DOA5LR Best setups for the Dragon Gunner and 4H?


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Funny you don´t use 6H+K at the wall, since its strongest there, i didn´t get you when you said mix-up between a high and a high, you mean 6H+K and P6P? if so not really since like i said P6P is mainly used as throw bait and after it its a 50-50 between P and 6P after that you can it you become free to do anything, a high, mid punch, mid kick or a low, so its mainly about not doing the same thing twice XD, 6H+K works similarly if you don´t go into DS, but like you said, if what you´re doing works for you there´s not really any problem is there?
P6p can be staggered, so it's not always just a 50/50 between p and 6p.
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