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DOAD: Nintendo 3DS cut to $170 on August 12th

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For those members of the community who have passed on the exorbitant price of the 3DS, Nintendo has news for you! Starting August 12th the Nintendo 3DS portable will be slashed in price to $170. So now you won't be the only kid on your block not being able to play Dead or Alive Dimensions! Feel free to stop by in the forums once you pick both up to arrange matches with other friends!

Original Source: Kotaku

Itagaki: From Ninja to Viking: Tomonobu Itagaki speaks

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Tomonobu Itagaki was interviewed about his new studio, experiences, and titles over on Just because the man no longer works for Tecmo doesn't mean he's been forgotten by the fans of this series. If you're interested in seeing what Itagaki has been up to these days, pop on over to read the full article:

Gamasutra said:
Last year, veteran Tecmo game developer and creator of the Dead or Alive and the relaunched Ninja Gaiden franchises, finally...

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