Dead or Alive 4's Special Wake-up Attack Glitch Returns

The buffering glitch originating in Dead or Alive 4 has resurrected in Dead or Alive 6. This glitch did not occur in Dead or Alive Dimensions or Dead or Alive 5, but found its way back with Dead or Alive 6.

If you perform a move that uses your special wake-up attack's input, and are then put on the ground in your special wake-up attack position, any button you press (:h::P: or :K:) will force you to do your special wake-up attack. In Dead or Alive 4, this buffer would last upwards of four (4) seconds after the input has been performed. So you'd have to sit on the ground for up to four seconds before you can safely attempt to tech up or wake-up kick.

Bass has a special wake-up attack by pressing :H+K: with his feet towards the opponent and facing up. If Hitomi holds his :6::H+K: he can't press anything after hitting the ground.

This is especially problematic for characters who have special wake-up throw options, as typically they'll fall victim to this by performing an Offensive hold or Throw and being put on the ground via Hi-Counter or Counter Throw, then they are forced into their ground throw from ground state even if they didn't mean to perform it leaving them vulnerable to be hit by a low Hi-Counter throw as well.

In Dead or Alive 6, the buffer window seems to be about 2 to 2.5 seconds in length. So after you input the move that is beaten and put you on the ground, you can't press any buttons for 2.5 seconds or you'll fall victim to this bug.
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With tina sometimes she gets up with her gigantic swing throw, which is real annoying I've lost matches because of this, you just get beat up.
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