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As some of you may be aware, a new Final Fantasy fighting game has been recently catching on to western shores upon its official announcement on PS4 during this year's E3, and more recently at Evo 2017 with the announcement of a closed online beta, which is now in progress.

Developed by Team Ninja (the masterminds behind Dead or Alive, Ninja Gaiden, and more recently, the critically-acclaimed Nioh), that title was aptly named "Dissidia Final Fantasy NT" (the abbreviations coined by Square themselves as "New Tale"). This game is an upcoming enhanced console port of "Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade", which launched exclusively in Japan for at least one year on November 2015, which was met with lots of updates and continuous balancing ever since release. Helming this ambitious project are producers Ichiro Hazawa and Team Ninja's very own Yosuke Hayashi, with Takeo Kujiraoka reprising his role as the game's director.


For those not familiar with Dissidia, this game is essentially Square Enix's own take on Super Smash Bros., conveniently taking all the popular characters from the mainline series and having them lay the smack down on each other. Ever wanted Kefka and Sephiroth to fight for supremacy among popular villains? Ever wondered who would win in a gunblade duel between Lightning and Squall? Ever wanted to beat up Vaan for being an unimportant character in his own game that somehow making the cut in the playable roster over Ashe, Balthier, and Fran? It's all possible here!

Dissidia is quite different and unique from other fighting games. The game's setting is based upon a 3D arena from a third-person view (similar to games such as Dragonball Xenoverse, Armored Core, etc.), with each stage paying homage to some of the most iconic scenery in the mainline Final Fantasy games, such as Midgar from Final Fantasy 7, Narshe from Final Fantasy 6,...
After a long hiatus, I'm BACK !!! Sorry to have kept you guys waiting! :)

This video is meant to shed some light on what Honoka is capable of in ver. 1.10A. It goes over B&B setups, Critical Burst setups, Power launcher combos (indoors and outdoors), as well as environmental combos. All the combos displayed in the video CANNOT be stagger escaped, which means that your opponent is put in a situation where he is forced to guess and risk a hold.

for the JP version click here:
Top 8 Stream | Standings
1st Bladez | 2nd Kwiggle | 3rd Sonic Fox | 4th GHP Guy​

:christie:Kwiggle vs Bladez:eliot:

The community has seen this match over 1,000 times, but somehow you can still see the desperation and the struggle between them both when they fight. They have real match chemistry because they are input experts as shown with combos, zoning, and environmental damage.

:mai::bass:Matt Ponton vs. Killy :lisa::tina:

Now, this is a matchup we do not get see that often if at all. This might be the first time I've even seen this matchup at a DOA5 tournament. If you remember another instance, let it be known in the comments.

Matt Ponton goes off the wall in the Azuchi ninja hideout with Mai to combatant Killy's Lisa. Matt puts on a great offense, using a wide array of moves outside on the rooftops. He uses mix-ups to keep Killy confused and puts him on the defense. Easily defeats one of the top players of the tournament this match.

Killy quickly switches to his main star, Tina, and they begin on Scramble and the offense begins on Mai. You can see a more comfortable defense from Killy so Matt begins to throw him, but Killy's offense is too strong and he makes great transitions to get the quick win on Scramble.

So Matt makes his switch to Bass, and we see a jumping power bomb in the desert right away. Low throws from Tina, and ground grabs. They both zone and fish for stuns. We see a shining wizard from Tina and more ground grabs than I think I have ever seen. All of this throws off Matt completely in this match and loses the...

These highlights are from yesterday's pools. The annual Summer event is just getting started, but already we have a wide array of moments that capture great sportsmanship, the skill of DOA players and tech you don't see every day.

Killy and Jager take back and forth shots at each other

The DOA legend takes on a ferocious NoctTengu

Rachel/NyoTengu matchup is epic

Super competitive match between Kwiggle and Maleficent

Watch all of the matches from pools at FunkyP

Official Matches Begin at 1:01:25

Thanks to FunkyP, the broadcast replay for pools have already been made available for your viewing pleasure. Keep checking FSD for more coverage pertaining to Team NINJA's Summer blockbuster event.​

Are you ready fighters? The 5th chapter of our Summer Jam saga begins tomorrow at 1 pm EST. The competitors will be slugging it out on stream via FunkyP for a Team NINJA sponsorship to NEC and a nice $1,000 pot bonus. I talked to Killy after his impressive victory with Tina at Final Round XX, and his fearless nature might make him the number one contender for first place at this Battle Royal event:
Team NINJA is probably doing the best they have ever done with not only enticing new players but also continuing a trend of releasing regular DOA content. If you look through Team NINJA's history of incredible games you will notice right away none of them have come close to the nine million mark. Even though it is free to play Core Fighters, exposure and getting people to play your game is the most important thing in 2017.

The developer has also supported the identity of the players well with the Battle Royal tournament for the hardcore players, and continuous DLC for people that want to be stylish and wear what they want with their mains. It's hard to believe we are on the 7th season pass.

For those that want DOA threads of their own check out the FSD Shop for great designs you can't get anywhere else. Not even as DLC.


Summer Jam XI is this weekend, but we do have some breaking news in the community.

For more than ten years, @MASTER has been active in the DOA community since the beginning, whether he is doing commentary or competing in tournaments.

It was recently announced today that MASTER is the new Community Manager at Team NINJA. Here's what he had to say about his new role:

“Today I'm Honored to announce that I am the new community manager for Team NINJA. This opportunity was only possible because of the team's dedicated fans and the people that have continued to support me during my gaming career. I want to thank Team NINJA for bringing me into their family but most importantly I want to remind the community that this is a huge opportunity for us. I reach out to my ninjas for support once more as WE begin this new journey together and I hope to make everyone proud. #Thankful#Community#MyNinjas

On behalf of FSD Community, we would like to congratulate MASTER on his new role at Team NINJA and wish him well on his new career.
Summer Jam has always provided this community spectacular talent with a lasting highlight reel of crazy moments. The window is closing on time to pre-register for this Battle Royal tournament with a $1,000 pot bonus and a sponsored trip to NECXVIII for 1st place paid for by Team NINJA. Now is the time to put all of you skills to the test. It's time to break bones and smash bodies.

From Lopedo's pre-release victory to XcaliburBladeZ dethroning Kwiggle's Christie with Eliot -- anything can happen at Summer Jam, but it can also be a huge game changer for future tournaments in the season. Let it be known in the comments if you are attending! For everyone else pre-registration closes 7/21 and last call started 7/15.

Now might also be a good time to look around at the FSD shop for tournament threads. I really happen to like the Tengu Princess because it's unique to find any type of physical merch for Nyo-Tengu, and the colors are nice and light for Summer!
ESL put on two DOA events this week, one in Japan and one in Europe. The Japanese event went fine and there was no controversy there; but the European event went down a different path that involved one of the most popular competitive players getting screwed by a random.

The player lied to ESL using an alternative "GehaktbaI" name

There was little to no moderation in this event so the player was quite the crafty exploit. @Gehaktbal also provides proof of his lagless victory in another video. This is something all players should be prepared to do if they plan on participating in any online event as they become a more popular option for those that can not travel.

The player rage quits after being dominated by the real Gehaktal

UPDATE: After displaying the proper evidence, ESL has overturned the ruling in Jim's favor! Congrats, Gehaktbal.