DOA5U Christie Universal Combo Guide made by Queen Jakheiho


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This 40 minute journey is the most complete combo guide for Christie ever made.
All my heart and my available resources have been invested in this project in the last weeks!
I hope this video is a help for all Christie player and maybe even players that previously could not do anything with her to give it a try to see and understand what she is for a unique and complex character.
This guide included:

0.40 Frame Advandtage
1.45 Tracking
2.12 Jakheiho Transition
3.22 Frame Traps
3.44 BNB - Beginner Combos
4.30 BNB - Advanced Combos
7.06 BNB - Jakheiho Transition Combos
9.17 BNB - 4T Counter Hit Combos
9.44 BNB - Unusal Combos & Launcher
10.23 BNB - Guaranteed Stuns & Combos
11.15 - Bound Combos
11.56 - Charge Punch Vortex & Combos
12.46 - (Pseudo) Force Techs
13.51 - Faint Setups & Guaranteed Combos
16.10 - Crushes - High Crushes & Wake Up Crushes
18.17 - Wall/Wall Bound Combos & 66T on Wall
21.55 - Critical Burst Setups & Combos
26.53 - Powerlauncher Combos
28.53 - Low Hold Punch Combos
30.58 - Stage Combos

BNB Beginner Combos

9K PKKK - 55
9K 2PP 6K4K - 55
H+KKK 2PP PKK2K - 77
H+KKK 2PP 6KP - 68
KK 9K PKKK - 73
33P PKK JAK PP - 55
7PPP 2PP 6KP - 72
7PPP PKKK - 74
3PPP 8K PP2KP - 55+
4PPP 9K PP2KP - 51

Just a few simple combos on neutral hit to learn for beginner

BNB Advance Combos - All Combos made on Counter Hit

Featherweight Combos

3PPP 4K H+KK 6K 6K4K - 120
KP 4K 33P PP2PP 6K4K - 117
214P 4K 4P BTH+K H+KK 2PP 6k4K - 133


2PP 4K (3)P PKK JAK PP - 85
6PP 1PK 2PP PKK2K - 101
214P 8K PKK JAK PP - 94
6PP 4K 4K 6K 6K 6K4K - 108
1K6P 1PK PKK JAK 6P+K - 89
9P 6PP 2H+K 4H+K BTP+K 2PP 6K4K - 116
66PP H+K 4P BTP+K 2PP 6K 6K4K - 103
214P 4K 2PP 2PP 2PP PKK2K - 124
2H+KP 4PP H+KK 6K 6K JAK 6P - 85
4PKP 8K H+KK 6KP - 107
JAK6P 6P 7P PP2PP 6K 6K4K - 113
4K 3KP 33P 2PP 6K 6K4K - 116
66PPP 4K 3P+KK 6K 6KJAK PKP - 117
3PP 4K 4P BTH+K PKK JAK H+K - 114
6PP H+K H+KK H+KK 6K4K - 112
1K6PP 4P BTH+K H+KK PKK2K - 116
4K 7PPP KK JAK PKP - 116
6PP PP2K 4K 2PP 6K JAK PP - 107


4PPP 4K PKK JAK PP - 105
66PPP 7P 3P+KK 6K JAK 6P+K - 105
7PP 3P 4P BTH+K 2PP 6K4K - 117
H+K 6PP H+K H+KK PKK JAK 6P - 114

JAK ~ 2P+K/8P+K

Jakheiho Transition Combos - All Combos made on Counter Hit

3PP JAK P 2PP 6K4K - 78
6K JAK P 6K 6K4K - 71
3K JAK P 6K 6KP - 68
66PP(P) JAK P+K 2PP PKK2K - 84
4PP(P) JAK P+K 6KK - 66
6PP 3K JAK P+K 2PP 6K 6K4K - 103
JAK 1K6K 6K JAK P+K H+KK 6K4K - 106
KK 3K JAK K H+KK 6K JAK PP - 113
3K JAK K 6K JAK P+K 2PP 6K 6K4K - 107
7PP 6PP JAK P H+KK 6KP - 118
6K JAK K 6K JAK P+K PKK JAK 6P+K - 104
6PP JAK K 2PP 2PP PKK2K - 105
KK JAK K H+KK H+KK 6K4K - 119
3K JAK K H+KK 2PP 6K JAK PKP - 109
214P 3K JAK K 2K 8K PKK JAK PKP - 132
9P 3K JAK K 2K (3P) PKK JAK 6P+K - 109
7PP 6K JAK K H+KK 2PP KK2K - 132

JAK ~ 2P+K/8P+K

4T Counter Hit Combos - All combos made on counter hit

All tested against Sarahs Low Punch and Mid Punch for the video i was setting the CPU to Mid punch after the 4T all Combos works aswell against Midweights.

8K H+KK 6K4K - 80
6K JAK P PKK JAK 6P - 69
3K JAK P+K PKK JAK 6P+K - 80

+ 25 Damage for a normal throw
+ 31 Damage for a counter throw (Opponent sidesteps)
+ 37 Damage for a high counter throw (Opponent holds)

Unusal Combos + Launcher - All combos made on counter hit

214P+K Charge 2PP 6KP - 79
1K6P 4K 214P+K Charge 6K 6K4K - 92

Careful this Bound Launcher is easy techable.

8P 6KP - 57
7PP 3PP 8P 6K4K - 105
3P 3P PKK JAK PP - 75
6PP 6H+K BT P+K 6KP - 89

6H+K Launcher works only after 6P or P string and works with a 6K4K ender aswell for 3 Points more damage.

KP 4P BT4K 2PP 6K4K - 99
JAK 6P 3K 4P BT4PP PKK JAK 6P+K - 112

Guaranteed Stuns & Combos


214P ~ 6P, 4K, H+K
P+K ~ 6P, 4K, H+K

Guaranteed Combos

2H+K 8K 2PP PKK2K - 78
2H+K 8K H+KK 6K4K - 77

Those Combos works only on a slippery surface(Zack Island, Ends of the Earth, Sanctuary, Primal)

The 214P Sitdown Combos (with the 4P2K, JAK 1KK, JAK PK2K Setups) are showing when your opponent is failing his holds and you hit 214P
you get a guaranteed sitdown and 8K Launcher. When you see on the right side critical Stun after the 214P while your opponent is failing his holds the Sitdown gives a guaranteed Critical Burst! Important!!!

Bound Combos - All Combos Made on Counter Hit

Jak44P 66K - 75
Jak44P 66P(Charge) - 72
Jak44P 66 ~ 9KK - 82
Jak44P 6PPP - 84

Hits Jak44P the following setups guaranteed

KP - 4K - 214P(Damage comparing setup)

6KP - 93
JAK 6P+K - 91
JAK PP - 90
9KK - 97
3PPP(Wall) - 112

Hits 214P in critical threshold the following setups guaranteed

Charge Punch Vortex

The Video shows its a reset stun when you dont take the guaranteed damage combo but you can go for far more damage with a CB or FT setup with
as example 3ppp(p) 4K 214P 6P+K(CB) or 3ppp(p) 4K P+K(Faint Stun). But its risky and all charge punch moves are mid punches and people love spamming mid punch holds against christie, so dont overuse this moves but as mixup its incredible good.

Charge Punch Combos - All Combos made on Counter Hit

the damage of the full charge combos does not appear the fight screeninfo display counts only from the last strike of the string before christie is jumping in the air for a guaranteed combo. That means you can depends on normal or counter hit and which Charge Punch adding around 30-40 more damage.

3PPP(P) P(Air) (Compare damage setup)
2PP PKK2K - 82
2PP 6K4K - 75
2PP 6KP - 73
2PP 6K JAK 6P - 71
2PP 3PPP(Wall) - 100

Faint Stun Combos - All Combos made on Counter Hit

Featherweight 214P 4K P+K (Setup to compare the damage)

4K 6K 6K 6K 6K4K - 135


7PP/6PP(Only those both setups works to hit 2PP after H+KK i dont why but i tested so much setups)

For the damage here i used 7PP P+K

H+KK 2PP 6K4K - 116(works against midweights aswell)
H+KK 2PP PKK2K - 126(Only Lightweights)
comparing with same setup to the most damaging Midweight Combo:
4K PKK JAK PKP - 123

Midweights 214P 4K P+K (Setup to compare the damage)

4K PKK JAK PKP - 130
4K 2PP 6K 6K4K - 126
4K 6K 6K 6K4K - 125
4K PKK JAK H+K - 131(10 Wall)

H+KK 6K 6K4K - 121
H+KK 6K JAK PKP - 124
Wall H+KK 6K 3PPP - 142 (10 more damage as a 4K 2PP 3PPP or 4K PP4PPP Juggle) but this combo works only directly on the wall!


4K PKK JAK PP - 122
H+KK 6K 6K4K - 121
Wall H+KK 6KP - 119 (Forget this ender do 3PPP instead 6KP for 128 damage here)

Wake Up Crushes


66K - 38
236P - 45
214P - 35(4K, 6P, H+K is a guaranteed follow-up, dont forget this!)
7K - 43
4PKP - 25 (Last Hit stuns on neutral hit but its easily to guard)
1K6P - This is more a frame trap to hit the attacking opponent after the low kick recovery in critical stun
JAK 44P - 56+ Guaranteed Bound Combo Damage

8PP 2PP 6K 6K4K - 69
8PP 2PP PKKK - 70
8PP 2PP 6K JAK6P+K - 75(Wall+10)
8PP 2PP 3PPP - 77
66K BTP+K 6KP - 65+
That means when you whiff the first kick you get 65 damage, you hit both kicks 85 and with the right timing you hit a counter hit makes 93 points damage on electric wall even more.
236P 6K 3PPP - 98 and on Counter Hit 106 Damage, to be honest i was himself suprised about this huge damage!


4P+K - 40-49(Depends how much you charge this move but to much you would your opponent
3P+KK PKKK - 59
214P - 35(Same as low)
JAK44K - 30
JAK44P - 56+ Guaranteed Bound Combo Damage
JAK6PP - 32
Other Jak variations like 1KK,1K6K could work aswell but its more a lucky punch so i dont wanted add this to the guide.

66K(This is one of the most sexiest stuff for Christie xD, with the right timing you jump right over the Mid wake Up and with a fast input several guaranteed damage combo variants)
6PPPP - 53
4H+K BTP+K 2PP 6K4K - 68
8K PKK JAK PP - 68
H+KK H+KK 6K 6K4K - 79(This was probaly the hardest combo against Midweights i was doing in the whole video, i recommended that for Lightweights)
4H+K BTP+K 3PPP - 74
H+KK H+KK 6KP - 79

Wall Combos - All Combos made on Counter Hit Stage Entertainment for +10 Electric Wall Damage

Close to Wall Combos

JAK 44P 66K - 90
66K BTP+K 6KP - 103
JAK 6P+K 6K 3PPP - 121
JAK K 6K 6K4K - 75
JAK 1KK 6K JAK 6P+K - 101
4P+K PP4PPP - 118
JAK H+K BTP+K 6KP - 108
JAK 1K6K 6K 6KP - 99
7PPP 6K 3PPP - 126
3K JAK 6PP 6K 7K - 109
JAK44P 2PP 6KP - 119
66PPP(P) P(Air) 2PP 3PPP - 110+ (Explanation to the charge punch combos to read in the Charge Combo Part)
3PPP(P) P(Air) 2PP 6KP - 103+
3K JAK H+K - 73
4T 7K 6KK - 87(Damage is counted without the throw damage, add 25-37 to them.
4P BTH+K 6K JAK PP - 95
6KK 4KK - 97
JAK 4P 6K 6KK - 112
8PP - 78
3P+KK 6K 6KP - 94
3P+KP+K H+KKK - 104
6KK JAK H+K - 83
6KK H+KKK - 101
JAK 1KK 9KK - 97
H+KKK 6K 7K - 108
H+KKK 2PP 3PPP - 123
H+K 4K 3K JAK H+K - 100
214P 4K 7K 6K 3PPP - 142
JAK 44T 66K BTP+K 6KP - 151 (High Counter Throw Damage)
3P+KT 8K 2PP 3PPP - 139 (High Counter Throw Damage)

Wall Bounce Combos

66K BTH+K PKK JAK 6P+K - 128 (Dont input BTH+K instantly wait around 1 second)
4P+K P+K 4K 4K 2PP 3PPP - 165
JAK 4P 4H+K BTP+K 6KP - 125
6KK 3P+KK 6K 6K JAK H+K - 118 (One of my favourite combos in that video but the timing is very though to hit the JAK H+K)
236P 214P 214P 3PPP - 138
3K JAK H+K BTP+K 2PP 3PPP - 130
3P+KP+K JAK44T 66K BTP+K 6KP - 58 + 130(A setup that was looking so nice i have to added this one)
JAK 6P+K 1P+K Charge(Powerblow) - 135
JAk 6P+K 214P+K Charge(Powerlauncher) 9K 7P 3PPP - 157

66T On Wall - Using High Counter Throw - 102 Damage

66T 3P+KT 8K 2PP 3PPP - 102 + 139
66T 4P+K 6K 3PPP - 102 + 127 (CH Damage)
66T 3P+KP+K 6K 3PPP - 102 + 114 (CH Damage)
66T 1P+K Charge(Powerblow) guaranteed 6P on a guarding opponent.
66T 1P+K Charge(Powerblow) - 102 + 95 (Powerblow had the possiblity when you hit your opponent against a wall to even get more damage for a wallbound combo)

CB Combos - All Combos made on counter hit

Open Space

214P - 4K - 214P 6P+K(Setup to compare the damage)


3P+KK 9K 6K PKKK - 160
3P+KK 7P H+KK 6K4K - 158


3P+KK 6K 6K 6K 6K4K - 155
3P+KK 6K 2PP PKK2K - 156
3P+KK H+KK 6K 6K4K - 155
3P+KK 6K KK JAK PKP - 157
3P+KK 6K PKK JAK PP - 152
3P+KK PP2PP 6K4K - 150
H+KK H+KK 6K4K - 149
3P+KK 6K 6K KKK - 154
3P+KK H+KK 6K JAK 6P+K - 150
3P+KK H+KK KK JAK 6P - 150


3P+KK 6K PKKK - 147
3P+KK H+KK 6K4K - 145

You land a CB use 3P+KK it makes no sense to use a different CB Launcher otherwise you stand for a wall!

CB Into Wall Combos

3P+KK 6K PKK JAK 6P+K - 163
3P+KK 6K 6K 3PPP - 161
3P+KK 6K PP4PPP - 161
3P+KK 6K 6K 6KK - 152

Comparing to Powerblow damage:

1P+K Charge(Powerblow) Open Space: 162
1P+K Charge(Powerblow) Into Wall(Sakura Stage): 172

CB Wall Combos

JAK6P 3PP 4K 6P+K (Setup to compare the damage) and Stage Depth for +10 Electric Wall Damage


JAK P+K H+KK PP4PPP Charge - 163-165(Depends on the charge flurry punches)


JAK P+K H+KK 3PPP - 153
H+KK PP4PPP Charge - 153 - 161 (Depends on the charge flurry punches)
33P 2PP 3PPP - 145
8K PP2PP 7K - 149


H+KK PP4PPP - 153
JAK P+K H+KK 7K - 139

Powerlauncher Combos - All Combos made on Counter Hit


214P+K Charge 214P+K Charge H+KK PKK2K - 125


214P+K Charge 214P+K Charge H+KK KK2K - 122
214P+K Charge 214P+K Charge 2PP PKKK - 118
214P+K Charge 214P+K Charge 6K 6K JAK PP - 109(I wanted the combo with the JAK PKP ender ~ 117, sry for that mistake xD)
214P+K Charge 214P+K Charge PKK JAK 6P+K - 123(Into Wall)
214P+K Charge JAK P+K H+KK PKK2K - 115


214P+K Charge 214P+K Charge KK JAK PKP - 117
214P+K Charge 214P+K Charge 6K PKKK - 117
214P+K Charge 214P+K Charge H+KK 6K4K - 115



214P+K Charge 9K 7P PP4PPP Charge - 129(depends on charge of the flurry punches)


214P+K Charge 9K H+KK 3PPP - 124


214P+K Charge 9K 7P 3PPP - 117

Ceiling Combos

214P+K Charge PP4PPP Charge - 115(depends on charge of the flurry punches) Guaranteed Combo
214P+K Charge PP4PPP Charge Wall 3P+KK PKK JAK PKP - 183 (depends on charge of the flurry punches) Guaranteed Combo
214P+K Charge PP4PPP Charge Wall 3K JAK K 2PP 2PP 6K4K - 187 (depends on charge of the flurry punches) Guaranteed Combo
214P+K Charge 3P+KK 6K 6K 6KP Vase H+KK 6K4K(Opponent can tech after broken Vase) - 165
214P 4K 214P 6P+K 214P+K Charge 3K JAK H+K Table BTP+K 2PP 6K4K(Opponent can tech after the broken table) - 208

Low Hold Punch Combos - All Combos made on Counter Hold Damage

Open Space Low Hold Punch Combos


1H 9K 4H+K BTP+K PKKK - 91


1H 9K 4H+K BTP+K PKK2K - 89
1H 9K 7P 6K KK2K - 86
1H 9K H+KK PKK2K - 86
1H 9K 7P 6K JAK 6P+K(into Wall) - 84


1H 9K 7P PKK2K - 79
1H 9K 6K 6K 6K4K - 76

Wall Low Hold Punch Combos


1H 9K 9K 6K 3PPP - 99


1H 9K H+KK 3PPP - 92
1H 9K PP4PPP(Charge) - 82-96(Depends on the timing you hit your opponent in the air and charge of the flurry punches)


1H 9K H+KK 6KP - 83

Ceiling Combos

1H 6K 6K 6K 3PPP - 122 Guaranteed Combo
1H 6K 6K JAK H+K Table BTH+K PKK JAK PKP - 151 Guaranteed Combo
1H 9K 6K 3PPP Wall 3P+KK H+KK 6K 6K4K - 172(Feather/Lights only) Guaranteed Combo
1H 9K H+KK 6K4K - 107 Guaranteed Combo
1H JAK 1KK 66K - 111
1H 4H+K BTP+K 3PPP Table 214P 8K PKK JAK PKP - 180 Guaranteed Combo
1H 214P 8K PP4PPP(Charge) Window - 145-153 (Depends of the charge of the flurry punches) GC

Stage Combos - All made on counter hit

Meanwhile you should know all her moves so no inputs or damage here. XD
The video shows the combos. :D

Atleast i have to say every combo in this video should work online aswell with a decent 4 Bar Connection.
Before i was capturing the combos step by step i was setting in trainings mode network speed - 4 Bars.

Thanks again for watching, i am really happy this video was gettin this incredible good resonance
cause this project means a lot to me and i can tell i am proud of this how it out comes! :)

Any questions right to me.
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i took time during lunch break too watch the whole video. I really like the faint stun combo because when i do it, i don't know what to do next.
And the hot zone combo is a must. I don't talk about the death combo (you've already done that before) but the part where you chain traps together, is amazing.
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i took time during lunch break too watch the whole video. I really like the faint stun combo because when i do it, i don't know what to do next.
And the hot zone combo is a must. I don't talk about the death combo (you've already done that before) but the part where you chain traps together, is amazing.

Hits the faint stun gives it a guaranteed 4K or H+KK Launcher for a good damage combo. Still wondering why this move is so underrated. About the stage combos for me it was important to showing combos they are realistic(sure the desert downstairs combo xD was to show) but around 90-95% from them are pretty useful and the most of them guaranteed.
And when runs all good i can add tomorrow the whole detailed list from all combos and damage.
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This must have taken forever. :eek:

I started preperations on 8th March until 14th March in this time i was in the lab every day several hours to find out new stuff.
Of course my knowledge about christie so far was helping me out frames, combos, damage etc. and i was making until this complete guide even tons of (smaller videos) for her. Last Friday was coming my HD Capture Card and then i was working until Wednesday every day 5-10hrs. on recording & editing i was going step to step nearly every combo in this video was planned. After all it comes 3,8GB out that takes 16 Hours to upload another 2 Hours for processing on Youtube and one another one until the video was coming in 1080p as i was uploading in MPEG4.
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