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When a studio like Team NINJA makes a high quality game like Dead or Alive 5, it's natural to want more, but is it a little too soon to be expecting another game? Evidence would say yes, as some from the dev team have questioned if DOA6 would even come out and with Mai coming to the game in two months, and with about six months left of planned Battle Royal events why would it be announced or even hinted this year?

In the 90s, I primarily played video games on the Nintendo 64... a console that people point out is severly lacking in games, but to me that never really mattered much because of the quality of the games I was playing. I had a triple A game in every genre and I couldn't wait to play them again so it's hard for me to understand this new generation of gamers that see games as so disposable, because the way I see it DOA5's lifespan is as long as the community keeps playing it.

Hype can sometimes carry a lot of the market now, and if you observe the market you will see that hype dies fast. I am already finding XBOX ONE and PS4 games like Fallout 4 for $5 at garage sales... which makes games appear as more trendy than something you could dedicate real time and enjoyment to. Of course I played games in a time where DLC wasn't 90% of the retail game market value on average. You didn't get updates, and you didn't get DLC, but yet Goldeneye didn't start collecting any dust on my shelf for a long, long time... and I didn't dare give it away at a yard sale.

Dead or Alive 5 has already almost been around for three years, and it's still active today. This reminds me of how I perceived games in the 90s. There are new things to learn constantly, you had intimate experiences with other people and made connections. Just watching the Dead or Alive Festival blew my expectations after thinking what more could actually happen at tournaments that I haven't see before. These players were playing in different ways and more intelligently than I think I've seen before. I...

Dead or Alive Festival was a killer event that not only delivered one of the finest fighting tournaments the FGC has ever seen, but also revealed the addition of Mai (from Fatal Fury and KoF) to the Dead or Alive roster. I believe it was very exciting to any of the community skeptics who thought the reveal may only be a few costumes and a new stage.

In this excellent article written by Christian Bahn we get to hear more from the often-times quiet, Creative Director of Team NINJA, Tom Lee -- who has quite a bit to say not just about crossovers, but the community as well. The Virtua Fighter crossover was the blueprint of success, not only because the characters transitioned well into the DOA universe, but because it made sense. Now that Team NINJA has proven they can successfully do crossovers well, it is without any doubt in my mind Mai will help breath fresh life into a game for the older players looking for something new, and a new audience of KoF players... especially to those that enjoyed Maximum Impact.

Tom Lee knows the DOA community like the back of his head, and he knows the recommendations that people make on Twitter, and he knows that it is impossible to please every last fan... not everyone loved the Virtua Fighter crossover, but the tournament showing of the characters and popularity still has proven enough to Team NINJA to keep the trend going. Though I also believe "trolls" have there place in the community. A lot of them are typically shammed, even if their passion is very clear and often times misinterpreted.

I believe that both the community and Team NINJA is doing great working as a team with plenty of content from Team NINJA and plenty of studious players dissecting and processing it all. Let's...

The Dead or Alive Festival may have come and gone, but the 20th Anniversary of DOA continues all throughout the course of 2016. This time, the main focus is based on a DOA movie that is also celebrating an anniversary this year.

That movie is DOA: Dead or Alive.

Released on September 7, 2006, DOA: Dead or Alive was directed by Corey Yuen. Yuen is known for his work such as Lethal Weapon 4, X-Men, The Expendables, and several martial art films throughout the 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s, and today. He was also a member of the Seven Little Fortunes, along with Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung, and Yuen Biao.

DOA: Dead or Alive featured a well-rounded cast, such as Devon Aoki as Kasumi, Jamie Pressly as Tina, Sarah Carter as Helena, Holly Valance as Christie, Natassia Malthe as Ayane, Kevin Nash as Bass, Kane Kosugi as Ryu Hayabusa, and more.

Action A Go-Go compiled this nice write-up about the film, praising Yuen for his work. If you want to read it, click on the link below to check it out.

DOA: Dead or Alive Film - Action A Go-Go

While you are at it, here's the trailer for the film.

Mai Shiranui from the legendary Fatal Fury and King of Fighters series is coming to Dead or Alive! Since her birthplace is in Japan it seems like Dead or Alive Festival 2016 is the perfect place to announce this intense crossover. She has her own style of ninjutsu and the look to fit in right at home with the DOA girls... and she's coming soon!

There will also be an Attack on Titan stage, tons more costumes (including some KoF) and even some VR announced for Dead or Alive Xtreme 3. Team NINJA is dipping into a lot of neat and interesting projects this year!

KoF Maximum Impact Video | KoF XIII Combo Video | Mai Shiranui Wiki


Show Highlights:

Interesting Photo Contest with multiple winners - Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 VR announcement - Dead or Alive Costume Lineup for Fairytale and other various anime - @EMPEROR_COW took over the cosplay contest

Teru Rock takes on Bayman - Mila is taken to new heights - Insane Phase 4 action by @BBoyDragon - XcaliburBladeZ brings back Alpha and goes warp crazy - Bladez wins DOA Festival 2016

Stay tuned for the replay with news to follow.
The 2016 Dead or Alive Festival is approaching soon! And what way to celebrate the event by having a retrospective of the DOA series?

Since 1996, Dead or Alive has hit the arcade scene in Japan under the Sega Model 2 system. As the series evolved over time, we managed to see great things happening to DOA and the community behind it.

Action A Go-Go posted an article based on the 20-year history of the series, written by yours truly. If you haven't got a chance to read it yet, click on the link below.

The Dead or Alive Festival will be live on July 9, 2016, 1:30PM JST/12:30AM EST. Streams will be provided by YouTube and NicoNico.

The History of Dead or Alive (1996-2016)
This video is meant to shed some light on what Ayane is capable of in ver. 1.06. It goes over B&B setups, Critical Burst setups, Power launcher combos (indoors and outdoors), as well as environmental combos. All the combos displayed in the video CANNOT be stagger escaped, which means that your opponent is put in a situation where he is forced to guess and risk a hold.

Special thanks to:
Combo Advice: HajinShinobi


In just a few short days the DOA Festival will be streamed live via Tokyo, Japan. Team NINJA has just now recently added the event trailer to their Youtube channel, and this is probably the most exciting thing we have seen from Team NINJA all year long... if not since Last Round or Dead or Alive Xtreme 3's announcement last festival.

Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of DOA, the trailer highlights the past games and may even create a desire in your heart for a remastered DOA collection fully optimized for online play. Of course this is wishful thinking, but what could be in store for us DOA5 players? Hayashi hinted big things in store for DOA and DOA Festival seems like the perfect platform to inform the community on these things.

Regardless of what happens, we are getting an exciting event that will appeal to anyone remotely interested in Dead or Alive. Keep coming to FreeStepDodge this week for stream information, news and join the ninjas for the 20th Celebration of our favorite franchise. It can not get much better than this. Thank you Team NINJA for providing us with this entertaining spectacle!
The Dead or Alive Festival 2016 is almost approaching soon, and we are looking forward to see the next qualifying player that will be going to NEC17 in December. Best part about it is that this year is the 20th Anniversary of the DOA series, so there has to be something special planned for DOA5 Last Round as well as DOA Xtreme 3. But first, let’s take a look back at last year’s DOA Festival.

Team Ninja presented the first ever DOA Festival last year on August 1, 2015 at the Osaki Core Bright Hall in Tokyo, Japan. The event introduced the World Exhibition, where more than 128 players competed for a chance to win a trip to NEC16 as part of the Battle Royal 2015 series. Along with the main tournament, there was also a 5v5 team exhibition, Cosplay Contest, Photo contest, and the Designers Challenge contest. We also witnessed the announcement of Dead or Alive Xtreme 3, which is currently out now for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. Ai Nonaka (VA for Honoka), Mai Aizawa (VA for Marie-Rose), Yuriko Tiger, and Neneko were also in attendance along with Team Ninja’s Yosuke Hayashi, Yohei Shimbori, and Peter Garza.

In the Dead or Alive World Exhibition, the tournament started out with over 128+ players competing for the Top 16 spot (with the exception of the players qualified for the event) using the single match single-elimination ruleset. The 16 players that made it to the main stage are Veronica, Yukkii, Souma, Touko (from Australia), Siologica, Satoyasu, mitti, Furechin, TEST (from Korea), AKA, TeruRock, UprisingJC (from Taiwan), Gehaktbal (from The Netherlands), FSD|Matt Ponton (from USA), UGS|XCalibur BladeZ (from USA), and RIG|Kwiggle (from USA). The top two players of the tournament earned a chance to qualify for the Grand Finals at NEC16.

UGS|XCalibur BladeZ and RIG|Kwiggle both entered the Dead or Alive Festival based on the majority of the votes in the DOA community in terms of the Top 8 players who were placed high during the Battle Royal 2015 series....
Independence Bash (ps4)
I'm remaking this (from king of ring event) due to lack of interest and changing it into a standard double elimination tournament.

When - 7/1 @ 6pm eastern

Sign up - just post your gamertag here, message me here, or hit me up on psn (GetLucky84). You must also add me to your friends list (I will not contact you about anything other than the event) for smoother running of the tourney. Feel free to delete me after the tourney I will not take offense :D

Deadline - must sign up by 6/30 (thursday) @ 6pm est. Must also add me to your friends list by this date.

double elimination
Normal health
60 sec time limit
Random stage select (tatami banned)
Danger zones on
Winner has char lock
Best 2 out of 3
Finals (winners, losers, grand)best 3 out of 5)

How it works - this will be run like a standard double elimination tournament (2 losses and you're out). At 6est I will start contacting participants and sending them to do there match either by message or inviting to my room (please be patient). I suggest screen shotting or recording ur matches in case evidence of results is needed ( I don't expect much trouble but you never know. Every online tourney I've been in ran like this it never came up. But in case of differing results from participants you will both be called into my room to resolve the matter) and on the ps4 it is very simple to do so. Upon completion of your match simply message me the results weather you win or lose (ex. I win 2-0 / I lost 1-2). The top 16 will be streamed on my channel (twitch -getlucky84) with commentary.

Cheating - any form of altering the results of the match or lying about them and you will be disqualified and permanently banned from participating in any future events I host.