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Update v1.36c

-Leon's 66K follow-up interval now ends on frame 35. The updated animation did not have a follow-up in the game it was imported from, and the long recovery was thus not intended to be as safe as it ended up being with him being able to input 66KK during the entire recovery. His old 66K ended after frame 34, so I decided to make him able to delay the kick for as long as he would have been able to with the old animation.
-Hayabusa's wall 4P has had its input changed to wall 7P. This means he is now able to use his 4P string while his back is to the wall. (As a result of this and some behind-the-scenes changes has also made it so that the CPU will no longer do a glitchy 7P into 44PP, but will instead do 44P into 44PP as its supposed to.)
-Ayane can now press 1P+K to perform her unique 11 crouch backdash command. As with pressing 11 to crouch-backdash, if she holds down 1 during the move, she will travel a little further and end in her backturned state.
-Zack's PP6PP now flips the opponent over during juggles, though it will still juggle as it used to in tag modes.

I'd really like to import new critical stun animations, but am currently still looking for two things before that can happen:
1) Where the game stores how many frames of 'true' stun you go through before you are able to hold (I know this is tied to the animation number, not the stun move-slot).
2) Where the game stores the type of 'state' you are put into during the animation. (For example, if you are hit during the animation, how does damage scale, do you trigger a normal hit or a counter hit, etc.)


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Hello there!

I have forgotten this thread existed, so maybe i'm very late, but while I was quickly checking kasumi.bin through hex editor, I surprisingly found some similar stuff to kasumi.bin of DoA5LR (like throw and hold is the same construction it seems).
I worked for a year now on debunking/modify characters files from DoA5LR, so maybe (even if it seems late) my work could help a bit.

I share all I've discovered on my openoffice.ods here:
With an understandable map color for hex workshop hex editor here:
My original topic is on deviantart:

I hope all I've noticed on my .ods could be of any help.

P.S: I'm french native, so sorry if my english could be bad :)
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Hello to you too. Thank you very much for sharing. I remember people posting some of your work in the Discord a while back, and I can tell you that it has definitely helped. Among other things, your notes on the gravity values of the characters helped me find them in DOA3.
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