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1. Kwiggle
2. Crazy Steady
3. Hajin

If you've missed any of the tournament this far you can check out all of the matches at primdirectivegaming's twitch channel. The charity show is still going now and results will be posted later after the event. You are getting a great viewing of tournament regulars: Crazy Steady, Shazzmatazzles, Hajin, Kwiggle (surprise!), Black Moon Rising and more -- so stay tuned with this West Coast Major staple.

Remember that Mai will be available to download on PSN and XBL 9.13.16 -- this is one of the most important days of the year, so be sure to mark it on you calendar if you haven't already. The always awesome and exciting Cali Crush tournament is happening this weekend and will be the LAST DOA event to not have Mai as a playable character... don't miss Kasumi's last tournament before she is brutally murdered by Mai off the tier list completely.

But there are plenty more reasons to not miss Cali Crush... Crazy Steady and Hajin will be getting into it in a FT10 -- we knew they were going to fight in some way so why not do it big? You can always feel the intensity when these players fight; expect a brutal set here.

The Cali Crush tournament has been a fantastic showcase of players we don't get to see at every event, and they have been dedicated to keeping it going for I believe three years now. I think the Cali group has done a tremendous job of giving this community the perfect combination of education and entertainment for any player interested in DOA5. You can further your involvement by sharing and observing their Facebook Group. Check it out!

Prepare yourself for this weekend, because DOA's about to get Crushed!

Hey there ladies and gents, HajinShinobi here, team UGS and I (aka Ultimate Gaming Style) will yet again, be hosting a live 24 hour stream all weekend long. Starting this Saturday @ 12pm Eastern till Sunday 12pm Eastern.

We are holding another raffle, to participate in the raffle you must donate a minimum of $5. The highest donation will receive a DOA Festival 2016 Kasumi+Marie Rose DLC code for PS4, and a Kasumi Mash Harder T-Shirt. Other participates in our raffle will have a chance to win a $20 PSN card during the raffle as well. As well as a Kasumi Mash Harder T-Shirt.

The raffle will take place near the end of the stream on Sunday. You are able to donate anytime within the 24-hour stream.

We will be streaming Dead or Alive 5 Last Round, Street Fighter 5, King of Fighters 14, Overwatch, Smite, Xenoblade Chronicles X, Nioh Beta, God of War III Remastered, Resident Evil 4, and many more!!!

UGS member participates:

Bboy Dragon
Gill Hustle
Miss Maia
Sly Bass
XCalibur Bladez

Stream link: https://www.twitch.tv/ugslive

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/UGSLive/featured

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Ultimate-Gaming-Style-225442120852710/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel

* U.S Residents Only*


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Opinion: Dead or Alive 5 has not only proven to be a long lasting offline tournament game, but it's also contributed to breaking a curse of bad cross-overs. Sure we have seen some good ones over the years, but largely it's a topic in games that is not in our control to the slightest as it's a big business decision to even entertain the idea in the first place so just getting the exact crossover you want for your game can be incredibly rare.

We have seen the lamest cross-overs you could ever hope for such as: Yoda, Darth Vader, Kratos... Hello Kitty and Sonic... Mario in a NBA game. These have little meaning to me, but DOA5 has Virtua Fighter guest characters. Virtua Fighter inspired Dead or Alive's existence so it can be seen as a truly beautiful thing that these games exist within another now. The Virtua Fighter characters are well done additions to do the DOA cast, not just pointless throw-ins that get banned or can't compete.

The trend of great cross-overs continues with Mai from the Fatal Fury and King of Fighters games. We have seen more of her recently, and she looks to blend in right away with the DOA universe with her flashy and impressive move set to her stunning design. The Mai and Kasumi matchup is one I believe people have wanted to see for a long time, and maybe the tier list in DOA5 will be able to settle it once and for all.

It's also great to see the diversity of DOA5's roster. We have unique DLC characters that are great and still being studied today, we have four of the most popular Virtua Fighter characters, Akira being used by a world champion offline... and now Team NINJA is bringing in a character from one of the best 2D fighting series. It would be a real treat to get input from the King of Fighters community and to see them at offline events despite the gameplay differences. Mai has her own new...
Taking place in Dallas, TX this weekend, Absolute Battle played host to some of the finest players in the community. BBoyDragon made the trip down and some of Dallas' most well-known players were also in attendance. Surprising more than a few, Sweet Revenge appears to have located his controller and popped back up at a tournament for the first time in quite a while. MASTER was also in attendance, tossing Sweet Revenge into Losers after a close set. Sweet Revenge then battled back, taking the first set against MASTER in commanding fashion for the reset. The final set was much closer, with all signs pointing to MASTER taking it before an impressive rally brought SR the 'W'.

Check the stream archive below. The tournament runs from about the 12:00 mark to about 3:02 on the timeline.


With the upcoming launch of a new addition to the Dead or Alive 5 Last Round roster, there is a lot of hype within the DoA community. In the spirit of keeping the hype train moving, we thought it would be a grand idea to let everyone know that the Battle Royal 2016 finale, NEC 17, now has its pre-registration page up and running. The tournament will take place in Philadelphia, PA at the Valley Forge Casino Resort from December 16-18, 2016. We know that most of our readers didn't even make it to the first sentence of this article, what with the article title sending them scrambling to the pre-reg page over at Big E's site, but there is always more news around these parts. What's better than locking in your registration for the biggest Dead or Alive tournament of the year?

Saving money!

Getting your registration done within the next three weeks gets you the low, low cost of $25 (plus a $2 processing fee) for the venue. After that, pick the games you want to enter tournaments for at $10 each and rest easy knowing you can avoid the often lengthy lines at the door. That's extra time for getting in casuals, confirming that Mr. Wah really does look just like Bass, and making sure you get in a proper shower before being near other human beings!

Now, even though registration for the big finale to Battle Royal 2016 is already live, don't forget about the remaining qualifier events for the rest of the year. We have Cali Crush and Republic of Fighters in September, followed by The Fall Classic in October. Each of these events showcase some of the highest-level play from top contenders in the community. The...
For your convenince I've taken the time to translate everything myself for you guys,/
My japanese is awful but this might give you better insight on the changes to come.

[DISCLAIMER: Not all of these changes are 100% accurate in translation, please let me know if there is something wrong and I will adjust it]

Changes / Bug Fixes

- Mai Shiranui has been added to the roster. (Receives a theme and costume set)

- Character Selection: The position for the random slot has now been changed.



- 66T~2T : in the instance that the throw lands on hi counter near a wall, it has been fixed so that the damage output isn't the same as the regular counter throw.

- 6P+K4, Ongyoin's transition as been reduced from 12 to 11 frames during 6P (???)

:jannlee:[Jann Lee]
- BT 2K now has tracking.

:bass::Mr. Strong:[Bass]
- 4H+K Fully charged is now +13 on block (used to be +8)

- 1PP : The second hit has changed from 17(14)14, to 17(3)25
- BT 6P : will now share the same properties as 66P (???)

- 8P now tracks
- 33P+K fixed a bug where her power launcher would not reach its maximum height

- Strings involving Just Frame 46P is now +2 on block (used to be -3) these strings involve: PP46P, 66P46P, P+K46P, P+KPP+KPKPPPP+K46P, and 2P+K46P.
- P4P: is now -5 on normal hit (used to be -6)
- 1K4P: Is now -6 on normal hit (Used to be +0), it is also now -6F on block. (Used to be -5)

:La Mariposa::lisa:[La Mariposa / Lisa]
- 1PKKK and 4KKK, are now GB’s and are -1 on block.

PPK, 6PK, 6K : Fixed a bug where opponents would fly to the front or rear direction. (No Height increase)

:marierose:[Marie Rose]
- 236P and Last hit of PPPP now does 32 Damage (used to do 30)
- 7H, 4H, 6H, 1H now all deal 62DMG (used to be 60DMG)
- Holds versus Jumping P and K now deals 67DMG (was 65 DMG)

:phase4:[Phase 4]
- 46T received a damage buff going from 25DMG to 30DMG

- P+K is now i10(3)23 (used to be i11(3)23)
- 4H+K [Max Charge] is now increased from +8 to +13
- Back Turned K has been changed into a GB, it is now -3 (used to be -15)

- 2P+K46P is now +1 on block (used to be -4)
- 6T has received a damage buff. From 28 to 32DMG and now leaves her at +9

-236K has been changed into a GB. It is now -2 instead of -5 on block.

- 4PP: Advantage on block is now decreased from -3F to -1F
- 3K: Advantage on block is now decreased from -6F to -5F
- 214P+K: Advantage on block is now increased from -5F to-9F
- 2H + K: Advantage on block is now increased from -9F to -12F
- 3H + K: change the guard rigidity difference in -6F⇒-9F. And small adjust the press at the time of guard
- 16T: Throw speed is now i10, Damage has increased from 25 to 32.

- 9K : now causes a GB and is -4 on block.

:naotora:[Naotora Ii]
- The following attacks have now been given a height adjustment during juggles.
PPP, 66P, PPK, 6PKK, 4KK, KKKK6K, and BT 4P
- K : Now tracks, and will be -5 on block. (Used to be -13)
- KK6K, 9K : are now -9 on block. (used to be -14)
- 6KK and 6KKKK stuns have been given better properties (will now cause sit down stuns (??))
- BACK TURNED P fixed a bug where critical stun has occurred during Counter Hit
- BACK TURNED K fixed a bug where her purple trail is not visible
- Ii Family Creed: P+K, changed her status to crouching status during recovery

I'm simply just a player in Maryland who's desire is just to become a better player. As the days flew by and time had wound down. I carefully studied my character's in's and out's whilst preparing for the events to come. Generally people know me as "YinCrescent" or by my gag name "The Worst Kokoro". I spent my time training casually on Tuesdays and Thursday with players around my area. Those of which being Mr. Wah , Alithical, Millie_Andretti, SonicNiGHTS (KokoraZone), TakeshiRyota, HitomiKuma, CookingMama, VirtuaKazama, and X Zero. But there was also an unexpected guest who appeared from New York, and that would be none other than Rikuto himself.

I went to go play casuals on a tuesday night while he was at Mr.Wah's house. Oddly enough I'm surprised at how I held up against him. It took me a while to adjust myself because I had no idea how to approach his Bayman. After several matches I went home to study up. Summer Jam X had already started but DOA's event wasn't until so we had a bit more time to practice before we headed out. On friday (19th) I checked my pool assignment to see who was there. Oddly enough SonicNiGHTS (KokoraZone) was with me in my pool. But there was also two other players in there that gave me an instant red flag SonicFox and Nashfan. I wasn't too worried but I looked forward to the possible encounter we could have instead of complaining or having a negative state of mind.

Later it was finally time... The long agonizing moment I've been waiting for was finally here. that evening around 6PM we all made our Journey en route to Essington, Pennsylvania. I stuffed myself in the back of Alithical's RAV4 along with Millie, Sonic, and HitomiKuma. During the drive we passed by...
Battle Royal Summer Jam X Results
Congrats are in order to @XcaliburBladeZ for not only winning Summer Jam X; but also for winning yet another chapter in the 2016 Team NINJA Battle Royal. If you missed SJX live why not stream it right now via Team Sp00ky's Channel? The event starts 3h15m into the video link provided.

Top 8 started exactly how I wanted it: no Kasumi, no Phase 4 -- and no Christie. In the refreshing startup matchup we see @Jaegar and his seasoned Rig take on the mid-boss himself @Rikuto. I think the community needed to see a match-up like this because many don't get to see a Bayman perform to this calibur, and Jaegar is a player that's very good at maximizing his damage against heavy fighters.

This had to have been a very interesting Summer Jam experience for long-time player @Blackburry because not only did an unfortunate reset bury his momentum in a fight he was largely in control of, but before he even got to that he had to get through a very feisty and ready @LordXav1er matching the personality of his character Hitomi to a tee.

Despite seeing the Kasumi and Phase 4 matchup a lot... the community was incredibly impressed with the match between Shade and Kwiggle. They showed the importance of keeping the stage alive with incredible environmental awareness. As Matt Ponton said on commentary, you have to always keep the level in mind just as much as your opponent and chosen character. Despite not going to as many tournaments as usual, Shade impressed me showing no nerves, and good control of his main.

Grand Finals was good, but I've come to expect this Christie and Eliot matchup a lot at offline tournaments. I was hoping to see something new and exciting from Kwiggles and Bladez, but they took the safe route for this tournament and BladeZ won and also avoided a reset from Kwiggle. Though I am not saying the event was a let-down -- there were fantastic matches, a few...
Battle Royal Summer Jam X Streaming
Summer Jam 2016 Stream

Summer Jam is one our staple tournaments as it turned a lot of us to the possibility of DOA5 being taken seriously in the competitive offline scene... almost four years later we are still getting it done in DOA5. This tournament is part of Team NINJA's Battle Royal so expect to see the best possible matches from the community!

Thank you nycfurby for streaming this event for us, BigEGaming for being an awesome host the fourth year in a row -- and to Team NINJA for making this 2016 Battle Royal happen.