DOA6 Brad and Eliot Officially Revealed

After several weeks of speculation, Brad Wong and Eliot have finally been revealed in this stunning trailer that also demonstrates the new 'Unforgettable' stage. There are a lot of new elements to Eliot's gameplay that are worth talking about, and this creative new level holds a lot of stages and secrets you may have missed with your first viewing of the reveal. You can peruse Team NINJA's official website for the stage update and new character biographies.

This reveal starts off with Eliot and Brad Wong practicing moves in Miyabi's 'Hidden Garden.' Their relationship feels very competitive in this scene; similar to how it was in DOA5. Long time players might notice that parts of Eliot's default costume look a lot like Gen Fu's tiger print.

After the tense demonstration at Miyabi, Team NINJA takes us on a tour through the new DOA Museum! During the entirety of the stage reveal you will see signs that direct you to different stages in the museum, and some interesting pictures on the wall that commemorate moments throughout DOAs history. Most of these pictures correspond to the stage in the gallery, but some of them are hilariously out of place just to be fun.

'Unforgettable' is multi-tiered and includes samplings of five different stages from DOAs past. The top part of the stage includes Taylor's Bar and Hot Zone; both places being from DOA5. If you take the fight down the 'DOATEC Great Hall' stairs to the bottom level you can explore bits of Gambler's Paradise (DOA4), The Danger Zone (DOA1 Flashback Map) and The Sacred Miyami (DOA2).

The 'Sacred Miyama' is a boss stage where you fight Bankotsubo (the original Tengu) in DOA2. This level was revolutionary for its time in video games because Tengu could change the seasons during the fight (which ironically was mentioned by Team NINJA's Master several months ago on Twitter). Oddly enough, the Miyama section was the only part of the museum that was not ready for display.

Team NINJA starts off the gameplay section at 'Taylor's Bar' and showcase Brad. He launches Eliot with a classic 9K and follows up with kicks that animate similar to Rig's. As Eliot flies from the last kick you can see from the zoom out of the camera that there will be plenty of breakable objects at the bar.

The 'Hot Zone' section comes with the most important part: the tank! Before Brad bashes Eliot into it he gets damage on him by changing to his low stance and perfectly lifts himself off the ground just to punch Eliot in the stomach with a mid-punch! He launches Eliot into the air after the stun, hits the Toritsu K string and ends with a combo ending kick in his handstand stance.

Brad knocks Eliot down the staircase with his Break Blow and finishes his demo at the 'Gambler's Paradise' section. The level comes with the rails you could hop in DOA4, and some display cars that can still mess your character up big time. You can see the second tier at this stage from several different angles on the strip, and it's really fascinating how all these different levels and structures look merged together.

Eliot opens up with his 7P, goes into 8P, uses Gen Fu's stance, launches with Gen Fu's H+K, does his own 3P to extend the combo before using Gen Fu's 46P to smash Brad into the car danger zone. The crash sends Brad into the air, and Eliot uses Gen Fu's famous catch grab to politely keep his momentum going. Eliot uses his regular P string to send Brad over the rails to the 'Danger Zone' portion of the stage.

'Danger Zone' is no longer multi-tiered, but the one tier that it does have still launches your foe off the ground upon them falling onto it. Eliot continues to dip into Gen Fu's move list with his 6P string, and mid-punch reversal. Like most character trailers, the apprentice finishes his fight with his special combo and break blow to conclude the reveal.

Team NINJA is consistently reminding us that they care for DOAs rich history, and they are always looking for ways to honor the past. It's likely that Gen Fu has moved on from being a playable character in the DOA franchise for the first time because of these big move-set changes. Eliot's biography does not imply that Gen Fu has passed, so there is a chance that he will appear in the story mode, even if it's not for long.
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The bar is inside of Taylor’s Bar (FUEL Stage) that’s always being shown in the DOA5 story. I’m guessing FUEL is back, but you start in the bar and knock them out. Maybe.

Gen Fu is really outta here. If Phase 4 and Nyo aren’t a part of the final 25, then I think Rachel and Momiji are the other 2. The usual suspects get DLC again.


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Eliot looks more androgynous than ever, but somehow that is not a problem to me x'D Nice touch having a costume homage to Genfu (maybe the old man is dead this time around?)

I have some issues with Brad's eyebrows, and I would prefered a more "kimono like" default. I always wanted for him to have a costume like Kyouraku's from Bleach:


If Gambler's Paradise is back that would be awesome *o*
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