DOA5LR Anything on Kokoro that can guard break and/or swing momentum in my favor against a blocker?


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I'm trying to figure out how to punish someone who is just great at guarding my attacks.

Ideally something I can use to punish an opponent hard and swing momentum into my favor. Something like a stagger/guard break that I can use to chain for more damage, but any ideas would be nice.

inb4 throw. Yes I know I can do that, but Kokoro's throw don't seem to do enough, and all they seem to do is reset the fight, and a little bit of damage.

IIRC 6P+K->6P used to guard break, but it doesn't seem to work anymore.

1 or 3P->T doesn't do really do anything, and even puts Kokoro on a disadvantage. (Opponent can land a jab before you follow up with anything. Even T)

The only options I seem to have are 236T and similar or Heichu->2P, but the former is quite predictable and the latter only has one (that I have found) followup.

I'd really appreciate if anyone has any tips. Thanks.


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Kokoro is good at neutral game thanks to her dual strings. Use them ad libitum to confuse your opponent or to open them up.

look at the second picture here to pick your dual string

Edit: here is an example of strategy.
1/ Basic
Kokoro has several possible gameplays. But she has her own personal gameplay: The dual string mix up!
What you are looking for is this string: :P::P::6::P:. It leads you to a beautiful stun (on CH) from which you can launch or look for CB.

It 's so threatening that people won't allow you to use this, so they will block or will hold, or sidestep. Kokoro has an answer to all of them : :P::P::H+P: !

=> So your gameplan is to mix all of her dual strings to confuse them.

2/ Advanced
Now they know that you'll mix the instring throws with direct hits. But The beauty of the dual strign lays here: the direct hits strings (:P::P::6::P: or :2::K::P:) are semi-safe ! (can't be punished with unbreakable throw). If they dare to punish with a generic :6:::H+P: they risk a counter.

So they will try to take priority with a fast poke.
Now enters in the game the last kokoro's piece : her sabaki :7::P: for high or :4::4::P: ! with another stun for you.

With just this basic gameplan you 'll have a very fun mind game with your partners!

3/ Side Note : against that strategy, fuzzy guard is your friend.
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Dorsn't Kokoro have a special Command Tick Throw ? You know.... the one where she yanks your arm if its blocked..... use that.... its almost like an option select... if they're blocking the throw will force them out of block and give advantage.... if the throw whiffs but it puts her into that stance of hers.... you can attack from that stance and hit again.... its not guarenteed though but it is a nice ace to have up your sleeve.... E-Man uses it some times.
Oh if you're opponent is ducking or Fuzzy guarding then use her 1 K K set up if they are just crouching, the second hit in that string is a mid, it will thoroughly punish anyone expecting two lows in a row. If they are Fuzzing Gaurding then her 2 H+K K is a double low.
This will put a stop to alot of the blocking...... unless they are really good at reading you..... in which case you should come up with some original tricks of your own.
NB: BE WEARY OF SIDE STEPPERS, thats your Kryptonite, all the above strategies are for getting past an opponents guard... they are beyond more than just useless against Side Steppers, keep your eyes peeled for Marie and Christie their side step actually beat throws.... you might have to be the one playing defensively in these match ups.


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Every kokoro players should know and should learn how to deal with sidesteppers. Because eveybody wants to sidestep her. But very few people knows how to sidestep her correctly.
That 's the beauty of this: Common mistake is "kokoro is linear, just sidestep to shut her up!" . A good kokoro player will expect these sidesteppers and will easily get free counter hits.

Good tools against sidesteppers:
1) :P:,:K:
The :K: retracks so it counters the sidestep. the :P: is there just in case your opponent don't sidestep but try to get the priority
watch at 3:00 for koko

After blocking, her :P: beats every fast :P: or :6::P:
her :K: beats every sidestep move : Bayman STF, christie jakehio P, mila sidestep 6T, Akira powerfull Sidestep P

others strings with the same purpose are :
:P::2::K: (high low)
:6::6::P+K: (mid mid)

2) Then all bunch of instring throws , PPT, P2KT, P+KT ....

3) Retracks strings : :6::P::6::P: ....

4) Delay

5) track string.​

look at this for a list of things against sidesteppers
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