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8WayRun: Hate Speech - The Competitive Experience

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Over here in the Dead or Alive community, many members think they're in a bubble - that everything that's "gone wrong" with this community, both from a casual and competitive standpoint, doesn't happen anywhere else. This is in part due to the size of the community and limited progression the community has had. However, those of us who have participated in the Fighting Game Community, branched into other games to competitively play, all while still holding a piece of ourselves to the Dead or Alive franchise, have known of the draws competitive play brings and how it turns out our community isn't much different from others. It's easy to think that you're the master of your domain, but not truly realize just how small your domain really is. The Dead or Alive community needs to grow, and the current form isn't able to sustain it - it hasn't been able to sustain it. I look forward to Dead or Alive 5's release, for if it's truly the competitive game Team NINJA wants it to be, then the...

DOA5: New Screens Released - The Return of the Boobs

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New screens have been released today for Dead or Alive 5.

Most of you will probably notice that Ayane and Hitomi have lost some clothing in alternate outfits, and the breasts are back to their "traditional" sizes.

I'm not one to hate breasts, but they really do seem to detract from the rest of the pics. I honestly don't know who Hitomi is fighting as I can never focus my eyes on the opponent.

Personally, Ayane seems out of place in her DOA2U/4 ninja outfit. It appears out of place with the more realistic environments and character art.

What say you? Good or bad?

DOA5 Demo included with Ninja Gaiden 3 purchases

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Team NINJA has announced that a demo of Dead or Alive 5 will be available via DLC from the Ninja Gaiden 3 packaging. There will be three separate demos available. The regular version of Ninja Gaiden 3 will contain either a demo of DOA5 with Hayate and Ayane playable, or Hayabusa and Hitomi playable. The collector's version of Ninja Gaiden 3 will contain a third demo that has all four characters playable, a NG3 figure, a NG3 artbook, and a NG3 soundtrack cd for the price of $100.

How the differring demos are dispersed depends on region:

North America will be receiving Ninja Gaiden 3 on March 20, 2012. Those who pre-order the title from Amazon will receive the Hayate and Ayane demo. Those who pre-order the title from GameStop will receive the Hayabusa and Hitomi demo. Those who pick up the Collector's Edition from GameStop will receive the All Character...

DOA5: Sidestepping!? Moves going through holds!? This can't be right...

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but it apparently is. It looks like Team NINJA has claimed on their twitter that they are implementing a sidestepping system that's similar to the North American beloved Dead or Alive 3.1 version. They also have mentioned on their twitter that Normal Holds will not hold Power Attacks, but "Expert" Holds (I still prefer the term Advanced Holds, personally) will. Most of the other posts can't be determined easily without an advanced translator - and Google Translator is far from advanced unfortunately. However, if you'd like to continue the discussion over the below twitter posts, head on over to the forums and participate in the speculation until Tecmo Koei posts the English translations.

[quote="Team NINJA...

Rumor: DOA5 release set for Winter 2012?

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According to the Tecmo Koei Europe Dead or Alive 5 page, the release date for Dead or Alive 5 is set for Winter 2012. At the time of posting, the date is still posted. Of course, most knowledgeable players will tell you that a fall/winter release was expected due to the timeline of announcing the title. So this is no surprise really, more of an affirmation. Still, I'm keeping the "Rumor:" tag up as it's not been confirmed in any way. I'm sure the release date will be announced with a more set in stone date as time goes by. For now, they need a placeholder for game stores to start taking pre-orders.

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