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((Also, do you still play Dead or Alive? o: ))
you can bet your tits I do

Wanting to start with the game on Steam and mods. Where shoupd I start?
reading READ ME FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.txt should be enough to get you started

Because why would you hide all the important info at the bottom of a changelog? Do you not see how that's confusing and why everyone misses it? It doesn't state this in the readme file either (why isn't it just in the readme?).
I tried to keep the little readme as simple as possible in order to make stuff at least function even for the most braindead individual
values.txt and changelog.txt could be made separate files for even further clarity.
nah I prefer the all-in-one approach there since almost no one cares about either of those, so there's less files polluting the main folder
Also, if your values are all in a specific file, would it be possible to update the character unlocker to pull those values/names instead of having the user look it up? lttp
I kinda wanted to let the user have the freedom to input any possible character ID manually, even the weird ones that cause crashes. Who knows maybe one of the ID's that I never bothered to test actually contains a playable Donovan or something LUL. It also makes the interface and code simpler
Any advice on how to recreate this for the other DOAs? I'd love to do some digging in DOA1 and ++ and 2 in emulators. I'm technically challenged and the only thing I can find with Cheat Engine is the health bar and even then I have to manually look it up each time. I have no idea how to create a usable table like you have. I tried really hard to try find the character values in OG Model 2 DOA1 (to see if there were any leftovers) but I had no success. Some wonderful soul has already created cheats for Mame (they're built-in!) and DOA++ that let you choose different characters but it's limited to a fixed character list and I'd like to play with other values but am unsure of how to take that data from their cheat table and recreate it in Cheat Engine.

Besides looking for any leftover beta content, it'd be fun to create a sort of makeshift training mode wrapper for the DOAs that never got proper home versions. The Model 2 version of DOA1 is a little unique and more fun for me to play compared to the SS/Xbox port for some reason. I froze both sides health bars and it was fun and a challenge to try to go exclusively for ring-outs. That might be an idea for a fun mode in DOA6. Short rounds and the only way to get a point is to go for an interact-able or a ring out (knocking the opponent to the next tier in multi-tiered stages)? Just an idea. I've started rambling off topic...
DOA2U PC and DOA5LR PC were programmed in a way that the useful addresses were very easy to find and save because they're static (shown as green in CE) meaning that if you find them once you're good. Black ones on the other hand when you find them and restart the game, they won't work anymore, so you need to find "pointers" to make them "last" forever which is annoying. I've never really attempted to scan an emulator's memory but I suppose the addresses would all be "black" or something. And since it's an emulator there's probably better and "cleaner" solutions compared to Cheat Tables
TL;DR not sure my dyude, gl
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