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This video is meant to shed some light on what Raidou is capable of in ver. 1.10A. It goes over B&B setups, Critical Burst setups, Power launcher combos (indoors and outdoors), as well as environmental combos. All the combos displayed in the video CANNOT be stagger escaped, which means that your opponent is put in a situation where he is forced to guess and risk a hold.

Team NINJA Youtube | Summer Jam XI Results | Big E Gaming

These spectacular fights were made possible by the dedicated community, Team NINJA and Big E Gaming. The Battle Royal series for DOA5 has been intense and will continue to be as we head into our main event, NEC XVIII.

Show your fighting spirit at the next major, fighters!

Dead or Alive 5 has been around since 2012, but the dedicated competitive scene, collaborative efforts, and DLC have kept it relevant to garner screen time from Team NINJA at this year's Tokyo game show. Because of this, it makes sense that some dedicated players wait for DOA6 while others continue to contribute to the Last Round iteration. Either way, you can't help but be excited for what could be in store for the community, and the intrigue that this scheduling has caused.

Last year there was plenty of hype pertaining to DLC character Mai Shiranui, a King of Fighters character that brought in interest more comparable to Marie Rose than other DLC characters such as Nyo or Phase 4. Even Raidou and Honoka as the new premium characters for Last Round were said to not deliver where it counts most, and crossover character Naotora followed that pattern bringing in very little interest to the offline scene. By that standard, it's hard to see how they will add a character that can add enough interest for DOA5 to remain relevant unless it's an incredibly special reveal.

Have you seen enough costume DLC?

A Final Fantasy character (Tifa anyone) with the tie into Team NINJA's development on Final Fantasy Dissidia NT could work, or perhaps a continued DOA5 crossover to the inspirational Virtua Fighter series seems likely to generate interest. The big red flag would be just getting another collaborative costume DLC. The community enjoys the variety and has been directly involved by submitting designs, but many have doubts it would be enough to satisfy Team NINJA's customer-base.

DOA6 could be in the works, but it's not a guarantee it will show up at TGS. Maybe DOA5 is there as a surprise place-holder, or maybe Team...
Ozhadou Nationals 15 is coming on September 15-17 and there will be a DOA5LR side tournament

Register here:
And then sign up to Bracket: http://challonge.com/OHN15DOA

OHN Social

DOA starts at 5pm Saturday 16th!

DOA will be partnered with the Virtua Fighter space, which is a medal game. VF is scheduled to finish (or be close to final) at 5pm. I'll be running the tournament, feel free to ask any questions.

So if you love some fighting games and want to play DOA in Sydney, now is your chance!
Stream - After VF on www.twitch.tv/gamrah

What happened at the last major for DOA5LR? Battle Arena Melbourne 9 (BAM9) Top 4

For more on Australian DOA there's a facebook group here:

And monthly events in Melbourne are at CouchWarriors
www.facebook.com/couchwarriors (Events section FGC events)

Team NINJA has tried video series before, but now with Master's advanced knowledge of the games, we could expect a lot more out of the productions. You can subscribe to Team NINJA's Youtube page and feel free to share news stories like this to your social media that will help with raising exposure for Dead or Alive and the offline scene.

For more incredible DOA Youtube content, subscribe to @EMPEROR_COW to get some of the best combo videos available for Last Round, and even the other iterations if you want to see how the game has changed since 2012.

Right now ESL (Electronic Sports League) has been running Dead or Alive 5: Last Round online tournaments every week on Saturdays for European players (Japan actually has its own ESL as well) for the last 2 months. It's new and I think it has been pretty fun so far. In the last tournament, Master streamed/commentated the Grand Finals on his Twitch channel.

I'm posting this here to catch any stragglers that might not know about the opportunity as the EU doesn't have too many offline tournaments to look forward to. I highly encourage it and if anyone is interested, please sign up or at least spread the word to someone that could be interested. The ESL website is easy to manage and the mods do a good job at solving any disputes. And it's free, so why not try your hand? That is all.

As some of you may be aware, a new Final Fantasy fighting game has been recently catching on to western shores upon its official announcement on PS4 during this year's E3, and more recently at Evo 2017 with the announcement of a closed online beta, which is now in progress.

Developed by Team Ninja (the masterminds behind Dead or Alive, Ninja Gaiden, and more recently, the critically-acclaimed Nioh), that title was aptly named "Dissidia Final Fantasy NT" (the abbreviations coined by Square themselves as "New Tale"). This game is an upcoming enhanced console port of "Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade", which launched exclusively in Japan for at least one year on November 2015, which was met with lots of updates and continuous balancing ever since release. Helming this ambitious project are producers Ichiro Hazawa and Team Ninja's very own Yosuke Hayashi, with Takeo Kujiraoka reprising his role as the game's director.


For those not familiar with Dissidia, this game is essentially Square Enix's own take on Super Smash Bros., conveniently taking all the popular characters from the mainline series and having them lay the smack down on each other. Ever wanted Kefka and Sephiroth to fight for supremacy among popular villains? Ever wondered who would win in a gunblade duel between Lightning and Squall? Ever wanted to beat up Vaan for being an unimportant character in his own game that somehow making the cut in the playable roster over Ashe, Balthier, and Fran? It's all possible here!

Dissidia is quite different and unique from other fighting games. The game's setting is based upon a 3D arena from a third-person view (similar to games such as Dragonball Xenoverse, Armored Core, etc.), with each stage paying homage to some of the most iconic scenery in the mainline Final Fantasy games, such as Midgar from Final Fantasy 7, Narshe from Final Fantasy 6,...
After a long hiatus, I'm BACK !!! Sorry to have kept you guys waiting! :)

This video is meant to shed some light on what Honoka is capable of in ver. 1.10A. It goes over B&B setups, Critical Burst setups, Power launcher combos (indoors and outdoors), as well as environmental combos. All the combos displayed in the video CANNOT be stagger escaped, which means that your opponent is put in a situation where he is forced to guess and risk a hold.

for the JP version click here:
Top 8 Stream | Standings
1st Bladez | 2nd Kwiggle | 3rd Sonic Fox | 4th GHP Guy​

:christie:Kwiggle vs Bladez:eliot:

The community has seen this match over 1,000 times, but somehow you can still see the desperation and the struggle between them both when they fight. They have real match chemistry because they are input experts as shown with combos, zoning, and environmental damage.

:mai::bass:Matt Ponton vs. Killy :lisa::tina:

Now, this is a matchup we do not get see that often if at all. This might be the first time I've even seen this matchup at a DOA5 tournament. If you remember another instance, let it be known in the comments.

Matt Ponton goes off the wall in the Azuchi ninja hideout with Mai to combatant Killy's Lisa. Matt puts on a great offense, using a wide array of moves outside on the rooftops. He uses mix-ups to keep Killy confused and puts him on the defense. Easily defeats one of the top players of the tournament this match.

Killy quickly switches to his main star, Tina, and they begin on Scramble and the offense begins on Mai. You can see a more comfortable defense from Killy so Matt begins to throw him, but Killy's offense is too strong and he makes great transitions to get the quick win on Scramble.

So Matt makes his switch to Bass, and we see a jumping power bomb in the desert right away. Low throws from Tina, and ground grabs. They both zone and fish for stuns. We see a shining wizard from Tina and more ground grabs than I think I have ever seen. All of this throws off Matt completely in this match and loses the...

These highlights are from yesterday's pools. The annual Summer event is just getting started, but already we have a wide array of moments that capture great sportsmanship, the skill of DOA players and tech you don't see every day.

Killy and Jager take back and forth shots at each other

The DOA legend takes on a ferocious NoctTengu

Rachel/NyoTengu matchup is epic

Super competitive match between Kwiggle and Maleficent

Watch all of the matches from pools at FunkyP