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Congrats to our champion, AvoJetLife, for winning the last Bi-weekly.

This is the official FreeStepDodge online biweekly tournament for Dead or Alive 5 Last Round.

The next biweekly online tournament will be on June 19th, 2017 at 8:35pm EST. You can sign up for the tournament on right here. Be sure when signing up to use your PSN name, so that it is easier to get a hold of players.

Registration will end at 8:35pm EST on the dot. After that there will be a quick shuffling of the registered players and then the tournament will begin. Please sign up using your PSN id's. This will make it easier for me to get in contact with the players. Also please check in the twitch stream chat lobby so it will be easiest to arrange matches.

Registration: http://challonge.com/tournaments/signup/4KG84LyXD7

Stream will be on www.twitch.tv/thegvn


  • Playstation 4 only
  • Rounds are set to a 60 second time limit
  • Life is set to Normal
  • First to 3 rounds per match
  • First to 2 matches per set, except for the Winner, Loser, and Grand Finals
  • First to 3 matches per set for Winner, Loser, and Grand Finals
  • Dangerzones are set to On
  • Random Stage select
  • Dojo is banned, remove from random filter.
  • Winner Lock is Enabled
  • Random Character can be chosen, but if the player wins s/he must choose the same character for the following match.
Players will be DQ'd if they do not arrive for their match in 5 minutes.

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Before we begin, we're going to list several move properties.

These are all the statuses shown by the in-game move details window along with their internal IDs.
0 Standing
1 Crouching
2 Down
3 Jumping
4 Jump (evade lows)
5 Jump
6 Squatting

And these are the various Throw/OH types.
1 High = hits standing and squatting targets
2 Medium = Throws/OHs don't use this target, so we don't need to care
3 Low = hits crouching and squatting targets
4 Ground (uncommon) = hits down opponents
8 Air (uncommon) = hits jump opponents
255 multiple (extremely rare) = sometimes Throws/OHs can hit multiple targets at the same time such as Bass Side Step Throw (High+Squatting+Air) or Bayman 3P+KT OH (High+Squatting+Ground)

Now we're going to take a deeper look at the Jump-related statuses and some peculiarities.
- Jumping and Jump seem to be mechanically identical
- during Jump (evade lows) you're invincible to all Low Strikes
- every status that starts with Jump in its name makes you invincible to High/Low/Ground Throws and OHs
- notice how I didn't list Air. Because of Bass Side Step Throw unique properties, he is able to hit any move in the air, even during the Strike startup or active frames of those, thus effectively bypassing the "Strikes beat Throws" part of the triangle system

(click here for more Bass Side Step Throw action)

This time we'll look into a different hidden Jump status, which from now on I'm going to call Airborne status.
- together with Jumping/Jump (evade lows)/Jump statuses, there's also this little known Airborne status which dictates weather or not a move is "truly" in the air or not. This Airborne property is actually a separate HIDDEN undocumented value not shown anywhere (until now ;-). Internally, the flag is equal to 0 when the frame...
While it may not come off as a surprise, it's important to mention that the beast, JC Akira will be making his way back to the States for NEC XVIII after earning the opportunity at the pre-tournament EVO Japan. This is the second tournament in Team NINJA's 2017 Battle Royal and was also an International affair. Top 4 might be all that is available now, but more recordings of the event are expected to be released on FSD's YouTube.

The Japanese players continue to impress everyone with their defensive strategies that now bolster higher speed and better reaction times made evident by JC Akira and Kobun (Hayate) in the first match of Top 4.

Run that Back plays as Mai and stays true to the name with impressive speed and well-utilized range against Tanni's Zack who was able to adapt for the next game with incredible zoning and defensive strategies. Run that Back moved on to fight Kobun and was successful. They were very focused on their first fight, and props must be given to both of them for not falling off the Scramble level until the end. Run Back came into his own in the second fight and defeated Kobun with haste.

So Run that Back definitely earned his spot against JC Akira in the Grand Final. Akira and Mai duke it out on the streets in the first game and immediately we see thought provoking exchanges between them both proving you just can't mash buttons in DOA to win. This Mai just knows how to poke and stun unlike any other Mai player I've seen for DOA. All over her tools are being utilized to the maximum in this fight -- but it's just hard for her to get enough damage going up against Akira's combos, strength, fuzzy guards and reads.

At the Circus you watch Run that Back fight for his life as JC Akira wouldn't let Mai get anything started; this Mai bit and tore her way through him to get just two round wins in a great effort. In the final swing, Akira goes...

Team NINJA is coming out with a lot of new, successful content and while Nioh might be a huge priority at the moment it's nice to see patch updates are still coming out for DOA5 almost five years after it was released. This patch doesn't add a lot, but it does change a few things up and the community is talking about it.

You can watch Master stream his response to Hayabusa's changes live via Twitch. He is now presenting Ryu Hayabusa and the History of the Handstand.

Hi Everyone! I have been working with the community and my little fighting game media outlet, Arcade Sensei, to create a knowledge bank for everyone who enjoys DOA5LR. We have compiled a full character guide and frame data list. The guides aren't built to give you big damage combos. They're designed to help you get a better understanding of the mechanics and thought process you should have when playing your character at a high level.

Full Character Guide & Frame Data - Created By Arcade Sensei

These guides are going to be live files. This means that if we find new information or are provided new information, we will update the document. If you find new tech and want to let us know, email us at arcadesensei@gmail.com. Title the email with "New Tech For (Character Name)". If it is valid, we'll add it to the guide and list you as a contributor.
I made an updated blog of Why Should you go to Tournaments? This blog was for a grade. So I highlighted some key points that new competitors should know or at least that I feel that they should know. I hope you all enjoy the blog entry and will post my older one here as well with the Tournament Newbie Thread.


Older Blog: http://www.freestepdodge.com/threads/why-should-i-go-to-tournaments.4519/

@CyberEvil's Tournament Newbie Help Thread: http://www.freestepdodge.com/threads/tournament-newbie-help-thread.2545/

Blog Entry Reads as followed:

So you want to start traveling and competing? First off, congratulations to you! You have taken the first step in becoming a competitor. Now, you must follow the concepts of becoming a solid player. Competing in fighting games are fun, yet challenging. There are some things that you must know when preparing for battle. You must start from scratch.

  • Changing your outlook on fighting games and how long will it take you to learn them
This is the most important one because most players fall under this category. At first, they're all excited to get into a game with very high expectations, but the moment that they run into a match with someone who's at a higher skill level (and lose in such a demoralizing matter), they go to doubting themselves. This is a part of the process. You must play someone either on the same skill level or higher in order to get stronger because they are the ones who can provide solid feedback in your gameplay. This in return will help you go into the training lab and perfect your technique. Fighting games will take you some time. This is something that you must remember. Most...

Hayate pro @Rojikku explains the matchup in his informative tutorial series. He gives a shout out to @Force_of_Nature for inspiration.

This is a new monthly video series I will be doing for DOA5LR, where I will be helping players to understand how to deal with certain match-ups using specific characters in the cast. I hope you guys enjoy it! PLEASE leave a like, a comment, and a SUB if you enjoyed this content!

Thanks for checking out my content! PLEASE be sure to hit the subscribe button if you enjoyed this video! Also, Be sure to catch me on my social websites!

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Rojikku is always up to answering questions, and streams regularly on his Twitch.

This video is provided by @DestructionBomb, and with the description he also provides a great Q&A:

1) What are the attack inputs when you jump over the environments?

The command moves are:​

-While Landing- :P:
-While Landing- :K:
T (Throw/:H+P:)​

There are 5 moves in total and they are not listed within your move commands.

*While landing* means to hit the attack command when you are about to touch the ground after vaulting in the air, or as you are descending.

2) Will this work after jumping over the sandbags in Hot Zone? and how many stages have this?

Yes. What you see here will work the same way in Hot Zone, just without the open cliff behind that makes them fall off and there is only two stages currently for that environment. (Hot Zone and The Ends of the Earth).

3) I see attacks that looks like it has follow ups after it, do they have follow ups after these certain X/Y moves?

Yes, provided the actual move on the actual command list has string attacks after it. Eliot for example, has his 2H+K converted to -while landing- K here, but the string follow up also returns in this case so the follow up attack would be -while landing- KP. Phase is another example with K and the moment you splat them into the environment. I provided an example on her portion.

If there's anything missing, let me know right away when possible within the comments.

4) What's the purpose of this? what's the point when only two stages has this?

The purpose of this is to provide knowledge on one of the important elements to DOA. The environment. What you see here can be the climax to doing unpredictable damage or to win a close round/match. It's not very often that these environments will trigger, but it's useful to know this as well as showing overlooked/underrated mechanic or attacks that people may not be aware of when placed in this situation....
Here we go again. Officially opened

Halloween Designer Challenge 2017

*Note that Mai Shiranui has been excluded from the challenge.​
A short while ago, we let you know about some changes behind the scenes at the FSD Shop. We are happy to announce that those changes have now been implemented and we are ready to go at full speed again! So, what changed?
  • Shirts are now CHEAPER! In short, shirts now start at $26.
  • The shirts themselves are now unisex, so you no longer need to worry about design and color differences for a different shirt.
  • There are some subtle differences to some of the designs but many are now available in additional colors.
  • There are additional sizes! Sizes are now available up to a 4X.
Those of you that follow us on Facebook most likely have seen this, but we also have a new design that is pretty excellent. Check it out below and order yourself some new shirts!