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Halloween Designer Challenge 2017

Discussion in 'Dead or Alive 5 Last Round General Discussion' started by Shiranui, Mar 21, 2017.

By Shiranui on Mar 21, 2017 at 7:08 AM
  1. Shiranui

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    Here we go again. Officially opened

    Halloween Designer Challenge 2017

    *Note that Mai Shiranui has been excluded from the challenge.​
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    1. ShinobiGuy
      Well, in Italian mai means never, so Never Shiranou...
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    2. KasumiLover69
      I'm gonna resubmit my Eliot design and maybe my Naotora ones. I'll try to make one for Phase and Kasumi if I can get it right, but I still lack any good coloring methods so I'm afraid TN may not really notice mine because of the lack of color

      @Tyaren If you see this and are gonna design something for Eliot, PLEASE make it hot!!!!
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    3. Chisa
      Eeew, another Halloween contest... You would think they already have enough Halloween costumes. Still wishing it could be casual one. I have so many Hitomi casual designs in my pocket, sigh.

      If i'm bored i may submit something.
    4. Sonicfan11589
      Does re-submitting an entry that didn't make it last time have a slightly better chance? I'm thinking of resubmitting Sarah designs from last year
    5. Jackie Chan Fan
      Jackie Chan Fan
      I think this pretty much confirms that we'll have DLC until the end of the year. hahahaha
    6. Jadeinchains

      Yesssss! I was waiting for this!!! Omg!

    7. KasumiLover69
      Idk, but I'd do it just so TN sees it. We can submit as many as we want too
    8. Jadeinchains
      Yeah I was wondering about that too? I don't know If you'd resubmit through email or twitter? I can't wait to see what everybody designs! :D
      I'm gonna wait a little while until I see other people doing to submit there's on twitter so I know where to submit it too. On the site it says @teamninja and use the #DOACostumes but on Teamninja's twitter it says #DOACostumes2017.
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    9. KasumiLover69
      Im doing it from Twitter since I don't use email really, I only get a Gmail email for whenever someone replies to a thread I follow on FSD but then again in sure others do too. I hope Shinji the guy who designed Hayate's outfit last year joins again, and I hope Kuma Kun does too so his Eliot design can win, and of course I wanna see what Tyaren designs too
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    10. ShinobiGuy
      How about having Marie Rose dress up as Ryu?
    11. Jadeinchains
      Yeah I'm really not sure about email... Hmm... I'll probably just stick to twitter to be honest. Also take note of ( "File name must be charactername_designername.jpeg" )

      And yeah I'm excited to see what the people on this site will design, I haven't heard about If anyone yet has any plans though I definitely do! :D
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    12. Yuffie
      Yup Season Pass 7 confirmed.
      Sucks ass, Mai won't get anything
      @Jackie Chan Fan
    13. Jadeinchains
      I'm about to submit my first design but I have no idea what # I should use... :/ I'm leaning towards doing the #DOACostumes one but I don't know...

      Edit: You can do multiple #'s so I guess I'll do both?

      Edit: Okay that's me done it! :D I guess I'm kicking off the new contest?! :D Here's my design!

      @Tyaren @KasumiLover69 @Chapstick

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    14. TOBMAST3R
      A new contest? Wow, I was not ready for it. Well, nice first design @Jadeinchains =)
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    15. KasumiLover69
      I think I decided what I wanna do...I'm gonna make a retro hipster Eliot, I just gotta learn how to draw an off shoulder croptop and spandex shorts, and for Phase I wanna do something dark and flowy, Kasumi and Nao I gotta think.

      I may do 2-3 Eliot and Nao and 1-2 for Kasumi and phase
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    16. Jadeinchains
      Thank you @TOBMAST3R! :) I have a couple more designs done and ready for the contest so I might post another one today If this thread gets more people in it. And whatever you and @KasumiLover69 decide to do I'm excited to see it!
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    17. ShinobiOfTheWind
      This year I'm only counting on this costume to stand a chance :) [​IMG]
    18. Jadeinchains
      Yay! I saw your other designs and they're all so gorgeous so I think more than that one stand a chance. I can't wait until more people start posting their designs too.
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    19. Alchemist
      that pirate helena is dope.

      real question is whats gonna happen to our dlc in doa6?...
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