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I can feel summer is here, and I'd like to improve my English a bit. Therefore, I've decided to work on a fanfiction which depicts the way I see DOA6 story. All the chapters are very short. The dialogues are very cheesy, of course. Enjoy!

New characters: Ji Yeon, Sid, Isabella, Donovan
Characters with a chapter: Kokoro



>> Music
The opening scene starts by showing a beautiful island, in the middle of the Indian Ocean. A young villager, Sid, observes his village and its inhabitants being evacuated by MIST helicopters and soldiers. Then, we see Donovan getting off a chopper, looking around him and observing the island with a lot of curiousity...

At the same time, in South Korea, we are introduced to a KCIA agent. Her name is Ji Yeon, and she is in her office, staring at the sky from that enormous skyscrapper she is working in. A bit after, her boss walks in, accompagned by his quiet secretary.
Boss: You must stop him. (He throws her a bunch of documents)
Ji Yeon (reading): Victor... Donovan?

The scene goes to Freedom Survivor, where Helena is sitting in her office, with Marie-Rose pourring some coffee. Then the camera shows Bayman, Hayate, Kasumi, Ayane and Ryu Hayabusa in front of her. They are discussing the previous events.
Kasumi: Phase 4.. I must stop her, for once.
Helena: Calm down my dear, zere is no reazon to stress.
Bayman: First, we must protect them.
Ryu: Helena, can you bring all the fighters here?
Helena (looking away): I will do my best...

In another scene, we see a curly-haired latina woman from behind, walking in a high-tech corridor. Her name is Isabella. She enters a room. It looks like a lab.
Donovan: Ahhh, Isabella, here you are.
Isabella: Donovan.
Lisa: The project is almost ready. The fighters data must be extracted as soon as possible. Should I get Christie?
Rig: Yes, we have a special request for her.
Isabella: What is that?
Rig (smiling): Killing DOATEC's inheritor...

Chapter 1: The Inaudible Geisha :kokoro:
-48H before the sinking

All the characters are reunited in the conference room in Freedom Survivor. Helena is making a speech. She invites all the fighters for the sixth tournament. She does not say it, but her plan is actually to gather them all in the same place, in order to keep an eye on them as she knows Donovan is trying to experiment on them. Therefore, the sixth tournament is only a pretext to protect all the fighters she has met in the past. At the end of her speech, she announces that his time, the tournament will have tag matches only.

On Freedom Survivor, Kokoro has heard Helena's speech and is wondering who would be the best candidate to form a tag team with. As she is playing the piano in the ball room, a flashback is occuring.

Tokyo - A few days ago
Kokoro and Miyako are having a conversation in the living room.
Kokoro: After my maiko training is over, what will happen?
Miyako: Don't be such in a hurry my child. You still have all the summer to prepare for your erikae ceremony.
Kokoro: But... mother. Will you even tell me more about... my father?
Miyako: My sweet child.. Everything in its own time...
Kokoro: Why are you trying to hide me the truth? I know about Helena. I know about everything. The only thing I don't know is what you have to do with all that mess... (she leaves the living room in tears)

Tokyo in Bloom
We find Kokoro walking in Tokyo, the same day after the argument with her mother. As she is observing a frog swimming under the bridge, a mid-30 years old woman comes to her. She has beautiful curvy hair, a tanned skin and, apparently a good sense of fashion.
Isabella: Good afternoon Kokoro.
Kokoro: Do I know you?
Isabella: Not really, but it does not matter. I know what you are looking for.
Kokoro: Oww.. is that so?
Isabella: I will tell you the truth, everything you have always wanted to know about... him. I mean, your father.
Kokoro (puzzled): I... why should I trust you?
Isabella: That is right, you should not... but you don't really have the choice.

Get ready? Fight!

Isabella: I am delighted to see that you became a real lady now.
Kokoro: A real.. lady? What do you want? How do you know my name?
Isabella: We shall meet very soon, I promise. In the meanwhile, try not to act silly. (smiling) Be a good girl.

Ballroom (Freedom Survivor)
Kokoro stopped playing the piano. She remembers the words on this mysterious lady. At that moment, a familiar far enters the room. Lisa Hamilton comes to her, wearing a tigh-skinned brown and black catsuit.
Kokoro: Lisa... Lisa, what are you doing here? Is Helena aware of your presence?
Lisa: Kokoro... I'm sorry, I cannot tell you everything. But do not worry, Helena trusts me now.
>> Music
Kokoro: I'm sick of people hiding things from me. I don't know what you are planning...
Lisa: Kokoro...
Kokoro: ...but I don't trust you!
Lisa (looking sad): You know nothing, Kokoro.

Get Ready? Fight!

Office (Freedom Survivor)
After her fight with Lisa, Kokoro runs into Helena's office. She tries to inform her that Lisa is here on the ship.
Kokoro: Helena! I....
Helena (ignoring Kokoro): Marie-Rose, come here please.
Marie-Rose: Yes my Lady.
Helena: Marie, please pour some tea for our friend.
Marie-Rose: Okay! ^_^
Kokoro: But Helena, why have you gathered us all here. I feel like something is wrong.
Helena: My dear Kokoro, zere is no reazon to be anxious.
Kokoro: But...
>> Music
Helena (touching softly Kokoro's hair): I have an offer for you.... We should form a tag team. If you can beat me, we will fight together... what do you say?

Get Ready? Fight!

Helena: "When pigua is added to baji, gods and demons will all be terrified..."
Kokoro: "When baji is added to pigua, heroes will sigh knowing they are no match against it."
Helena: You've grown since last time... You've became...
Kokoro (refering to Isabella's previous words): A real lady?
Helena (smiling gently): Yes...

New Tag Team!
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So much success. Alright, this is the second chapter! Yeahhhhh.

Chapter 2: Black and White Kittens :eliot: -40H before the sinking

After leaving the conference room where Helena had announced the sixth tournament, Eliot decides to directly go to the bedroom he shares with Gen Fu and Brad Wong. As he is walking to his door, a petite silhouette follows him discretly in the corridor. The young boy doesn't seem to notice it...

>> Music
Inside the bedroom, Gen Fu is meditating on his bed, while Brad about to take a nap.
Eliot (entering the room): Master Gen Fu! How do we do for the tournament?
Gen Fu: I'm very proud of your progress Eliot. Therefore, I believe you should team up...
Brad (appearing behind Eliot): ... with me!
Gen Fu (looking at Brad furiously): No, me!
Brad: Me!
Gen Fu: Meeee! I am training that boy to become the man he is supposed to become.
Brad: Well I'm a good teacher as well, uh. He learned so many things with me!
Gen Fu: Like how to behave like a drunk monkey?
Brad: How dare you! (He jumps on the old fart)
Eliot: Okay guys, enough (nobody listens to him). I'm out...

Relaxing Island - Phuket
The ship has stopped near a peaceful island near Thailand. NPCs are playing volleyball in the background and the weather is very warm and wet. Hitomi and Lei Fang can be seen in the background, sharing an ice cream. Eliot decides to take some rest under a palm tree, to relax and think about who he will choose as a tag partner.
Eliot: Hmf... these two sure know how to put pressure on me...
>> Music
???: Hello my friend!
Eliot (looking at the blue-haired figure who had just appeared): Hmmm?
???: Ow boy, you look like you're having troubles...
Eliot: Yes. Don't worry, it's going to be find.
???: We all have problems I guess. My name is Sid. I suppose I could help.
Eliot: Not really... I mean... I have these friends who are asking me to make a serious decision, but whatever I'll do, it will make one of them sad.
Sid: Owww.. strange friends you have...
Eliot (looking at his feet): I really don't know what to do.
Sid: Okay, you stop complaining, and then I'll see what I can do! A fight. Now. To warm up your feelings.

Get Ready? Fight!

Sid: Well, for someone who complains a lot, you sure know how to fight.
Eliot (embarassed): Hehe, thanks...
Sid: Hey listen, I don't know if I can help you, but maybe you could help me?
Eliot: ... How?
Sid: I'm a looking for a man. Maybe you could tell me where to find him. His name is Victor.
Eliot: Sorry, does not ring a bell...
Sid: Erm... okay. Well, see you later. I will see you in the tourney, okay? And remember, always be positive! (gives Eliot a thumb up)
Eliot: Okay! Sure!
Observing from a distance, hidden in a coconut tree, Marie-Rose was listening to the whole conversation... She smiled.

Hold (Freedom Survivor)
Back in the boat, Eliot has decided to explore the hold of the ship, trying to be alone for a while. At a moment, he spotted in the distance, a white-haired lady speaking on her cellphone. She seemed like the kind of person who was trying to have a private conversation.
>> Music
Christie (seeing the young boy observing her): Victor, I will talk to you later...
Eliot: ...
Christie: Hey... young boy. Nice to see you again. Have you asked your parents their permission to leave your cabin?
Eliot: Haha, I'm old enough.
Christie: Sure you are. What are you doing here anyway? Are you out of milk?
Eliot (embarrassed): Haha, no. Erm.. you are taking part in the tournament too?
Christie: Hahaha... not really. Anyway, please don't tell anyone you have seen me, okay?
Eliot: Hmm... I...
Christie (sadistic smile): Pleaaase...

Get Ready? Fight!

After the fight, Eliot goes back to his cabin to talk the his master and Gen Fu.
>> Music
Brad (putting his hands on Eliot's shoulders): Boy, have you chosen?
Gen Fu (sitting in the lotus position on his bed): Have you made the right decision?
Eliot: Well... er....
Suddenly, the door of the closet opened, and we see a very embarassed Marie-Rose falling from it
Marie-Rose: Oh-oh... spotted.
Gen Fu: Well, what is that little mouse doing here?
Marie-Rose (blushing): I... I....
Eliot: That's actually my tag partner!
Gen Fu & Brad (both surprised): Whhaaaaaat?
Eliot: Yes, we've been training for a while now, and I think it is time for me to prove you I can do better on my own.
Gen Fu & Brad (both smiling): You succeeded!
Eliot (skeptical): ... what ?
Gen Fu: We were actually making fun of you, to test your limits and see what you would do.
Brad: And you actually took the right decision.
Gen Fu & Brad (putting their arms around each others like two parents): We are proud of you!
Eliot (speechless): ...
Brad: Okay, time to go back to the bar. See you!
Gen Fu: And I must play some go. Good luck young fellows!
Marie-Rose : :confused:
Eliot: Okay... erm... that was unexpected. Anyway, Marie-Rose right?
>> Music
Marie-Rose: Yes?
Eliot: Do you still want to be my tag partner?
Marie-Rose (pretending to be generous) : Well... I guess... I can make that effort. I think you need some training.
Eliot: Okay haha. Sure.

Get Ready? Fight!

New Tag Team!
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Thanks @Mayor-Of-Mustard

Chapter 3 : Coming on Strong :tina: -32 hours before the sinking

After hearing Helena's glorious speech, Tina felt an overwhelming emotion inside of her. Inspired by the words of the French blonde, Ms. Armstrong decided it was her time now, to shine. Winning that tournament could give her a huge popularity, something really useful to get elected as a state Governor.
Tina: Texas, here I come!

Roof (Freedom Survivor)
Tina is doing sit-ups on the top of Freedom Survivor. In the middle of her session, a red-haired babe comes into her.
Mila: Hey Tina! What's up?
Tina: Hey gorgeous! So, are you ready for this new adventure?
Mila: More than ever! I didn't have the chance to show my skills last time!
Tina: Hehe. The rules are different now. Who will you team up with?
Mila: Well.. I was thinking... that maybe we could fight together. What do you say?
Tina (stopping her sit-ups): Erm... well...
Mila: Come on, what do you think?
Tina: Well.. I don't think you're ready...
>> Music
Mila: ... Qué ? No! I'm ready to kick some butts!
Tina: We'll see that.

Get Ready? Fight!

Tina: Told ya. You're not ready yet, you're still a rookie.
Mila (heaving breathing): ...
Tina: Don't worry, you will find someone.
Mila (hesitating): Hmmm.... but who?

Las Vegas - A few months ago
>> Music
Tina enters a casino in Las Vegas, willing to have some fun. A lot of NPCs are enjoying playing in the room, and you could here the sounds of the machines. As she was heading to a gambling machine, she spotted Zack, sitting in a comfy red chair, looking at his feet.
Tina (teasing): What a surprise.. Zack!
Zack: Uh... Oh... Tina? My Tina is that you?
Tina (proud): How have you been since the last time I kicked your butt?
Zack: Well...
Female (running towards them): Zackuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!§!!
Zack: N...Ni.. Niki? What are you doing here?
Niki: I knew you were here. Where have you been?
Zack: I... I...
Niki: Wow, isn't this your friend...
Tina: Hmmm?
Niki: ...Tina, right? Haha, that's great! Zackuuu told me so much about you.
Tina: 'Kay, I see...
Niki: Anyway, I need to get to the bathroom, I'll be right back! Stay here Zackuuuu! (she leaves)
Tina: So... Zacku...?
Zack (grumbling): Ermm.. yeah...
Tina (rubbing Zack's green mohawk): So I guess love is still in the air! That's great news!
Zack: We are about to go to our honey moon.
Tina: That's amazing!
Zack (standing up): But I'm not ready. (putting his hands on his face) I'm not ready. (falling on his knees) NOOOOOOOT READY!!
Tina: Wait what... I thought she was the one.
Zack: Yes. But, I'm afraid...
Tina: There is no "but". Be a man!
Zack: ...
Tina (smiling): A real man.

Get Ready? Fight!

Tina: You only have one chance... take it before it's too late.
All the NPCs around them had stopped gambling and starts applauding.
Niki (appearing behind Zack): Zackkuuuuu? What happened?
Tina leaves the room with the people keeping applauding her. She leaves the casino, with a smile on her face. Gathering people and sharing good values is definitely a part of her life.

Roof (Freedom Survivor)
Back on Freedom Survivor, Tina remembers that episode in the casino. Suddenly, she hears a loud sound, like an earthquake. A wild Bass appears!
>> Music
Bass: Tinaaaaaaaaa!
Tina: Daddy... oww come on, you're too predictable! (the music stops)
Bass: Eerrr... what?

Get Ready? Fight!

Bass: Okay... you won.
Tina: Won what?
Bass: I guess I should get retired.
Tina: What are you talking about?
Bass: You don't understand baby. I don't want to fight against your dream... I want...
Tina: What??
Bass: I just want you to understand I am here for you!
Tina: ...
Bass: Growing up without a mother... having all these dreams... I need you to understand that I want to support you. Stop rejecting me!
Tina: Oh daddayyy... (she hugs her father)
Bass: I'm glad I had the chance to tell you these words.
Tina: You know what? I have this friend, who never had the chance to have such a cool daddy... her name is Mila, she's a warror. Maybe you should tag up with her for the tournament. Can you do that for me? (smiling) Pleaaaaase?
Bass: But sweetie, who will be your tag partner?
A mysterious female appears behind both of them, standing proud and strong under the clear sun.
La Mariposa: Hello guys.
Tina (smiling): Friendships never get old...

New Tag Teams!
:tina::La Mariposa:
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Haha, I don't know if I will, I actually understand TN. It's pretty hard to write new characters into such a big roster. And it's also hard to write a background for a character who has been here since the 2000's (Christie for instance). Anyway, new chapter coz I'm bored.

Chapter 4 : Getting out of the Desert :leon: -24 hours before the sinking

After leaving the conference room where everyone had gathered to listen to Helena Douglas' welcoming words, Leon directly goes to the deck. Leon is staring at the ocean and the birds flying over the ship. A flashback scene occurs.

Afghanistan - Two decades ago
>> Music
Leon remembers his time in the desert. When he was still Lauren's young lover and when she was still his innocent damsel in distress. She was a civilian during the Soviet-Afghan war, he was just a man missionned by the KGB to take part in the Operation Desert Shield. Things had changed the day he had met and saved that woman from an assault. He decided to escape war and his duty in order to elope with her. Unfortunately, their fate was shorten by a deadly sand storm. And Leon never forgot the day Lauren died in his arms... Neither did he forget her last words...

Roof (Freedom Survivor)
Leon is now in the front of the ship, quietly and peacefully fishing.
>> Music
Leon (mumbling): Erm....
Zack: Hey buddy. What are you doing here? Hehehe. So you want to take part in the tournament?
Leon: I needed some vacation.
Zack: Oh come on! I know you will get them all! You're the ultimate weapon, hehehe.
Leon: Please be quiet.
Leon explodes in a fury, as the fish had all fleed because of Zack's loudiness.

Get Ready? Fight!

Leon: Come back once you'll get quiet! (Leon throws Zack overboard)

Secret Lab
Leon is sitting on a chair, in front of a man wearing a white business suit and a black mask, with red eyes. Lisa Hamilton is standing next to the man in the suit. The room where they are all gathered in filled with computers. You can tell technology is important in that place. It seems that our mercenary is having a kind of job interview.
Leon (frowning): So what exactly do you want from me?
Donovan: I believe we have something you would like to see.
Leon: May I ask what it is?
Donovan: Thanks to Ms. Hamilton's genius skills, we might be able to bring back the love of your life.
Leon: ...
Donovan: I'm afraid I don't like that silence. What do you say?
Lisa: Sir, her name is Lauren.
Leon: Don't say her name.
Donovan: What do you say brave man? You become my personal bodyguard...
>> Music
Leon (about to explode): ...
Lisa: ...and we'll help you to move on with your regrets.
Leon (facing Lisa): How dare you!

Get Ready? Fight!

Roof (Freedom Survivor)
Back on the boat, Leon encounters Bayman. The two of them have not met for a while.
Bayman: Leon...
Leon: Bayman...
Bayman: What are you doing here?
Leon: You don't seem happy to see me here. Am I wrong?
Bayman (softly touching the scare on his nose): Last time we properly talk, we were about to plan an assault. The hour after, you were nowhere to be found.
Leon: I guess a man has to follow its own feelings.
Bayman: Some may follow these feelings you are talking about, others just prefer to follow their duty.
Leon: What is the point of talking about the past, Leon?
Bayman: You're right. Are you taking part in the tournament?
Leon: I'm not interested. You?
Bayman: Not really, I'm too busy.
Leon: Busy being Ms. Douglas' lapdog?
Bayman: Like I said, duty. However, I think you should take part in the tourney. Care to spare?
>> Music
Leon: I can't. I myself have some business to do.
Bayman: Impressive. May I ask what?
Leon (smiling and changing subject): ... Okay, one last fight. Like good old times.

Get Ready? Fight!

Bayman: Leon, maybe it is time to move on with your past. You can prove the world you are the ultimate weapon, after all.
Leon: I have nothing to prove.
Zack (surprisingly appearing from behind): Hello again!
>> Music
Leon: Er... you again?
Zack: Listen Leon, I didn't have time to speak the other time, but I'd like you to be my partner for the tournament. What do you say?
Leon (looking at Bayman): Well... I suppose.
Zack: Greatuuuuuu! We are going to win this competion! Hehehehehehe.
Leon (looking at the sky): Errr....

New Tag Team!


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Haha, our clown never changes. Or maybe he will... Hehe, I tried to keep cheesy dialogues like the franchise does...

Chapter 5 : The Magenta By-Blow :ayane: -16 hours before the sinking

Ninja Village – Seventeen years ago
>> Music
Ayame and a woman in her 50s are having a conversation behind the folding screen of a modest living room. Outside, it is raining calmly, and the floor is starting to become a bit muddy.
Ayame: You cannot keep the baby.
Woman: I won't leave her.. her mother died by the hand of a rapist. She is alone.
Ayame: She is holding great powers. Dangerous powers.
Woman (almost crying): What this monster did.. The poor girl. She needs a family. I want her to have a normal life!
Ayame: You were her mother's nanny, you should not interfere with her fate. However, I understand what you have in your heart. But you will have to take her somewhere else. To the city.
Woman: I just have to pretend she is my granddaughter. But what if...
Ayame: What?
Woman: What if he comes back?
Muramasa (coming to them, holding a baby): It is time. (he gives the baby to the woman)
Woman (touching the baby's nose): I will protect you... Honoka. You are safe now.
The woman takes the baby girl in a blanket and leaves the ninja village, running under the rain.
The scene then goes back to Muramasa and Ayame in the house, back to the point where they saw the woman running away in fear.
Muramasa: What will happen to Ayane? Will she ever know someone in Japan have the same blood?
Ayame: It's past. It already belongs to the past...

Waterfall Valley – A few years ago
A storm is now raging. The village we left had became darker with time. Raidou is attacking the village like in the DOA2U opening. In full HD. A group of people are standing around him in the middle of the courtyard, while he being violent with Ayame. Nobody tries to help.
Raidou (holding Ayame's neck): Where is she?
Ayame: She is not here. She never grew up here...
Raidou: Liar! (throwing Ayame on the floor)
Coming out of nowhere, Ayane jumps from a roof and defends Ayame.
>> Music
Ayane: Raidouuuuu!

Get Ready? Fight!

After the fight, Ayane gets thrown on the wall of a building, and Hayate comes to her rescue. The young leader tries to stop Raidou, but ends up against the trunk of a tree, his spine damaged by the shock.
Ayane: Master Hayate...

Roof (Freedom Survivor)
During the evening, Ayane was relaxing on the highest point of Freedom Survivor to observe the stars in the sky. She was thinking about that moment, a few years ago, when Raidou had attacked the village. She never really understood why he had decided to come back that night. As she was lost in her thoughts, she remarked the silhouette of a white-haired lady discreetly walking in the distance. She automatically recognized Christie, and jumped on the first deck to head to her fellow ninjas. Her plan was to inform the group of what she had just seen. On her way to Helena's office, she meets someone she has never seen before.
Honoka: Hey hello there!
Ayane: Ermm.. hello.
Honoka: Hey listen, you look really cool, and I'm looking for a partner myself, so...
Ayane: Listen, I don't have time.. (about to leave)
>> Music
Honoka (high pitch voice): Hey waaaaaait!
Ayane: What again?
Honoka: Hmmm.. aren't you a ninja?
Ayane: Hhhmpf...
Honoka: I knew it! Hey listen, maybe we could team up, we'll beat them all if we are two!
Ayane (annoyed): Can't you just find someone of your own strength?

Get Ready? Fight!

Ayane: Well.. what was that?
Honoka (smiling): What do you mean?
Ayane: You seem... special.
Honoka: Oh I know, my grandmother always said I was special. So what do you say?
Ayane: Sorry I don't have time. See you later.. I guess. (she runs away)

Office (Freedom Survivor)
In Helena's office, Ayane had explained that Christie has infiltrated the ship.
Helena: I guess it haz started already...
Bayman: Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to gather all the fighters in the same place.
Hayate: Kasumi has disappeared.
Ryu: She seems to have left the ship this morning.
Helena: That iz terrible, we have to find her.
Ryu: I'm confident. She is following her fate. We must keep an eye on everyone and focus on the security. Have you noticed something special Bayman?
Bayman: No.
Ayane: And Lisa. Is she still on our side?
Helena: Yes.
Hayate: How can we trust someone like her, after all the things she has done?
Helena: She haz moved on with her unglorious past. Anyway, I must go back to my room. We will talk about zis tomorrow.
Hayate: Ayane, are you alright? You.. you seem upset.
Ayane: ... (she leaves)

Roof (Freedom Survivor)
As Ayane is walking back to her cabin, she is stopped by Ryu.
Ryu: What is on your mind Ayane?
Ayane (she stops walking): I don't know. Lately I have been thinking about dark things.
Ryu: What kind of things?
Ayane: All the dark things our village had went through in the past.
>> Music
Ryu: He is still in your mind.. I see.
Ayane: I know it's impossible since he is dead. But still...
Ryu: Don't worry, I will help you to get rid of these thoughts.

Get Ready? Fight!

Ayane (looking down): Master Ryu...
Ryu: We are not alone on this battle Ayane. Never forget that.
In the shadow, two women appears.
Momiji & Rachel: Hello there.
Ryu: I have found two precious allies. We'll need them. A storm is a coming...
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Chapter 6 : House of the Rising Sun
-8 hours before the sinking

An orphenage in China, 15 years ago.
>> Music
The place is very dusty but the sun is warm. Kids are playing with a ball in the courtyard. A young kid is being bullied by an older fat Chinese teenager.
Older teen (pushing the young boy): Come on, clean that mess! (showing a pile of toys)
Jann Lee (young): But I didn't do it, it was you!
Older boy (about to slap him): You will listen to me boy!
A nice girl appears and puts the bully on the floor with an impressive hold.
Ji Yeon: Don't be silly, go away. (The boy runs away in fear)
Jann Lee (ashamed): Thank you...
Ji Yeon: Come on Jann Lee, if you keep being protected by me, people will really think I am your sister, and it will be harder for both of us to get adopted!
Still sitting on his butt, young Jann Lee keeps staring at his female friend's green eyes.

Seoul, KCIA office - Two months ago
Ji Yeon was closing her eyes, remembering that scene from her childhood.
>> Music
Suddenly someone entered in her office, and she oppened her lovely greenish eyes. A man wearing a black suit throws a pile of important documents on her desk. She stands up.
Ji Yeon (welcoming him politely): Mister Paik.
KCIA boss: I brought you all the information. His name is Victor Donovan, CEO of MIST.
Ji Yeon: So this is my target right?
KCIA boss: Yes. Inside the documents, you will find all the people who are currently working for him. You will also find the places he has been in the last two months...
Ji Yeon: The man seems to like the company of beautiful women...
KCIA: Yes.
Ji Yeon (reading): Who is this one?
KCIA boss: Oh. That's actually someone who used to work for him.
Ji Yeon (watching at the picture): Russia? Well.. I guess I need to take a warm coat in my luggage...

Moscow – A few weeks ago
The streets are full of limos, and kids are throwing snow balls at each others. Bayman is crossing the road. He remarks the Korean lady, apparently waiting for him.
Bayman: Who do I have the pleasure to speak to?
Ji Yeon: Ji Yeon Kwon, KCIA agent.
Bayman: ...
Ji Yeon: Bayman, does the name "Victor Donovan" mean something to you?
>> Music
Bayman (frowning): This is something I don't feel the need to talk about...

Get Ready? Fight!

Bayman: Er... that bastard is nowhere to be found anyway. Why are you looking for him?
Ji Yeon: I have to arrest him.
Bayman: Fighting for justice, I suppose? Lovely. Well I guess you could find some information if you find Helena Douglas. She has been one of his target in the past.
Ji Yeon: Ms. Douglas? You seem to have a long history with her too.
Bayman: What exactly are you refering to?
Ji Yeon (after a silence): We will get in touch later. I am not interested in you for the moment. See you later Mister Bayman.

Roof - Freedom Survivor
>> Music
Ji Yeon is wearing a bikini, relaxing on a deckchair. The ship is still navigating peacefully. Some NPCs wearing swimsuits are drinking cocktails. Suddenly, Ji Yeon remarked a young Chinese girl, singing a lullaby to the ocean, looking melancolic.
Ji Yeon: You have a good singing voice.
Lei Fang (serious tone): I know.
Ji Yeon: What is wrong, you look sad. A girl of your age should not be so sad.
Lei Fang: I am not a little girl.
Ji Yeon: Is someone in your mind ?
Lei Fang (blushing): Hey! Stop!
Ji Yeon: Hehehehe.
Lei Fang: I said stop!

Get Ready? Fight!

Lei Fang (on the floor): *heaving breathing*
Ji Yeon: So who is this guy you're singing for anyway?
Lei Fang: Why are you so curious?
Ji Yeon: Come on, I am just trying to be friendly.
Lei Fang: It is not about a guy. It's about me. I really need to win this tournament.
Ji Yeon: What for?
Lei Fang: I need this money. For my special project.
Ji Yeon: You look like quite a healthy girl though.
Lei Fang: I am a lucky girl yes, but it is actually quite expensive. I need the cash price.
Ji Yeon: May I ask what it is for?
Lei Fang (suspicious): Well I'd like to build my own circus. For kids. I mean, I want kids who are growing up without parents to go to this special place.
Ji Yeon: Orphans... are you an orphan yourself?
Lei Fang: No. But I know someone who was.
Ji Yeon: Trying to impress him?
Lei Fang (blushing): Not really. I need to feel... I need to feel like I am a real woman. That I can handle my own business.
Ji Yeon: I see, that is quite an ambition. I admire that.
Lei Fang: Thank you (moment of silence). His name is Jann Lee.
Ji Yeon: Hmm?
Lei Fang: The boy who inspired me. His name is Jann Lee.
Ji Yeon (trying not to show she knows him): Oww.. I see. Is this Jann Lee on the boat?
Lei Fang (smiling): I guess so. Anyway, see you again!
As Lei Fang was walking away, Ji Yeon was thinking about her time in the orphenage. Could it be possible this was her old friend Jann Lee? The boy she grew up with? She smiled.

Beach (Lost Island)
During the night, as the ship had stopped near an island, Ji Yeon, wearing a spy suit, dives into. After some moment, she reaches a small island. After getting on the beach, she heads to a dark forest, and finally find an abandonned village. There, she sees a very modern, high-tech building that stands out compared to the rest of the old houses.
Ji Yeon: Well.. I guess I have found your burrow Donovan.
>> Music
Isabella (coming from behind): What are you doing here?
Ji Yeon (not even surprised): It is not everyday that you can see such an elegant lady in the middle of the jungle.
Isabella: I must agree I have a very good sense of fashion.
Ji Yeon: Care to tell me what you are doing here?
Isabella: I'm afraid this is not of your business, hija.
Ji Yeon: You are Isabella right? Donovan's new trophy?
Isabella: Hmmm...
Ji Yeon: Listen. We are both women. I understand what you are going through, but this guy is very dangerous. I'm sure you are unaware of many things.
Isabella: You know darling. You know nothing, kitty..

Get Ready? Fight!

As she leaves Isabella unconscious on the grass, Ji Yeon manages to get a key card from her purse. She decides to enter the laboratory.
At the same time, a girl in a blue side-tie shinobi dress comes out of the forest. The moonlight illuminates Kasumi's innocent face...
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Chapter 7 : The Swan Song :helena:
Office (Freedom Survivor)
>> Music
Helena is standing in her office, in front of the imposing window behind her desk. In her hand, she is holding the locket her mother gave her a few years ago. The large windows shows the big aquarium incorporated at the center of Freedom Survivor. Some seagulls are playing around the transparent rounded roof of the aquarium, as if they were trying to catch the fish inside.
Marie-Rose (puzzled): Lady Helena, what is that in your hand?
Helena: Oh? Zis, my dear, iz the last memory I have from my family.
Marie-Rose: Where you parents good people?
Helena: It depends how you define good and evil.
Marie-Rose: Oww.. I'm sure your mother was a good person!
(Behind the doors of her office, Kokoro is watching the scene)
Helena: You're right. But things are changing Marie-Rose. We must prepare.
Marie-Rose: Prepare for what, Lady Helena?
Helena: Greedy people. People who want power. It iz a dangerous world.
Marie-Rose: Do you have a lot of ennemies around here?
Helena: I made ze choice to get surrounded by zose I trust. It iz the only thing zat matters.
Marie-Rose: Owww...
>> Music
Helena: Marie-Rose, my dear. Let me see if you are strong enough to brave this world.

Get Ready? Fight!

Paris – A few months ago
Helena is taking a stroll on the Seine's river bank. She is walking her dog and stops to watch the sun reflecting on the river.
>> Music
Ji Yeon (coming to her): So this is the famous Helena Douglas.
Helena: Who do I have the honour to speak to?
Ji Yeon: My name is Ji Yeon Kwon. I am working for the KCIA.
Helena: Keep going.
Ji Yeon: I am currently looking for Victor Donovan.
Helena: That iz a good thing, I suppose. Have you found any clue yet?
Ji Yeon: There are some details I cannot talk about for the moment. But I would like to ask you something.
Helena: Try me.
Ji Yeon: If I am well documented, you are about to organize the next Dead or Alive Tournament, right?
Helena: It seems like yes.
Ji Yeon: Well, I need an invitation to the event, in order to keep an eye on Donovan. Can I join?
Helena: I already have someone there, but I suppose the more the better. You are not alone with such a salutary goal, trust me.
Ji Yeon: I know you have someone. I'm actually surprised to see you are so close to him.
Helena: Him?
Ji Yeon: The man who killed your father.
Helena: Uh? What are you talking about?
Ji Yeon: You should pay more attention to the people you are trusting.
Helena (after a moment of silence): I suppose... it does not matter anymore. Anyway, I don't have time to play games with you. Good luck... on your mission.

Hold (Freedom Survivor)
Helena: Bayman.
Bayman: Uh?
>> Music
Helena (aiming at him with a gun): Do I have your full attention?
Bayman: What's up with the gun? What exactly do you need?
Helena: Iz it true you assassinated my father, Fame Douglas?
Bayman (frowning): Where did you hear that?
Helena: How hard waz it to hide the truth away from me?
Bayman : Don't do something you will regret...
Helena (she lets the gun fall on the floor): Zat is right.
Bayman (surprised): Uh?
Helena: Let's see if your ready for the next battle. Only redemption will cleanse your soul...

Get Ready? Fight!

Aquarium (Freedom Survivor)
The sun is about to set down. A party is going on in the ballroom where everyone is gathered. Women are wearing beautiful cocktail dresses and men are wearing tuxedos. However, Kokoro and Helena are isolated from the rest, in the aquarium room, in the center of the ship. They are observing the fish in silence. Kokoro is wearing a cute orange dress. Helena is wearing her silver opera dress. Kokoro seems really impressed by the beauty of the ocean animals.
>> Music
Kokoro: Are you ready for tonight? A lot of people are expecting you in the ballroom. The big finale is tonight.
Helena: ...
Kokoro: Can't wait to see which team will win.
Helena: Oh yes, after the ball. Have you found someone to dance with?
Kokoro (blushing): I... I have other things in my mind. Will you come?
Helena: Yes. I will come in a minute.
Kokoro (worried): Are you alright?
Helena: Nevermind. Go and have fun in the ballroom. Zat is where everyone is now.
Helena kissed Kokoro's forehead, and Kokoro leaves the room with a comforting smile.

Helena is observing a blue and green fish, as it is swimming behind one of the panes of the aquarium. Suddenly, the fish hides behind a coral, as if he was feeling something strange. Suddenly, and out of nowhere, a huge explosion can be heard.
>> Music
It seems that it occured in the hold of the ship, under Helena's feet. One of the pane had actually shattered with the vibration of the explosion. Water starts flooding the room slowly.
Helena (confused): What iz happening?
Christie: Hello my lady.
Helena: Christie. What is going on? What are you doing here?
Christie: ...
Helena: Christie, what have you done?
Christie: It is time to answer the grimp reaper's questionnary...

Get Ready? Fight!
>> Music
After the fight of the two queens, the ship starts vibrating a lot and making the sounds of a suffering whale. Christie has disappeared like magic. Helena has fallen on the wet floor, and she is trying to escape from the flood. During her escape, she remembers the day her mother was killed. She remembers the ugly years when DOATEC was a mess. She remembers her attempt to stop everything a few years ago with fire.
The water is now on the level of her bosom. Thinking that the next minute will be the last one of her pathetic life, Helena tries to swim towards the entry door of the aquarium, while the ship goes Titanic. Nobody seems to hear her. Everything is locked, the panic is her only ally. She cannot open any door... She cannot reach any space with free air... She cannot breathe anymore...

The peaceful aquarium the silence of which she used to love, now becomes her grave. The ship starts sinking, as her mother's locket is falling into the abysses of the ocean.
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