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“We wanted to make a more cool and mature Dead or Alive this time, and to that end we made a conscious decision to make the characters less sexualized,” Shimbori told IGN.

Interesting, they tried this with DOA5 and they have to give up, I wonder if they are committed to it this time.


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Regarding them wanting to again cut down on sexualization:
I'm pretty sure they'll have plenty of that as DLC again. ;) First cater to newcomers (by not scaring them away) and hardcore DOA fans/players who would buy the game anyway and then later bring out all the fan service that another significant group of DOA fans is willing to pay a lot for and for years.
I dont believe they will cut down on the fanservice at all, it just wont be as overblown like Last Round or DOA2 Ultimate.
I honestly DOA5 Ultimates approach in which there was plenty of variety for the costume selection.

Also, i truly hope they focus on the males though, especially with Hayate, he’s been disrespected for too long


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As stated, there will still be jiggle physics, just not OMG levels anymore. I also don’t believe the fanservice is completely going away either, just being more focused on the characters and the gameplay least at first. Imo a good strategy to reach newcomers and loyal fans alike without alienating anyone or any big controversy before or at release. Then in later DLC they can knock themselves out again with all the fetishization.
Also, why already include that in the game when this sells the best afterwards? ;)


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I do see this game being less sexualized then DOA5 as for bouncy breast & extremely fetishy outfits like bunny nursing police lingerie.

However no way are they putting fanservice in general out. I’ll be heavily suprised if we don’t get at least 1 swimsuit pack.

And I’m sure there will be something ready for the girls to hype up the preorder.
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Well hey guys, I'm on an actual computer now... do you want to see the most stupid GameFAQs post with blatant misinformation about Dead or Alive 5 and onward? No? Well too damn bad:

None of this is new

KT toned down the fanservice in the original DoA 5 with their "I am a Fighter" slogan campaign.

They also gave the characters a more realistic look than the previous models before it.

And I think they even made the breast physics more realistic too then.

Then when the fans complained and whined, they went back to their old selves and thats when they started going overboard with the fanservice and hundreds of DLC outfits

Then DoA Dimensions got banned in Sweden or something because one gamer complained there and alerted the Gov there that you could look up the skirts of the character models in the gallery mode and they were underage. Then KT officially changed all the original female characters ages to be 18 or older.

Then KT trolled Sweden by making lolita character Marie Rose, who's birthday they made on the national day of Sweden
Then KT made another high school girl named Honkers who had big tits

Then people started making outfit mods and nude mods on the PC version and KT got mad and said don't do that

Then the FGC, who has always treated DoA like a joke, banned certain outfits from competition deeming them too much of a distraction.

Then the PS4 ports of DoA5 LR didnt really end up selling all that hot despite how much DLC spam there was

Then KT made that DoA Extreme 3 game which used a new soft model engine, but reused background assets and gameplay modes from the Xtreme 2 game that came out 10 years before it; so knowing it was a half assed product, they only released it in Asia and tried to use the SJW excuse that it wouldnt have been accepted in the West (even though the previous two Xtreme games sold well on the XBox and even the PSP port)

and now here we are. So dont be surprised if fans backlash again and once again KT gives in and puts fanservice back in with an updated version or something. Even if all this effort is really so they can get more respect and recognition into the esports field where companies are making a lot of $ in....(and they're not)....

(I primarily highlighted the really stupid parts in bold)
Dear GOD where to begin...

1. Dead or Alive Dimensions wasn't banned in Sweden, it wasn't published and it wasn't published not because of TN's naughtiness, far from it. It was banned because someone in Sweden used it as an example of how ridiculous their draconian laws can get to people being arrested or things getting banned for their definition of lolita. Nintendo overreacted in that situation and didn't publish Dimensions there, the person never wanted the game banned, it was a blatant misunderstanding.

2. What in the blue fuck does Honoka's creation have to do with what people believe is Marie's creation as a take that to Sweden? Especially when the endgoal is to try and make Koei Tecmo come off as buffoons(no seriously, he cements when someone basically tries a TL;DR saying that and he approves it).

3. Oh yeah, as if that wasn't also the case for Final Fantasy XV...maybe in truth, most Japanese Game Developers don't want to deal with the headache of PC because they don't really know how Valve works with mods(it genuinely feels like if people make nude mods for their stuff, it will negatively affect them in some massive way)

4. While the ports of Last Round didn't sell that well, I like how he ignored the massive success of DOA5 Last Round Core Fighters edition...6 million downloads is no joke, especially when that lead to Venus Vacation, basically F2P DOAX3 and possible more DOA games getting F2P versions.

5. I HAD to highlight this because it's like people can't even remember shit...the FGC!? If by FGC, he means the DOA competitive community and the ban. NEVER. WENT. THROUGH! I feel like he tried it as a source of mockery but like everything else, not even trying to inform yourself just screws you over when someone who knows simply shuts you up.

6. He partly right... until he gets to the KT making excuses part...
Again how does he know that this is an excuse? How does he even remotely believe that he's making sense...when you can actually see that they still bought the game internationally...JUST TO TRASH IT!(Yes, this actually happened as I think it was Jed Whitaker or someone in those lines who bought the game, tried to spin it as a new series in reviewing games that won't be ported to the West and trashed it and suddenly, the series never got anymore updates...hmmm...)

I'll even give out the GameFAQs link for the entirety of all the stupidity:

Just...drink it in...


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It’s true Team Ninja said they would tone down the sexuality last time... and I really want to believe them this time around but I know this is an attention grab. Japan will take the bait and we will end up with more stripper gear than promised. Prove me wrong TeamNinja and hire concept artists to deliver refined battle appropriate attire.
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