Dead or Alive 6: Online Beta


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Anyone else notice that the dirt properties seemed to be fixed. No more beige splotches on the Collisseum stage.
Yeah, I’ve noticed better dirty textures too! But I’ve only played like 4 matches and all were Diegos including me so idk if the dirty textures changes depending on the character. Can someone share some dirty Kasumi images since she’s the one that got the short end of the stick in terms of ugly ass dirty textures back in some of the pre-beta videos shared on YT?


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I haven't had any real issues on my end yet, the only bug I've experienced is the character and psn id swap and I also had an infinite win screen once when I lost to a Hayabusa.

Also it seems like they adjusted rank point parameters as well, you lose points now so I hope everyone was able to salvage a good amount of wins since it can start to go downhill if you have a lose streak. Atm I'm in the low Ds so I'm hoping to be able to reach at least a C+ or higher tomorrow
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Just downloaded this and gave it a few rounds. Honestly - it feels like everything else now, very fast but lots of interruption and special effects from moves - lost the smoothness of previous games. This is eactly what I was afraid of as soon as I saw the first footage, I don't thnk this is going to be as popular with the casual crowd, I felt like I needed a gaming chair and some Red Bull.
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