"Alright! Let's get started!" Official Lisa/La Mariposa DOA6 Thread

My main has been revealed!
Super excited about this, looks like she's been given a lot of grappling tools , I feel that she will have a much different feel than she did in games past.

Here's the trailer if you haven't gotten a look at her yet!


Lets discuss!
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These 2 recolors of her new costume look very promising, hopefully both of them will end up in the game.

I'm pretty sure it's not an OH, it will probably be the same thing as Tina's :K::pause::t:
You may be right. It could be a timed throw input on a successful sliding kick hit. But I can dream about her having a leg sweep OH out of Carrera. :(

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I can't believe how unbelievably awkward the Tina eng VA was to Lisa.
"Hi Tina"
"Are ya better now?"
What a nonchalant way to ask somebody if they're okay after tons of steel, concrete and lab equipment fell on them.
Well, Tina was hanging out with her new "girlfriend" Mila. It was probably like having an ex walk in on them during a date, so it was awkward, lol. J/K, but for real tho, I do ship TinaxMila pretty hard.
Lisa already felt very complete thanks to DOA5U's updates, now she has like one of the most interesting fighting styles in the game (with Helena).
Can't wait to use all her throws. Amazing job from TN. I've always asked for an air throw from Carrera... and we got more!
I wish the opponent's height to imput it were a bit more realistic, but that's just a detail.
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Lisa can now go into Back Turned stance from :3::P: !
Now she has a lift stunning move that transitions into BT

Which makes me now wonder if they made :3::P: unsafe, since her moves that transition into BT are usually unsafe, if left in her front stance.

Also, her body splash feint and OH might be stronger this time around because of Break Holding, no one is gonna want to be hit by, nor block BT :P::+::K: (I think it's still plus enough to guarantee a follow up on block)
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