1. Lorenzo Buti

    Costume The Kisugi Sisters from Cat’s Eye in Dead or Alive 5

    Presenting the Kisugi Sisters also known as Cat’s Eye in their Dead or Alive Style!!! We’ve got Kasumi as Hitomi Kisugi, Ayane as Ai Kisugi, and Momiji as Rui Kisugi!! Mod created by segadordlinks https://www.deviantart.com/segadordelinks/art/DoA5-Mod-Cat-s-Eye-800681234
  2. KasumiLover

    Extending Kasumi's Soft Wall Hit Combo/Environmental Damage Potential

    So I've been looking into this for a while since Awesmic used a wall set up on me a couple of times when we ran our set ajd I discovered Kasumi's Soft Wall hit game is alot more varied and potentially stronger than her hard wall hit one. Idk if most people know this but characters can free step...
  3. shinigamy87

    Can Kasumi Bonus Costumes be purchased?

    Hi everyone, I have bought DOA6 (Standard Edition) for PS4 yesterday, and watching the downloadable content in the store, i dont' see 2 Kasumi's costumes yet: the Pre-Release bonus one, and Deluxe Edition Bonus one. For those who bought Standard Edition, will be there a possibility to buy this...

    THEORY: the exact day DOA6 development started

    By analysing the DOA6.exe file with a resource extractor a bit (used Resource Hacker) I found the login splash screen picture. That picture still had some old metadata buried within (used ExifToolGUI). What I find interesting is the "Create Date" section: 2017-12-08. That's one week before that...
  5. KasumiLover

    "I will fight on!" The Kasumi Gameplay Discussion Thread

    I saw that people were starting to make threads for characters in DOA6 so I thought I would make a thread where we as Kasumi players can discuss her moveset, and combos and such for competitive purposes. :-D For anyone who doesnt know Kasumi's move set or new moves, here's the link...

    Monster Rancher DOA cameo

    Today I found out Kasumi and Ayane were in the Monster Rancher games. I haven't found a single mention of this in any DOA forum and this is the only video footage I could find in the internet, which I just clipped from... a DOA marathon stream on twitch lol...
  7. deathofaninja

    News Dead or Alive 6 Officially Announced

    13256 A lot of us expected to wait additional years for Dead or Alive 6, but today a surprise trailer dropped that is not just some stupid logo tease, but shows actual gameplay! Team NINJA continues to bring out the smoothest graphics and best animation in the world! With DOA5 ending its...
  8. Argentus

    DLC Costumes

    ATTENTION: Do not double-post in this thread! It will result in an immediate ban with increasing length for each subsequent offense. ----------------------------------------------------------- For whenever they reveal the rest or more beyond that. Guessing this will be locked as well, but...
  9. U

    Characters Kasumi Throw Punish Thread

    :kasumi: Frame Data Tier 1 (6i & 7i) :P::P::P::P::P: (-3)(-5)(-9)(-10)(-7) (:high::high::mid::mid::high:) (NT)(NT)(NT)(NT)(NT) :P::P::P::K::P: (-3)(-5)(-9)(-9)(-17) (:high::high::mid::high::mid:) (NT)(NT)(NT)(NT)(T) :P::P::6::P::P: (-3)(-5)(-9)(-8) (:high::high::mid::high:) (NT)(NT)(NT)(NT)...

    Media Non-playable characters showcase, Tag manipulation

    Here's an indepth video showcasing various details of DOA5LR's Story mode non-playable characters, a glitched "headless Kasumi" and Tag manipulation. You can explore these characters too by yourself through the Character Unlocker tool I've made. A download link and more information can be...
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