lol how the fuck did I miss this video for so long!!!!!!
:O I can't believe that I missed this! This was amazing! You must continue to win future tree wars for the sake of FSD.
"Stupid Rye Yoo"
Yeah I was actually expecting another 1P+K. But then I saw it was 7P+K and was just like: "Yeah, okay. I'll roll with this."xD
lol my cameo at 1:46

I told you that second one was a yolo 7P+K instead of another 1P+K
We don't know where he is, but we know what he's doing...
This truly makes me miss playing DOA. Amazing video Brute!
lol @GDH

And yes, all of the music heard is in the description. The track played during the Nyo segment is "Tengu-Mai," a track from the DOA2 OST (played during Ein's vision of Bankotsubo). I'm not sure if it originated from another game, if it's a common tempo associated with tengu or if it began with DOA. Either way, the link Rev posted sounds pretty good.

@Kurupt: 33K is the stuff of pros.
4:16 = Miss Tengu: "lol Tina, you should know better..." 5:04 = Leon: "Welp... life bar is about to magically disappear. GG's." 5:11 = Leon: "Aaah shit... spoke too soon." 5:23: "lol Doesn't matter. See ya." 5:32 = Ryu: "... I don't care." 5:46: Ryu: "Zero fucks given." 6:20: Ryu: "Ein, come on now. Give it a rest."
1:40 = Ryu "Naw. I'M RUNNIN' DIS BITCH!" 2:06 = Momiji: "My ass is invincible!" Ryu: "... lol And?"
3:05 = Ryu: "Enough! A true ninja does not whiff as much as you do!" 3:13: Ayane: "Don't me lau - AAAACK!!" Ryu: "Uh huh. Sit down." 3:26 = Ryu: "You're not safe either. Get back on the bench."
3:37 = Ryu: "What are you doing?" 3:42: Ryu: "... That's twice..." 3:46: Ryu: "... lol Forget it. It's Troll O' Clock anyway."
@samuraihachi: Thanks. I knew it had to do with Mortal Kombat's Scorpion, but since I'm not all too familiar with the games, I thought the song was fan-made and not official.


Nov 2, 2014 at 5:57 AM
Posted by Brute
Izunas are destined to drop in the end. I still have much left to do.

Watch in 720p [HD]

X-Ray Reflecting Mirror (DOA3)
Lost Soul Bent on Revenge (MK)
Tengu-Mai (DOA2)
I'll be There for You (DOA3)
Killers (DOA3)
The Shooted (DOA2)
Cracker (DOA3)
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