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Three years ago the community blew the damn roof off at TFC with some truly kick ass matches -- and I believe it was one of the first times in our offline history that we were very strongly viewed by other people from the FGC displaying not only talented players, but incredibly fluid and well animated gameplay played at its finest.

Now here we are in 2016; and another TFC is upon us. Our community is a lot bigger now than it ever has been, and we are continuing to see players like you evolve their tactics over the years. Remember that this TFC has free DOA5LR entry; so now is the time to show how far you have come along.

This will also be the very first tournament to host our new character Mai Shiranui. Players exploring her deeply have noticed that she is very good in a lot of areas, but is not without weaknesses. Players also said that Alpha-152 was either trash or mediocre depending on who you asked -- but then XcaliburBladeZ put that to rest at DOA5's first NEC Tournament and people petitioned to have her banned shortly after. It will be interesting to see her in action at The Fall Classic, a tournament that also debuted Dead or Alive 5: Ultimate.

If you want to look the part at the event, why not peruse the community shop for some attire? There you can purchase some premium threads and support the offline scene in the process. Doesn't it feel good to be a fighter? See you at the tourney!

Register for The Fall Classic 2K16 hosted by BigEGaming now!
For years now, community members have been unable to literally wear their Dead or Alive pride on their sleeves. We here at Free Step Dodge have deemed this unacceptable and, finally, have taken decisive action to remedy this problem! Worry no longer, friends, as the Free Step Dodge store has officially opened its digital doors for business!

Some folks got a preview of the content at the recent Summer Jam event in Philadelphia and may have heard some rumblings about designs along the way. As of this very moment, you can head over to the store and start placing orders. Shirts are made to order, so you are not ordering a product sitting on a shelf. You place the order, your shirt is made just for you, and it will then be shipped, so give yourself a comfortable window to get the item. Check the site for a more detailed description but allow up to a week for the printing before shipment. There are designs currently available with buttons (BUTTONS!) straight from the games old and new as well as the 'I'm a Fighter' and 'I'm a Fraud' designs. Probably should buy one of each of the latter two before tournaments just in case...


Designs often come in multiple colors as well. Just pick the shirt you want and look for the color options on the product page. New items, including products beyond shirts, are also in the works. If you do not currently see an item you like, just check back in a day or two. The product line will be continuously bolstered with new designs, so favorite the storefront and make a habit of checking for that sweet, sweet newness.

Not in the United States? No problem at all. During checkout, entering your address will populate applicable shipping...

It was recently announced at Tokyo Game Show 2016 that the inaugural EVO Japan is set for January 2018. Along with the announcement is a list of well-known fighting game community partnerships in Japan such as VFR (for Virtua Fighter’s Beat-Tribe Cup series), the legendary Mikado Arcade, KVO, Cooperation Cup, Game Newton, Tekken's MASTERCUP series, and much more. The partnership that stood out from the rest is Playse, which is known for hosting DOA tournaments in Japan.

In addition, former Shoryuken writer Ian “iantothemax” Walker speculated a tweet listing three 3D fighting games and the website of their communities, with FreeStepDodge being one of them.

This isn't the first time DOA has appeared at EVO, since DOA4 appeared at EVO 2006. Could this mean something huge for the DOA community? We’ll have to wait and see when the EVO Japan lineup is announced at EVO 2017 in July.
Mai has been officially released for play with Last Round and people have already begun to take her to the lab; figuring out her tech and mastering her combos. If you are unfamiliar with this iconic fighter, allow @DestructionBomb to give you a demonstration of perhaps one of the most beautiful move sets I have ever seen in a 3D Fighter via the combo and command training:

Another educational and recommended source is viewing the Twitch Channel of professional player @EMPEROR_COW. He says that the character is fast, and has viable range -- but like most every other character, Mai is not without flaws and weaknesses. Check his channel out if you want over five hours of Day 1 content.

FreeStepDodge has you covered on a discussion topic, plus a growing combo thread... you can also easily submit your best matches and lab work discoveries to the FSD Media Section which now has over 7,000 videos dedicated to DOA5 posted from members of the community. Good luck figuring out the new character fighters!
Mai is probably the biggest character reveal we have seen since Marie Rose, and she is available now on Playstation Network, Steam and XBOX Live. She's available in two different SKUs, price differing depending on the amount of costumes you would like to see her in. With the patch you can also buy the new King of Fighters outfits for various characters.

What are your initial thoughts on Mai? Feel free to share all of your newly found tech/combos in her exclusive character forum. You can also share matches you've recorded and stream online using FSD as your primary source to expand your knowledge outside of your typical lab routine.
In DOA5LR, 2 laws must be respected in order to land a strike on the opponent.
1. The hitbox of a strike must collide with the opponent's hurtbox. That also implies that you're not hitting the opponent during invincible frames which usually occur during universal Rising animations.
2. The statuses of both characters must not conflict. Some examples of "conflicts" include:
- Crouching status is invincible to High Punch/High Kick strikes
- Down status is only vulnerable to strikes labelled as "Ground Strike". Every Low Punch/Low Kick shares such feature. Only certain Medium Punches/Medium Kicks also do.
- Jump (evade lows) status is invincible to Low Punch/Low Kick strikes.
- Other unique move-specific statuses not shown in the Move Details, such as Leifang's 3P+K and Helena's Bokuho 22, which this thread is going to discuss.

Teishitsu also known as Bokuho duck (22 During Bokuho stance with Helena) is a move marked as "SP" in the Command List (which probably means Special Property).
It lasts for 16 frames. The entirety of those 16 frames have Crouching status, which means Highs are completely avoided, and they're also considered invincible from every strike in the game except for those with the Ground Strike property. It doesn't matter if the hitbox of your strike is clearly touching the ducking Helena, it would still not hit her because law #2 was not fulfilled.
You can start a Bokuho duck in a very short time by inputting 2P+K > 22 as fast as possible. Only 4+1 frames of animation are necessary to start ducking.

However, you may think:
"I don't believe you, I was definitely able to hit an Helena out of her continous Bokuho ducking with a mid that doesn't have Ground Strike property, look!"

NOTE: the recorded dummy in the GIF was tool assisted just to...


1. Kwiggle
2. Crazy Steady
3. Hajin

If you've missed any of the tournament this far you can check out all of the matches at primdirectivegaming's twitch channel. The charity show is still going now and results will be posted later after the event. You are getting a great viewing of tournament regulars: Crazy Steady, Shazzmatazzles, Hajin, Kwiggle (surprise!), Black Moon Rising and more -- so stay tuned with this West Coast Major staple.

Remember that Mai will be available to download on PSN and XBL 9.13.16 -- this is one of the most important days of the year, so be sure to mark it on you calendar if you haven't already. The always awesome and exciting Cali Crush tournament is happening this weekend and will be the LAST DOA event to not have Mai as a playable character... don't miss Kasumi's last tournament before she is brutally murdered by Mai off the tier list completely.

But there are plenty more reasons to not miss Cali Crush... Crazy Steady and Hajin will be getting into it in a FT10 -- we knew they were going to fight in some way so why not do it big? You can always feel the intensity when these players fight; expect a brutal set here.

The Cali Crush tournament has been a fantastic showcase of players we don't get to see at every event, and they have been dedicated to keeping it going for I believe three years now. I think the Cali group has done a tremendous job of giving this community the perfect combination of education and entertainment for any player interested in DOA5. You can further your involvement by sharing and observing their Facebook Group. Check it out!

Prepare yourself for this weekend, because DOA's about to get Crushed!

Hey there ladies and gents, HajinShinobi here, team UGS and I (aka Ultimate Gaming Style) will yet again, be hosting a live 24 hour stream all weekend long. Starting this Saturday @ 12pm Eastern till Sunday 12pm Eastern.

We are holding another raffle, to participate in the raffle you must donate a minimum of $5. The highest donation will receive a DOA Festival 2016 Kasumi+Marie Rose DLC code for PS4, and a Kasumi Mash Harder T-Shirt. Other participates in our raffle will have a chance to win a $20 PSN card during the raffle as well. As well as a Kasumi Mash Harder T-Shirt.

The raffle will take place near the end of the stream on Sunday. You are able to donate anytime within the 24-hour stream.

We will be streaming Dead or Alive 5 Last Round, Street Fighter 5, King of Fighters 14, Overwatch, Smite, Xenoblade Chronicles X, Nioh Beta, God of War III Remastered, Resident Evil 4, and many more!!!

UGS member participates:

Bboy Dragon
Gill Hustle
Miss Maia
Sly Bass
XCalibur Bladez

Stream link: https://www.twitch.tv/ugslive

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/UGSLive/featured

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Ultimate-Gaming-Style-225442120852710/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel

* U.S Residents Only*


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Opinion: Dead or Alive 5 has not only proven to be a long lasting offline tournament game, but it's also contributed to breaking a curse of bad cross-overs. Sure we have seen some good ones over the years, but largely it's a topic in games that is not in our control to the slightest as it's a big business decision to even entertain the idea in the first place so just getting the exact crossover you want for your game can be incredibly rare.

We have seen the lamest cross-overs you could ever hope for such as: Yoda, Darth Vader, Kratos... Hello Kitty and Sonic... Mario in a NBA game. These have little meaning to me, but DOA5 has Virtua Fighter guest characters. Virtua Fighter inspired Dead or Alive's existence so it can be seen as a truly beautiful thing that these games exist within another now. The Virtua Fighter characters are well done additions to do the DOA cast, not just pointless throw-ins that get banned or can't compete.

The trend of great cross-overs continues with Mai from the Fatal Fury and King of Fighters games. We have seen more of her recently, and she looks to blend in right away with the DOA universe with her flashy and impressive move set to her stunning design. The Mai and Kasumi matchup is one I believe people have wanted to see for a long time, and maybe the tier list in DOA5 will be able to settle it once and for all.

It's also great to see the diversity of DOA5's roster. We have unique DLC characters that are great and still being studied today, we have four of the most popular Virtua Fighter characters, Akira being used by a world champion offline... and now Team NINJA is bringing in a character from one of the best 2D fighting series. It would be a real treat to get input from the King of Fighters community and to see them at offline events despite the gameplay differences. Mai has her own new...