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  • Ninja Gaiden Sigma Trilogy is highly likely confirmed
    But no new ninja gaiden. They are working on new IPs
    Can they cancel the development of Ninja Gaiden? People already forgot about this game
    This was a fascinating read. Props to Itagaki for having a lot of faith in Xbox's technology which quite frankly was miles ahead of the PS2. Just wish that the OG Xbox had a better controller. That stifled the console a lot coupled with a lot of people not really being sold on the Xbox compared to the PS2.
    23rd Feb is 25th DOA Anniversary. If they still have some love for series, they can highlight it somehow. There is a big gap between anniversary and theirs other game release. So it won't be a reason to ignore it
    Sorry but why this piece of liberal shit considers Russia is the main threat. Trump at least didn't say it directly. Why Putin at least didn't say a word about it (so kinda USA is the main enemy blahbla).
    Please Biden make your own business without influence on other's countries.
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