alive and the offline scene.

For more incredible DOA Youtube content, subscribe to @EMPEROR_COW to get some of the best combo videos available for Last Round, and even the other iterations if you want to see how the game has changed since 2012.